saab 9 3 convertible

2011 (Fifty Shades Darker covers 2 weeks in the life of Christian and Anastasia, week 5 and 6 of their romance)

  • Between 6-4 Saturday – 6-6 Monday  After the breakup Christian’s nightmares about his abusive childhood return; Ana hasn’t eaten
  • 6-6 Monday Ana’s first day at SIP; Christian sends her two dozen long-stemmed white roses and a card with a note thanking her for the glider model she left him
  • 6-8 Wednesday Christian emails Ana offering her a ride to Portland for José’s exhibit; Ana realizes her phone is still in silent mode and her calls are still being diverted to the Blackberry
  • 6-9 Thursday Christian and Ana fly on Charlie Tango to Portland for José’s exhibit; Christian buys all the pictures José did of Ana; they have dinner together at Le Picotin, and decide to get back together; Christian returns the Blackberry and Mac and gives her a new iPad with a playlist through which Christian expresses his feelings for Ana
  • 6-10 Friday Leila stalks Ana outside SIP; Ana goes for drinks after work with colleagues per Jack’s request at Fifty’s; Christian meets up with Ana later at the bar; Christian admits to Ana that he’s purchased SIP, and has done background checks on Ana and all of his former submissives; sleepover at Ana’s apartment; Christian helps Ana cook (stirfry); food sex (vanilla ice cream)
  • 6-11 Saturday  Christian returns the Audi to Ana; Ana and Christian discuss Leila for the first time; Ana meets Elena Lincoln (“Mrs. Robinson”) at Esclava Salon, which Christian co-owns with her, and Ana storms out; Ana gets a haircut at Escala by Franco de Luca; first conversation about touching; Ana cooks to Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love; Christian allows Ana to chart the “no-touching” zone on his chest and back with a red lipstick; Christian gives Ana Cartier earrings as a “second chance” gift; the security team, including Sawyer is introduced; charity masquerade ball at Grey Manor; Ana is using the Ben Wa balls; Ana gives away $24k from the sale of “Wanda” during auction buying a weekend at Christian’s Aspen home; Christian pays $100k for first dance with Ana during auction; sex in Christian’s childhood room; Ana sees a picture of an unknown woman in Christian’s bulletin board who Christian identifies as “no one of consequence”; Ana meets Dr. Flynn; first Ana-“Mrs. Robinson” showdown; Christian confronts Elena on the phone telling her to leave Ana alone; while dancing with Carrick (Christian’s adoptive dad), Ana learns more about Christian’s childhood (how he was found); when Christian and Ana get to the car after the fireworks, Sawyer hands Ana a note from Elena; Christian and Ana return to Escala around midnight to find that Leila has slashed the tires on Ana’s car and thrown white paint all over it; an inspection of the apartment does not lead to finding Leila;
  • 6-12 Sunday Ana goes to sleep alone and wakes up at 2am startled seeing someone standing in front of the bed in the dark, but when she turns on the light no one is there; Ana finds Christian in the study and asks permission to unbutton his shirt; when they return to the room, sliding door to the balcony is open, and Ana tells him how she came to wake up; they suspect Leila is in the apartment; they leave the apartment in a hurry; Ana hugs Taylor goodbye; on the way Ana learns more about Christian’s childhood and his relationship with Elena; they check-in at the Olympic Fairmont Hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Taylor; at around 11:00am Dr. Greene comes to the hotel to check Ana, who gets nervous about the possibility of being pregnant; Dr. Green switches Ana’s contraception to Depo-Provera (the shot, medroxy-progesterone); in the shower, Christian lets Ana soap him up along the red lipstick line to wash it off, and Ana burst out crying at his fearful reaction; he tells Ana “I am a husk of a man.  