saaame same

is it normal to have an urge to just throw your self into a million running blades, but at the same time wanting to cuddle in a THOUSANDS blankets that are soft?? science side of tumblr please explain

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austin and freddie have the saaame eyes and the same eyebrows. they're thick in the front and thin out straight. louis's are ROUND, and they start off thin then get thicker lmao they're also just so far apart it's literally the oppositeof freddie's!! also freddie's mouth shape is idential to austin and brett's. he has brett's exact same smile. like.... freddie is brett's son.

rip I know jdjdkdkdl

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I just want Lucien to be happy. I don't care if he and Elain end up together, or if he becomes her wing man with Azriel and Lucien and Vassa get together.