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(on: the flower crown.) a fan said they asked jonghyun if he wanted to wear the flower crown himself or if they could put it on his head themselves. they said they were afraid to cause an incident in case he didn’t like putting things on his head which is why they told him it was okay if he didn’t wanna wear it, but jonghyun lowered his head and asked them to put it on. fan said their hands were trembling so they end up putting it too much to the front so he said: “back, to the back” so, again, with shaking hands, the fan moved it a bit to the back.

So I was thinking about the High Noon quest and Reyes had no way of knowing until maybe last minute that Ryder was going to show up with Salone. Depending on how things end up and Ryder saves Salone he loses them faster than his brain probably can process. We know Ryders side of betrayal and hurt but let’s talk about Reyes’. We know that he agonized over telling them and the decision was ripped from him and all he had was the hope that Ryder cared about him enough to know him, that this was the better option, that he wanted the outpost, anything please God anything. But it does go south and maybe he gets shot in the back by the person he’s fallen in love with. And that shot speaks louder than any words could possibly say and he e-mails Ryder hoping the tone comes off unaffected and aloof becuase he is the goddamed charlatan damn it. He doesn’t have any weakness. (He does. He has so many and the top one is Ryder) He moves on though. That’s what he tells Kema, he’s moved on. But he really just learns to live with a Ryder sized hole in his heart and the empty feeling that follows him every step of the way. What makes it worse, is he knows things could have been different. If he had told Ryder about his less than honable altar ego before everything happened, he might still have them. He might have lost them too, but at least it would have been on his own terms and he would have been ready for the blow. But this is what he got, a scare, a floundering hope for a better life for people like him, and a broken heart.


the collection [story op. 2] ♡ itunes ranking
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united states - main album chart - pop: #28
united states - main album chart - k-pop: #2

the album is also ranked. #6 in hong kong, #6 in taiwan, #11 in japan and thailand, #12 in indonesia, #15 in singapore, and on the main chart in canada, mexico and the philippines. “lonely” is ranked #8 on the main single chart in thailand, #15 in taiwan, #18 in hong kong, and on the main chart in both indonesia and singapore. congrats!