I have not heart”; Ana tells him “I know you love me”…he replies “Yes, I do”; Christian lets Ana dry his back and allows her to guide his hand over his chest with a towel; Christian buys Ana a silver SAAB 9-3 convertible to replace her ruined Audi and takes her sailing on his Catamaran named The Grace with Liam “Mac” McConnell; almost sex in the elevator at Escala upon their return around 8pm; Ana’s familiarity with Taylor rubs Christian the wrong way, who tells her not to flirt with the staff; all of Ana’s clothes have been moved to Christian’s room; argument about Ana going to work the following day; Christian agrees to let her go to work with Sawyer in tow; Christian gives Ana a tour of the entire apartment (including Taylor’s office and the staff-wing); game of pool; Ana’s wager is that if she wins they’ll go to the “Red Room”; she loses and Christian spanks her with the ruler; Ana’s yells “STOP” after she is had enough, marking the beginning of them starting to trust each other with rough sex; sex on the pool table; during bath Ana agrees that she will not move from the office the next day; Ana goes to sleep while Christian works in bed using her computer
  • 6-13 Monday  first time Ana wakes up in Christian’s bed for a work day; first morning interaction with Ms. Jones; first time Ana wears clothes for work from the wardrobe Christian got her (grey pencil skirt; silk blouse and black stiletto pumps); at the office Jack informs Ana of trip to New York; Christian hints in an email that he wants Ana to move in with him; Christian tells Ana “NO” about the trip to New York and goes as far as having SIP’s management freeze all additional traveling; Elena emails Ana at work about doing lunch…Ana forwards the email to Christian; Ana goes to get lunch for Jack without telling Christian, and gets scolded by him, who has Sawyer monitoring her;  Jack makes Ana stay late and gets in her personal space; Jack learns the “the” Christian Grey is Ana’s boyfriend; Sex in the elevator at Escala; over dinner they discuss Christian “easing up” on Ana, and in return Ana agrees to move in with Christian; Christian says flat out “I love you” to Ana for the first time; they get interrupted by Elena showing up at the apartment; Elena is surprised to see that Christian has company (his subs only stay during the weekend), Christian reminds her that Ana is his girlfriend; Elena announces that she is being blackmailed; Christian sets Elena straight about his relationship with Ana calling Ana his future; after Elena leaves, Ana annoys Christian with more questions about Elena; while Christian is working in his study, Ana goes to the library a little after 10pm and grabs a copy of Rebecca, and falls asleep in the library; Christian carries her to bed. 
  • 6-14 Tuesday At 2am Ana wakes up in bed alone, she hears the piano; sex on top of the piano; during breakfast Ana learns that Christian wouldn’t have sex during the week (only on weekends with this subs); on the way to work, Elena calls Christian to inform him that the blackmail was being done by her sub (Isaac), who wanted to entice her into a scene; Christian reminds Ana to use her Blackberry; Ethan gets back to Seattle and swings by lunch time to get the keys from Ana at SIP (Jack sees them); Ana goes out to grab lunch for Jack with Sawyer; at 6pm Christian picks up Ana at work and head to her apartment (they discuss work-out schedules with Claude); at Ana’s apartment, she is buzzed in, thinking it was Ethan, but it is Leila, who is waiting for her in the apartment;  Christian comes in and takes command of the situation in full Dominant stand; Taylor has to drag Ana away as she is feeling insecure that Christian may “need” Leila; she goes out drinking with Ethan at a bar across the street; she sees when Dr. Flynn comes and gets Leila, Christian in tow; Ana returns to Escala at 10:15, Christian is upset, because he has been worried, but as he senses that Ana wants to “run”, he goes full “sub” mode on her;  Ana talks about her fears, Christian confesses about being a “sadist” and the link between the subs and his birth mother; he lets her touch his bare chest for the first time; he proposes matrimony to Ana…she does not say yes or no; while eating mac’n cheese he tells her he bathed Leila and Ana breaks down. 
