saaame same

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austin and freddie have the saaame eyes and the same eyebrows. they're thick in the front and thin out straight. louis's are ROUND, and they start off thin then get thicker lmao they're also just so far apart it's literally the oppositeof freddie's!! also freddie's mouth shape is idential to austin and brett's. he has brett's exact same smile. like.... freddie is brett's son.

rip I know jdjdkdkdl

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I just want Lucien to be happy. I don't care if he and Elain end up together, or if he becomes her wing man with Azriel and Lucien and Vassa get together.


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#it isn't a day that ends in a Y until I'm crying over Javy Baez GIRL SAME. SAAAME. Not a day goes by my friends ain't rolling their eyes because I won't shut up about him. 😂


I’m so glad you understand me. I’m the same way. With my friends and my family. And they’re like…just short of yelling “WE KNOW YOU LOVE HIM, SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY.”

I just…I have to make sure everyone knows that I love him…

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I'm used to tears, how do I save you from the cute ??

Same dude, saaame. Soul crushing angst, that’s the only way to stop the cute overload! Character death, arguments leading to relationship breakdown, something to rend the soul in to painful pieces

Me Watching Dan's videos like
  • Butter Fingers: same.
  • Procrastination: same.
  • New Years Resolutions fails: same.
  • Let's Get Physical : same.
  • Spiral of Lies: same.
  • Inappropriate Winking: *sigh* same.
  • Die Emo Scum: same...
  • Near-Death Experience: same.
  • I Care to Much: same
  • I can't sleep: saaame
  • Personal Space: same.
  • Fandoms: yes.
  • Envy: same.
  • List of why I'm an awful human being: same.
  • Human Interaction: 100%
  • Cringe attack: legit
  • I'm a mess: same omg
  • I talk to my self: I don't know anymore
  • I mumble: same
  • I can't live without my phone: same.
  • Me: what does this mean? *rocks back and forward in the corner* *reassess my life*

*reading JP comments on Arima this chapter*

I thought I had a better idea of him thanks to the previous chapters but this chapter just reminded me that I actually don’t know what this guy is thinking.

What’s up with his eye?

He seems excited to see Haise go berserk.


So Arima is a one-eyed ghoul after all.

So the OEK isn’t Eto?

What if Ui sees how Arima acts around Haise outside of battle.