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I need more blogs to follow. If you’re into any of the following reblog and I’ll check you out:

90s-2000s music

tv shows like htgawm, bmw, ddd, kn, sab, pll, any 90s/00s tv etc


young adult books


women’s fashion


animal gifs


baby animals


disability advocating

waaaaah I only have until tomorrow to potentially make something for team Kara for challenge 1 of the Matsu games!!

I’m so tired and busy though…well even if I can’t make something in time for promo I’m sure I’ll make something at some point!

Go go Team Kara!

Ya’ll should join the best team and go follow @team-kara here or on twitter @mgteam_kara

Help bring our sinful guilt guy to the top!

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kimdaily  asked:

PASS THE HAPPY ALONG!! :) When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy, and pass the happy along to ten nice people! 💕

hi sab~ thanks for sending !! 💞

1) hobi
2) hoseok
3) jhope
4) jdope
5) dogs

kimdaily  asked:

PASS THE HAPPY ALONG!! :) When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy, and pass the happy along to ten nice people! 💕

sab!!!!! thank you so much ily 💜

  • bangtan nerds
  • creating (giffing, writing, drawing, just…. whatever)
  • my cat
  • my fam and friends (you know who you are)
  • namjoon’s smile

toots horn. heres why you should love & appreciate @selftrue / @chancedrivven: a very important post by tumblr user ofpeculiariity, i.e ophie

1). Sabrina is the bomb dot com

like word to everything i love, sabrina is one of my favorite people on this website. its rare to find people that are just naturally good people. sab is a naturally good person tbh. i high key don’t think she has a mean bone in her body which is kind of food bc this hellsite could really benefit from good people. sab is such a good and i love her so much

2). She’s actually her muses

i ??? don’t know how she does it, how she can really channel her muses and get into their heads but its always such a joy to watch her write and make up headcanons and stuff. mA N THE HEADCANONS ARE MY FAVORITE THING DONT @ ME. she cares so much for her muses and it shows when she goes to kind of break them apart and really provide people with information so we can understand them. also ic goalz tbh. 11/10 character voice. would follow to the end of the earth without complaining

3). high key the greatest friend

shes ?? she’s such a sweet person i can’t stress this enough. she takes the time to get to know you as a person and learns about your muses and that’s really important? its very clear she puts the work in to learn your specific version of a muse (esp with dupes) and what your muse might like/dislike, what makes them tick and all of the effort she puts in to learning about your muse(s) really makes writing with her such a breeze.

sab, you are a great person. please don’t be so hard on yourself. you are good, you are enough, and you are loved. my writing experience has been a thousand times since you and i met, and i wouldn’t trade you for the world. i love seeing your posts on my dash, i love seeing you interact with your other followers. you are one of the sweetest people on this website and that’s something, i hope, never changes about you. you’re freaking swell and every day i’m so glad that i know you.

tl;dr: catch me crying over how much i love sab at any point in time.

Wait. What if Sabrina and Lila…became friends?

Like totally night posting here, I’m writing this at 2:00 am in the morning and drafting it to publish in the morning but really. A thought that I like. 

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I need to follow a few more blogs ...

so if you’re in one or more (more would be way better! ;)) of the following fandoms like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog to follow you possibly :D

Teen Wolf


Saving Hope


The Vampire Diaries 

The Big Bang Theory

Switched at Birth

Beauty and the Beast (2012)

The Tomorrow People (2013)

How I Met Your Mother

The Avengers (especially Thor, Loki and Iron Man)

The Hunger Games

Star Trek (the new movies, if possible^^)

See you soon :)))