  • 6-15 Wednesday In the middle of the night Ana wakes up, while she is in the kitchen getting Advil and thinking about what has transpired, Christian has a nightmare; they make love while Christian asks her to touch him (chest and back); Christian shares his nightmare with Ana about the pin burning him with the cigarettes and about when she died; Ana tells him that she wants to see Dr. Flynn; Ana is late to work and Jack is furious at her; Jose calls her to ask if he can come over Friday to deliver the pictures Christian bought and crash at her place; Mia calls to tell her that Christian’s birthday is on Saturday and she is planning a party and they agree on a lunch date the following day; Jack sexually harasses Ana and gets beat up by Taylor and Christian gets him fired and confiscates his computer; at Escala, after dinner, Christian has to work and Ana goes exploring…she ends up in the playroom; she wants to “play” in the Red Room, but Christian says he isn’t ready because it reminds her of when she left; sex with the spreader bar
  • 6-16 Thursday Ana drives the Saab to work for the first time; Ana gets Jack’s job; Ana buys the “YES” key chain; she gives Christian the “YES” key chain wrapped and tells him not to open it until Saturday for his birthday; they meet with Dr. Flynn…he tells her to give Christian “the benefit of the doubt”; Ana and Christian argue about driving and when Christian takes the wheel we hear Christian hum/sing for the first time to Van Morrison Moondance; Christian shows Ana a house (“mansion”) he wants to buy with a meadow and panoramic views of the sound; Christian takes Ana to the Mile High Club on the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower; he asks her to remove her panties and teases her throughout dinner by not touching her; he orders the same dinner of oysters and fish they had at The Heathman; Christian fumbles her in the elevator; sex in the foyer
  • 6-17 Friday After Christian leaves early for a breakfast meeting, Ana starts preparing a surprise for Christian involving the Playroom and finds pictures from the Red Room; after a brief email exchange, Ana receives last email from Christian at 9:12am; Ana works all day and by 4:00pm notices that she hasn’t heard back from Christian; she calls him and it goes straight to voice mail for the first time; Kate calls Ana that she is back in Seattle with Elliot; Ana invites her to drinks with Jose, who is coming to deliver the pictures; at 5:50 Jose arrives at SIP; still no word from Christian, Ana is anxious; Kate and Ethan join Ana and Jose for drinks and they get call from Elliot informing them that Charlie Tango has gone missing with Christian and Ros; back at Escala the entire family waits for news from Christian; close to Midnight, after over 8 hours of being missing, Christian finally comes into the apartment; he is surprised by all the show of affection from his family; after his family leaves, She tells him to open his present that he has been carrying since the previous day in the pocket of his jacket; it is the key chain that says “YES” to his marriage proposal
  • 6-18 Saturday            Christian and Jose make peace over breakfast; Ana gives Christian her other 2 presents: a wooden solar-powered helicopter and the box with the sex toys and keys to the Red Room; they talk for a long time in the bed of the Red Room and Ana notices the canes are gone; they decide to keep the a crop and a flogger and get rid of the other whips and paddles; during lunch Ana tells him about the pictures she found (“insurance” from the subs), which apparently Leila had moved them, and he promises to shred them; Christian asks Ray permission to marry Ana; Ana bakes Christian a chocolate cake; she goes to the ATM and finds that Christian has deposited in her account $50k; By 7:30pm they are at Grey Manor; as soon as they walk in Kate confronts them about the copy of Ana’s email response to the Dom/Sub contract she found in the jacket that was in Ana’s room; after reassuring Ana and Christian that she hasn’t spoken about it to anyone, Christian burns the email and tells Kate that he is marrying Ana; after Ana’s reassurance to Kate that she is alright, they go to join the rest of the guests, which includes Dr. Flynn and his wife, Claude the trainer, Ros and her partner, and Elena; Christian announces to everyone that he is getting married to Ana; big Ana/Elena showdown, during which Ana throws her martini at Elena and Grace finds out about Christian/Elena’s relationship, slaps Elena and throws her out of the house; she has a long conversation with Christian; Ana runs to Christian’s room; she realizes upon looking at the picture of Christian’s birth mother that she doesn’t look like her; Christian finds Ana; Ana learns that the first night at The Heathman he lay awake for hours just looking at her; Christian confirms he bought the house; he takes Ana to the boathouse, with is filled with flowers and little lights and proposes to her properly and giving her a ring