From chapter 23… which I didn’t even think to check if that was one of the ones assigned this week. W, whoops
Anyway, the way I’ve been choosing scenes is taking the ones that have lingered most vividly in my mind since the first time I read Sabriel. Which has the nasty side effect of making it look like a trashy book about zombies and kissing. Talk about your misrepresenations! But to a 12 year old me, the things that stuck out most in my mind were the ickiest things.

So… zombies. And kissing. And icky boy part things.

 [once upon a time I had typed something out here. Something about the allegorical and abstracted nature of my color schemes and backgrounds striving to represent tone and thematic concerns rather than naturalistic and situationally accurate schema, but WHOOPS I DELETED THAT. And WHOOPS WHO CARES BUT ME.]