saaame same

Me Watching Dan's videos like
  • Butter Fingers: same.
  • Procrastination: same.
  • New Years Resolutions fails: same.
  • Let's Get Physical : same.
  • Spiral of Lies: same.
  • Inappropriate Winking: *sigh* same.
  • Die Emo Scum: same...
  • Near-Death Experience: same.
  • I Care to Much: same
  • I can't sleep: saaame
  • Personal Space: same.
  • Fandoms: yes.
  • Envy: same.
  • List of why I'm an awful human being: same.
  • Human Interaction: 100%
  • Cringe attack: legit
  • I'm a mess: same omg
  • I talk to my self: I don't know anymore
  • I mumble: same
  • I can't live without my phone: same.
  • Me: what does this mean? *rocks back and forward in the corner* *reassess my life*

*reading JP comments on Arima this chapter*

I thought I had a better idea of him thanks to the previous chapters but this chapter just reminded me that I actually don’t know what this guy is thinking.

What’s up with his eye?

He seems excited to see Haise go berserk.


So Arima is a one-eyed ghoul after all.

So the OEK isn’t Eto?

What if Ui sees how Arima acts around Haise outside of battle.

How to pose for a group photo By: Bangtan

The “tryna be sexy and kill ovaries when in reality I cant even ask out a girl” pose:

The “im actually constipated but imma act like a thug ass fetus” pose:

The “no im totally not a 9 year old blonde drug dealing rapper” pose:

The “imma get it on with jin 2nite” pose: 

The” Namjoon fucking stop your not mine” pose

The “jimin  stay still so I can grab your ass” pose:

The “J-hope stop grabbing ma ass” pose:

And FINALLY………..

The “why the fuck am I evendoing here” pose: