sabah a love story

Sabah: A Love Story

I’m going to keep this short. I’m not giving spoilers so calm yo tits.

I was super excited to watch this fictional movie. ALL BECAUSE it’s about a single 40 year-old Syrian woman named Sabah living in Canada with her ‘modern’ Syrian family making a living for herself. They take care of eachother but her family is always calling her out on being without husband.

One day, Sabah meets a white Canadian man who is nice, charming and respectable. Within a few dates they are already in love. Blah Blah Blah.

The first two minutes of the movie followed Sabah around, taping her daily routine with Arabic music in the background. Everything was going beautifully, until annoying cliche stereotypes started popping up. Frequently. It was so bad that I couldn’t even believe someone produced this. 

The eldest brother became the official Man of the household/family after his father died years ago. Therefore, he felt the need to berate the women with old traditions like don’t interact with men, only marry a muslim, stay in the house, etc. Whatever. It was too much, especially with his NORTH AMERICAN ACCENT. You expect me to believe his ass??

I hate saying this but when I FIRST saw Sabah, in her hijab, I thought she was a man. But was like, nawwwwwww….no, that’s…that’s a woman. I think. She’s a good actress though. Her acting saved it for me.

UGH, anyway. I was so disappointed in this movie. It had so much potential. I only finished it to say I finished it, plus I was curious about how the “multi-cultural” couple would end up. 

I just wanted to watch a romance movie that isn’t TERRIBLE. This is what I get for watching ROMANCE movies! Never again.