- ¡Eh! Willy, ya nos vamos sab…- La cara de Frank cambio de feliz a serio en pocos segundos.

Willy no podía creer lo que sus ojos miraban, uno de sus amigos lo había pillado y con Vegetta.

- Willy, tío…- La tensión se sentía en el aire…

- Mira Frank, no es lo que parece!! - Se notaba el nerviosismo de Willy.

Entonces Frank exploto de risa: -¿Qué mierda le haces, tío? - No paraba de reír. Willy no se contuvo más y decidió unirsele a su amigo con carcajadas muy sonoras.

Un Vegetta confundido despertó: -¿Qu-Qué es tan gracioso? - Pregunto. Willy y Frank no paraban de reír, se les podía ver ya casi llorando.

Efectivamente Willy había sido pillado y no de la mejor forma, había logrado, quién sabe cómo, ponerle a Vegetta una falda…. morada.


Ya ni sé que hago con mi vida, pero me llego la idea y pue’ así quedo. :v

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Hey do you know the blog "myotpkissedhowbouturs"? NOT PROMOTING THEM. HOPEFULLY DEMOTING THEM. I read some of they're most recent shit and they say Maya is ungrateful and whiny because her dad fucking left her! They also say Sab is racist and Farkle is sexist. UGGGGHHHHH please give me happy rilaya thoughts Toleen

Oh dear god. Just one of the few blogs/shippers I hate. Honestly some people just… *takes deep breath*
Ya know what? Lets not think about those ignorant people, let’s think about our perfect gay ship.

OK THAT HAPPENED A LONG TIME AGO YES BUT IT WAS THE CLOSEST THING WE GOT TO A KISS (and keep in mind that we had A LOT of almost kisses) AND LITERALLY THE GAYEST THING RILEY HAS EVER DONE like I honestly don’t see why the writers would put that in if the girls aren’t queer

like Riley literally had no reason to grab Maya’s face (freakin TWICE.) and pull her so close. That scene didn’t have to be put in ok, they made it gay on purpose ok

And in GMHS1 when Riley holds Maya’s hands and asks her to promise that they’ll always stick together THE WAY THAT MAYA LOOKS AT HER
like ya know, normally when someone asks you a question, you answer it, but nope not Maya Hart, Maya just stares at you like you hung the stars in the freakin sky oh god these girls are so in love ok

And the gayest thing of all time “you’re my extraordinary relationship” and “you’re the only one who’s good enough for me” like?????? Ok after these lines I have not a single doubt in my mind (tbh I never had a doubt) that Rilaya is happening

The writers are hinting at it SO much. With all the Corpanga parallels (and Shawty, Smarkle, Augava parallels) (like rilaya has actually paralleled Cory and Topanga more than any other ship has okay)
And all the freakin gay things that they do like, ok yes, best friends act a little gay sometimes, I get that, BUT NO OKAY THIS IS TOO MUCH

And can we talk about how the “hint from the pilot” isn’t about clothing or sloppy joes or background signs. It’s about “if this is my world now, the first person I want in it is you.” That is literally Riley telling us that she and Maya are the one true endgame (which she has done a total of 3 times now (probably more than 3 tbh))

Ok and Maya is literally questioning her sexuality with “I need to know who I am before I know what I like” WHAT ELSE COULD THAT POSSIBLY BE HINTING AT HMMM??

And OMG all these things about how Riley and Maya are forever and how they’re the most important part of the show like MJ might as well have stamped “We’re married to each other” on their foreheads (speaking of which, remember what Auggie said? Hmm? It’s happening. They’re getting married)

And like, from GMBW we already know that Rilaya is 100% together till the end, we don’t know anything about any of the boys or any of the other relationships but we know for sure that Riley and Maya never left each other and if that isn’t hinting that they’re the true endgame, I don’t know what is. (Once again, Auggie said they’re getting married so there’s that)

Okay and Maya is not ungrateful. Maya is so freakin appreciative of everything she does have. Do people just completely forget GM Money and the ending scene of GM Belief?? Maya is incredible okay.

And Farkle is not sexist. Honestly what the heck?? He literally said that he doesn’t care about a person’s body, he cares about their mind. (Ok bi much??)

Honestly what the heck is this person even saying? They could not be more wrong. Just another moronic shipper. Ignore them. Focus on the gay. The gay is what’s important.

lol their otp kissed? Ours slept in the same bed, multiple times, just sayin.

Okay and let them call Sabrina racist one more time so I can literally punch them in the mouth. Throw that word around carelessly and you deserve to lose a couple teeth.

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I NOTICED THIS AND WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU. at the curtain call last night, when Rowan was hugging Danielle, Sabrina held onto her hand like it was hers. "back off this is my girlfriends arm" I'm screaming


After reading through Girl Meets Ski lodge episode scripts
  • Peyton:Sab...
  • Sabrina:I know.
  • Rowan runs in
  • Rowan:GUYS!
  • Peybrina:we know...
  • Corey runs in
  • Corey:Guys!
  • Rowan:They know...
  • Peyton:okay all I have to do is look at you or even glance at you and people will still see that Lucaya still exist.
  • Sabrina:okay me too. Every now and then we'll catch each other's eye.
  • Rowan:okay okay and I'll look at Corey every now and then too. Because I can't believe Riarkle isn't real yet.
  • Corey:Same, like I go on tumblr, even they convinced me that Riley and Farkle have this undeniable connection.
  • Peyton:sounds like we have a master plan at works.
  • Sabrina:we do.

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I have a theory. At the curtain call for GM Good Bye everybody was happy except for Rowan and Sabrina who were kinda stonefaced and sad. Ik this is a stretch but I feel like they are dating or something is happening and they are sad because they live thousands of miles away from eachother and they wont be able to see eachother and ya

Hm, possibly. I think Rowan just sad cause it’s her show and they just wrapped their third season and she hasn’t been informed on whether or not they’re getting a fourth yet (no one’s been informed yet) so she was upset and it looked like Sabrina was comforting her.

But, they don’t live thousands of miles away from each other. They both live in LA. Just cause the show is ending doesn’t mean Sab is going back to Pennsylvania lol she still has her record deal and I’m sure a bunch of other projects coming up. She will be touring at some point though but they’ll still get to see each other when she isn’t on tour.