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Hello everyone! 

Super Adventure Box has come… and it has gone. Super sad we know! But that is why we want to throw a Goodbye Party for our beloved SAB! 

Come to Rata Sum and have a 8-Bit themed drink and some cube snacks! Show off your achievements from this years festival! Gush about SAB and meet other people who love it just like you! 

Maybe you’ll find people to play with next year! 

Meet us in Rata Sum at the College of Dynamics! 
We’ll have the party set up at 20/8PM CEST on the 22nd of april!

LFG will be up 15 minutes before, or whisper betafishy.7310 for taxi!

(OBS: As this is a roleplay event, you do not have to have the achievements in game. Just say your character has completed tribulation mode if you wanna, and then they have! :D)

*Due to recent events and popular demand by the Guild, I must ask all participants to refrain from sexual content and/or excessive violence during the event. Public events are generally PG16.

Wait. What if Sabrina and Lila…became friends?

Like totally night posting here, I’m writing this at 2:00 am in the morning and drafting it to publish in the morning but really. A thought that I like. 

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I need to follow a few more blogs ...

so if you’re in one or more (more would be way better! ;)) of the following fandoms like/reblog this and I’ll check out your blog to follow you possibly :D

Teen Wolf


Saving Hope


The Vampire Diaries 

The Big Bang Theory

Switched at Birth

Beauty and the Beast (2012)

The Tomorrow People (2013)

How I Met Your Mother

The Avengers (especially Thor, Loki and Iron Man)

The Hunger Games

Star Trek (the new movies, if possible^^)

See you soon :)))