Khmer sab kdor from web. Love his moan. So hot

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sabrina concert experience

so after i met sab i had to go back outside to wait in line again. we finished meeting her at like 4:15 and had to wait outside until 6. please note that i live in ohio and it was so !!!! cold !!!! i thought i was going to die. me and my friend were the third people in line so that was amazing. we became friends with the girls in front of us which was great and they were so sweet and made the time pass by quicker. we basically couldnt feel any part of our bodies bc we were completely numb due to the cold and it really sucked having to wait for so long but it was worth it. okay, so i go to alot of concerts and have basically managed to learn how to always get to the front. so after we walked in me and my friend got separated from the other girls idk how but i pushed through some people and it was legit so easy bc there were a million empty spaces and i was like ?? why arent people getting closer but okay. so we were 2nd row but like lowkey first row idk how to explain it bc the window of people i was i kinda ended up being front row. anyway, the opening act was so good holy shit nathan harrington is even more attractive in person. when sabrina came on we all legit lost our shit. i got to grab her hand/arm 3 times during the show and she came right in front of me so many times it was actually unbelievable. at one point she put her chair right in front of me and looked straight at my camera. i also got to sing into her mic a few times. she had such good choreography and she really interacted with the crowd and was talking to us and stuff. i felt like crying and passing out bc i was so shook whenever she got near me. her voice is actually the greatest thing ive ever heard. ever. she killed it holy shit. also her outfit was so hot and she looked so good and omg sarah looked so good. also, her keyboard player was super cute and like everyone fell in love w him lol. the only bad part of the show was this really really annoying little girl behind me who kept kicking me on purpose bc she was mad she couldnt see and she almost knocked my phone out of my hand like 5 times ??? but i didnt really care that much bc sab put on such  a good show. when it ended i literally wanted to cry. but me and my friend stayed at the venue for a while and we got to meet harletson (the opening) and they were so nice omg. we also got to see her entire band loading the bus and got to see her wardrobe and stuff it was cool. BUT YEAH LAST NIGHT WAS THE GREATEST NIGHT EVER AND MY NEXT POST IS GONNA BE VIDEOS SO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THOSE :)))))

Last Week at 2dcloud

At The Comics Journal, RJ Casey wrote a glowing review of the beautiful book, Perfect Hair by Tommi Parrish. It’s a part of our new Fall Kickstarter.  

Lonesomeness, dread, selfhood — these are some of the main themes touched upon in the 72 pages of Perfect Hair. These topics are never easy to talk about or even comprehend, but Parrish fully realizes them and with surefooted confidence, doesn’t shy away from anything, delving deeper and deeper into distressing psyches. Pefect Hair, like many 2dcloud books, made me feel supremely uncomfortable, and that I’m grateful for.

Sab Meynert, whose gorgeous book Sprawling Heart is a part of our new Fall Kickstarter, and Tommi Parrish were on the popular podcast We Should be Friends. Coincidentally, Carta Monir whose contemplative comics Secure Connect is a part of our new Fall Kickstarter is the host of the show!

Speaking of Kickstarter, our new Fall Collection is 23% funded in just TWO DAYS! Wow! This is the fastest ever in our Kickstarter history. Thank you so much backers who appreciate good art. You will not be disappointed. 

Please help us with spreading the love of good art. ❤️

This was actually my first commission from @johannathemad! I waited to post it though ‘cause I was using it for myself, but I’ll share it for everyone to see now :)

Aren’t they wonderful (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Someone: We need a doctor
Alec: How about Magnus, he healed Luke
Someone: We need a lawyer
Alec: How about Magnus, he helped Izzy with her trial
Someone: We need to track this person
Alec: How about Magnus, warlocks are good at that
Someone: We need a warlock
Alec: Magnus is quite magical
Everyone: You have a thing for Magnus
Alec: I don’t know what you’re talking about
AU Alec: