Migraine Part Four

Listen to song before reading: Migraine TwentyOnePilots

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Warnings: vague mentions of self harm, just sad reader

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Relationships: Brother!Sam, Brother!Dean

Reader Gender: Not specified

Authors Note: Sorry this took so long to come out xoxo

Italics are the readers thoughts

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Stucky fics I adore & want to destroy


the president’s son (x)- hella fucking cute, secret service and adorbs and feels, 60k

never gonna find it (if you’re looking for it) (x)- ace steve and vet bucky and yes it’s a++++

the poem which I do not write (x) art student and cuteness 16k

cake walk (x) steve bakes & bucky plans weddings & it’s too cute destroy it 65k

but hey, you’re all right (x) bucky is a goddamn russian mail order bride 5k

critical feline mass (x) they’re housemates. there’s kittens. and feeeels. auughhhhh. 40k

captain hot perfect teacher (x) Steve is the obligatory gorgeous teacher & Bucky’s kid is in his class 6k

you were standing there (x) drunk bucky wanders into steve’s window and falls asleep 15k

and if the world comes to an end (i’ll be there to hold your hand) (x) drunk steve wanders into bucky’s window & falls asleep 4k

at ease (x) bucky is a soldier & steve becomes his penpal & cuuuute 12k

deep as a secret nobody knows (x) tony dares steve to call the phone sex line 4k

post ws

that’s my territory (x) bucky in lingerie, 30k

til i wake your ghost (x) There’s a kill order on the Winter Soldier and Steve Rogers has been acting kind of strangely lately 2k

i love you like rlb (x) cute af & confused tony stark, 3k

this city bleeds its aching heart (x)- fake married/undercover, 35k

things shield never told captain america (x) shield decides there’s things steve doesn’t need to know? 3k

the man on the bridge (x) this one hurts but it’s so beautifully written and feeeeeels smack you in the face 108k

remember what it was like (x) steve becomes skinny again and bucky’s confuzzled 7k

young hearts, out of our minds (x) short, chill, nice, 2k

you’d be so nice to come home to (x) bucky lies to the guys about having a girl back home 27k

a place called home (x) new years eve & suits! 6k

you got blood on your hands (and I know it’s mine) (x) i haaate long titles. bucky refuses to see steve 3k

five times bucky kissed steve and one time steve kissed bucky (x) do i have to explain this one? really? 3k

miles to go before i sleep (x) steve finds bucky & invites him home 12k


Sometimes the best that we can do is to start over (x) Bucky gets reset to when he was a soldier in wwii BUT IT HASN’t UPDATED LATELY

On coffee and comics (x) steve draws comics & bucky’s a hella fan