So I went out with this one and her boyfriend tonight to celebrate my birthday, only we’re lame and I’m in bed with 35 minutes to go!
I’ve had a rollercoaster of a day. Been emotionally completely unstable, had an honest conversation with the boy (although I’m still not sure whether things will improve!) and then tried to let my hair down!
We went to an all you can eat place which was okay considering. I had salad to start, then some vegetable sushi -probably a meal deal portion, and then a tiny bit of lentil curry, a bit of saag aloo and a piece of naan, and finally dessert - marshmallows with chocolate from the fountain and ice cream plus sticky toffee pudding with toffee sauce and ice cream.
I’ve also had three cocktails - an espresso martini and 2 pornstar martinis. I cannot handle the sugary-ness of the latter! The juice and fruit were a bit much, although the flavour was nice!
I am feeling a bit sicky and bloated and pretty negative about my body, but I also have a best friend who puts up with me, two friends who have taken me out for food and drink and celebrated with me and made me laugh and who love me. Yes I feel sad too, and I’m not happy with my body, but I also have a lot of things to be thankful for and appreciate.

delicious lack of pop filter
  • delicious lack of pop filter

Prompts 1 - 3 from the audio asks, asked by @therabidcat.

#1: I’ll say my own URL and where it came from.

All right, first off: my URL, tchellig.

The silent ‘g’ has to do with the fact that at the time I made my blog, I was rather enamored with Danish language and culture, but otherwise, it’s a nonsense word.

#2: I’ll talk about my favorite foods.

Number two: my favorite foods. I have a lot of these, but I can probably manage it by category.

Indian food: channa saag, a chickpea spinach curry – or maybe malai kofta, sort of balls of paneer or sometimes potato in curry.

Japanese food: sushi. Thai food: red curry. French food: savory crêpe with mustard and cheese. Mexican food: plain old chili.

Pie: pumpkin, with whipped cream. Cake: carrot cake, with cream cheese icing. Dessert, just in general? Blueberry soufflé. Breakfast food: toasted fresh everything bagel with jalapeño cream cheese, oh my god. And then, favorite ice cream: salt caramel.

#3: I’ll talk about my favorite outfit.

Number three: favorite outfit.

Cute winter boots, black socks, soft dark blue jeans, a nice deep blue waffle-weave shirt, my girlfriend’s cute oversized hoodie, which on me just plain fits, ‘cause I’m huge, my black pea coat, and a soft black scarf.

Have I mentioned I like winter?

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chocolate fondue is good because its chocolate but why cheese fondue... what is this thing of white people and cheese anyway

white people love cheese but not even in a cool yummy way like quesadillas or saag paneer. Hey Look At Me Im White And Just Eat Fuckign, Cheese, Just Like On A Cracker Or With Wine Or Whatever Im So Cultured Bc I Arbitrarily Love The French,