saba shioyaki

It’s been a couple of months. Swimming practice is going great, his times are improving consistently, Rin’s made friends this time around, and he feels as though he’s exacting some much needed revenge Down Under.

Still, there’s something nagging at him. A sense deep in his chest that he keeps ignoring, because no, no way is he going to give in to letting himself get upset again. Everything is great, Rin, stop it. On his way home he stops by the store, picks up a few things, and heads back to the little apartment he’s staying in. Dinner doesn’t take long to make and soon enough he’s sitting at the bar-style counter, no need for a dining room for just him, and looks at his plate.

Mackerel. Saba shioyaki and rice. Why? He didn’t even remember buying stupid fish at the store.

The nagging is back. Pushing harder than ever before.

He misses Haru.