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The continuing education of Brandon Saad. (4/14/13, vs. the Blues, after Saad causes a turnover at the blue line.)

Sammy Kane: Reluctant Mullet Enthusiast

Notes: 1630 words. I might change bits of this around later, but I wanted to get it up early for game mojo purposes. Because if Sammy Kane gettin’ a mullet doesn’t help the team, I do not know what will.

Rated R for Strong Language. /solemn


“You are Lucy with the football-ing me right now,” Patrick hisses on the phone.

“Huh?” Saader asks.

“It’s Charlie fuckin’ Brown, look it up,” Patrick snaps. Almost all of his metaphors have Sam origins these days. Speaking of:

Sam is holding out his hand, palm up, huge brown eyes looking up at him impatiently. Patrick glances at his phone’s screen and decides he doesn’t care. He hands it over.

“Are you betraying mommy?” Sam asks in a very small, very scandalized voice.

All the years, all of the time and the energy and blood and sweat and tears Patrick has put into raising this child are paying off in this one moment. He doesn’t bother to hide his grin.

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Mariano's mpreg WiP (no there's no title, what of it)

We all remember how Mariano’s fic works, right?

- no promises it will ever finish

- no promises it will not just be a random collection of scenes posted on my whim

- not betaed

- might go wildly off course as I attempt to jam in Many Tropes, but hey, at least this installment is probably longer than the first two combined

That all said, I told twoearsandaheart I might post this if she went to the gym, and I’m a lady of my word. The first two parts are here and here.

(Warnings for potential physical trauma to the bb - spoiler at the end.)


The next few days are strangely quiet. Patrick’s morning sickness has eased for three whole days in a row, and he’s taken advantage of the ability to concentrate without going off to puke every half hour and gotten a ton of work out of the way.

So when Saader asks if Patrick wants to go to the rink with him and Shawzy and some of their boys, Patrick surprises them both by saying, “Yeah, sure.”

“Fuck yeah,” Saader enthuses, pulling out his phone. “You’re on my line. Find a red jersey or something so we can remind people not to hit you.”

“That’s kinda mean,” Patrick grins. “I’ll run those poor kids into the ground.”

“Maybe we’ll just have it be 5 on 4 or something when you’re on the ice,” Saader mulls, texting. “That’s a little more fair.”

Word apparently has gotten around that Patrick’s going to be joining in today, because there’s a lot more guys than normal around the rink.

“Saader says you’re on his line,” is the first thing Shawzy says, when Patrick walks in.

“He speaks truth,” Patrick says solemnly.

“Fine, fuck. We won’t hit you, but we get 5 on 4 anytime you’re on the ice,” Shawzy says.

“We already agreed to that,” Saader sighs, gearing up.

“I know, I’m just saying! And he’s not allowed on the PP.”

“PP goes 4 on 4, but he’s allowed on,” Saader says, folding his arms.

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