We were at a Giants game, and my manager told me, ‘Sadie, you have an audition for a show called “Stranger Things,”’ and I had just finished binge-watching it in a few days. I’m usually the kind of person where if someone tells me ‘Oh my god you have to watch this show, it’s amazing,’ I kind of want to go against it and not watch it. But for ‘Stranger Things,’ I couldn’t resist. I had to watch it.

Sadie Sink for WWD Magazine.


Then, a distant ELECTRONIC SQUEAL – instantly she’s up, helmet too big, she rips it off. Hears ANOTHER BEEPING SQUEAL. She hurries to her QUARTERSTAFF and runs off. Rey climbs a dune. RISE WITH HER, revealing BB-8, caught in a NET but fighting back, being held by a TEEDO (a small, brutish desert tyrant), who rides a LUGGABEAST. The teedo YELLS at BB-8, who BEEPS madly, struggling to free himself. Rey watches this injustice for a beat, finally YELLING OUT REY:  Tal'ama parqual! The Teedo and BB-8 STOP, GO SILENT, turn to her. REY: Parqual zatana!


Ryan Lane teaching you how to say “Good Morning”, “Good Afternoon”, and “Good Night’ in ASL.
You’re welcome for this adorably scruffy educational moment.


- “I will always come find you.”
- “You are the one who I always come back to.”