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The older man let out a cry of pain and held his arm “What in the..?! How dare you you dirty, rotten, code Monkey!”

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JULIA! I love you- I just have to start with that because it's true. I love how you're so real and I love your music because it's real too and I can feel both sad and happy when I listen to it and I think that's an amazing thing. Congratulations on everything. I'm in your secret club and I've loved watching you progress with every video and song (though to me you started off pretty top notch ;)) my Q: and hopefully you have an A: is- what's been the most exciting part of your journey?


Q:  what’s been the most exciting part of your journey?

A: I would saaaaaay NOW. Working on this album, making music videos, figuring out my style, and talking opening about all the stuff running through my brain is NERVE WRACKING but so so exciting and it feels so good to follow my heart

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ur freaking awesome i hope u know that U ROCK <3


awwww ty anon!! that’s so nice of you to saaaaaay :)))))) you rock too!!!

11 questions meme

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1. What’s an animal you strongly associate/identify with? If you’re homestuck trash, what would be your lusus, if you’re a potterhead, your patronus, etc.

I don’t really identify with any animals??? I mean… I guess i identify with all animals in the sense that i want to be 100% in control of myself and not confined by other people/creatures/things/ect.. But for the sake of the question i’ll saaaaaay i’m kinda like a field mouse cos they’re quick and smol. I actually know nothing about homestuck so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry D: . My patronus would be a rabbit! or a horse!

2. If you could completely redesign your body, a la “Biting the Sun”, what would you do? This can include surreal elements such as unnatural pigmentation [eyes/skin/hair/etc], minor inhuman physical elements [nonfunctional wings, antenna, etc–nothing wholly inhuman & functional tho, for example; the Bots wouldn’t allow a character to have a functional purring mechanism in her throat but allowed catlike eyes, pointed ears, and soft downy fur]. Body type such as height, weight, muscle mass, physical sex/gender characteristics are all up for grabs, however.

I would make myself an inch taller (boosting me up to 5′10) and make my eyes golden-brown. I would fix the bump on my nose (from a 7th grade soccer accident ouch). I would have PERFECT SKIN HALLELUJAH. I would lighten my hair color too from brown to dirty blond. Give myself a male body… So basically because i’m boring i would look like a hotter version of myself lol.

3. If you were the protagonist of a novel, what sort of genre would you want it to be? What story elements or tropes would you want/hope to come into play?

Sci-fi or fantasy! I would really want the tropey character arc of “im immortal/a robot and dont understand life but i feel life”. I would basically want a psychological-journey type of character development (along with fast paced fight scenes heck yeah).

4. Describe your ideal dream home in terms of environment/location, style of home, whether it has a yard or not [and if it does, what would it be like], whether or not you’d want people or animals living with you, etc.

Basically anywhere but my current trailer park residence. I seriously think about this kind of thing all the time and i can’t make my mind up between ‘studio apartment in any large city’ or ‘back road farmhouse with a pet goat named munchie’. I would only want my dad with me and every other person i live atm can go get fucking jacked because they’re all just….  yeah.

5. What’s one Talent that you regret not having cultivated/begun cultivating when you were younger?

SINGING. I sang all the time when i was 3-9 years old and then the people i live with started turning evil and i lost all confidence. Also; drawing. But i’m working on drawing atm and making some fairly good progress? Maybe i’ll post some someday i dont know what is confidence.

6. If you died today and woke up tomorrow in a new life, what would you hope your next life would be like? What kind of career choices would you pursue, how would you hope your physical self would be different, locations, opportunities, & experiences etc.

I would definitely want to be born with a male body. I have such a preference for it over my current female one it’s frustrating. I would probably pursue all the same careers im going after now (cinematography, photography, drawing/painting, acting, modeling, directing, motivational speaking, or counseling). I would want to be located on one of the u.s. coasts and have lots of opportunities to speak publicly about everything.

7. Describe your ideal social situation; would you want a broad network of acquaintances? A close knit squad you do everything with, tell everything to? A handful of people who mostly leave you to your own devices, but meet up every now and again or chat online/call you once a month to catch up? What kind of people are they & how do you interact? Doesn’t have to be based in reality, but can be.

I would want one or two (no more than two woah) close friends. I would want to talk with them whenever feels right and hang out with them on like a daily or weekly basis. They would be smart, genuine enjoyers of philosophy and thinking. And oh my god if they’re pretentious and the type and their biggest struggle in life is “oo my life is so hard my mom and dad bought me the wrong color iphone” it would be a big no-no (i just got out of a friendship with a girl who would complain about that to me of all people. like stfu your life is so fucking perfect). So yeah. A few close friends who all enjoy thinking and aren’t pretentious.

