Gabrielle still couldn’t understand how such a masterpiece as that doll could be abandoned on the streets, completely covered in mud. She could not recall any other toy makers around that town that could’ve ever made it. Not with that kind of technique and precision. It was closer to be her father’s or her own work, but she was pretty sure neither of them had created it.

“Alright, you are coming with me then…” She smiled at the toy in her hands as it was a little child. There wasn’t much the doll maker could do away from her atelier, at most, she could clean part of the doll with a handkerchief. As far as she could go with the cleaning, there was no crack in the porcelain surface. That was…odd, to say the very least. “You are a very lucky doll…” Very lucky indeed. Porcelain was one of the most fragile materials she knew. It should have a crack somewhere.

Back at the shop. Gabrielle greeted her own father quickly and hurried to the inner garden, where she could wash it better.