Trier to Saarbruken 90km

Packed up my tent in record time: about an hour. The day before was fantastically hot but today started off cool and dark. All the shops were shut so couldn’t get breakfast. Was enjoying how quiet everything was an how refreshingly cool when it started to rain. I sat under a tree with umbrella up eating sweets until the thunder started. Decided to go back down the road to wait under a flyover rather than risk being struck by lightning. Set off again when the rain was less. The climb out of the town south took me right above the valleys below through a very steamy cloud layer. It was rather dramatic after i got above it with mist rolling off the hills and filling the valleys. I carried on generally going upwards until 10km outside saarbruken. At that point I couldn’t have gone up any more, and walked the last hill. Amazingly the last 10km were all downhill. That was amazing at the time but obviously means I’ll have to go up again soon. The youth hostel was full, I ran my head under their tap anyway as I wanted to be a bit less sweaty for the rough camp I expected to have to do. In the end (some sort of excuse) I had to stay in a nice hotel, with air con, a double bed, an ensuite, free wifi, a plasma etc :) dinner of lasagna. Oh, saarbruken another rebuilt bombed town. Nice old half, Swansealike new half- but much better than Swansea obviously.