8. Do you have career aspirations? This can be as pipe-dreamy or as realistic as you want–or it can be as simple as “having enough money/stable job position to pursue other life aspirations on my free time”. If the latter case, what sorts of life/noncareer aspirations would you want to pursue?

My career aspirations are: Make enough money to have internet, a place to live, a gaming pc, and pencils. Also; i wanna work in the film industry either directing or acting.

9. Describe your ideal birthday party. Big gathering or small and intimate? Outdoors, indoors? Traditional party or more adventure/activity based [such as laser tag/vacation spots/etc] Money is no object.

Lol my birthday is coming up on the 15th.

I actually never do birthday parties? But i’ve always wanted to travel. I would wanna either go to the parthenon or the roman coliseum ‘cos im a huge ancient history nerd. OOO or no i would probably go to the lion’s gate in greece. or the pyramids. It would be just me and my dad on the trip, too. Cos we are nerds together.

10.  What’s one thing you’d do differently, given the opportunity to go back and change things in your past? You can either ignore tangential timeline effects [pretend it doesnt change anything in the long run but makes you feel better I guess?] or you can assume butterfly effect rules are in place; if you’re going with the latter, how would you hope that would change things in your life, overall, in the long run?

I would go back to the third grade (8??) and convince my dad to take me and leave. My mom has always been manipulating, and when i was 8 y.o., my sister was turning 11. Needless to say my mom started living a weird fantasy through my sister, maniuplating the whole family in order to do so. I was practically abandon by my mom but still had to watch what she did to my sister. My dad swooped in and supported me but their was nothing he could do to help my sister or brother. Now fast forward to 9 years later and we’ve lived in 4 different houses, my brother is a sociopathic murderer/rapist who’s also heavily addicted to meth/weed, my sister is really messed up in 10 different ways from what my mom did, and im stuck in the middle of it all with my verbally abusive dad. But if my dad were to leave with me when i was 8, i wouldn’t have to deal with any of this. I would rather have my dad’s explosive anger than my brother’s threat of “i’m going to burn your trailer down and hopefully you’re all still inside it”. sorry i ranted and sound dwelling but really im not. 

11. If you were on death row, what crime would you have committed to get there [i.e. what would be worth it to you, to trade your life in exchange for having/needing to do something] and what would you choose for your final meal? [You can ignore the stipulations/limitations that are actually in place at the moment, such as being under $50 etc, pretend those don’t exist.]

i think i would’ve probably like… locked my bro in a basement somewhere where he cant hurt anyone? omg no i would probably rob a bank and then get caught spending the money at a bookstore or smth loool. my last meal would be frosted shredded wheaties (the name brand too none of that great value shite) with almond milk, a peanut butter (the skippy brand honey peanut butter) sandwich, and a mediterranean ‘chicken’ veggie burger on whole wheat toast………..

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I really really liked all these questions so i guess just answer these ones? yeah? yeah. do it.

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I wanna join in on this larries dragging narries thing but some of my mutuals are narries and they're actually really chill so I gotta stay mute...

🎶say what u need to say, say what u need to saaaaaay🎶

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17. Most interesting planet?

Oh mmmm I want to say Omega but that’s an ASTEROID so I’m gonna saaaaaay probably illium. It was my favorite planet in me2 to explore tbh and it was soooo pretty.

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Anomaly, box office, paper, tiger 😌😌😌

Anomaly-What do you find unique about yourself?
Uh. Uuuuuuuh. I would saaaaaay my loyalty and my willingness to keep trying at my goals no matter how long it takes? My ability to see things from different perspectives maybe? I have a hard time bragging anything up and this question got me nervous haha

Box office-What is your favorite film?
Man. I don’t know! I want to say…..Spirited Away, but Wreck It Ralph got me too. Then there’s Pan’s Labyrinth, Labyrinth (the Jim Hensen piece), Pacific Rim and Beasts of the Southern Wild and Brave and I love all of them! There’s never really been that one and only film I’ve called my favorite

Paper-What is your favorite novel?
The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle, of course! I’ve read, read, and re-read that one and I will read of it again. It’s never boring, it’s pages feel like home to me.

Tiger-What is your bravest moment?
Well, I feel like I’m brave all the time anymore since I’ve been dealing with a lot of social anxiety and depression, but the first thing that popped into my head was this one time my friend cut his hand on a blender blade. It was pretty crazy there was a lot of blood, he was panicking a bit and I talked him down, staunched the blood flow and was getting ready to take him to the hospital. There was too much blood initially to tell how bad it was, so we gently cleaned it away after the bleeding had stopped and it was this teeny tiny little cut hahaha nothing needed to be done, still though I thought I was brave for keeping my cool and being ready to take charge in the situation