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That blanket is full of good memories~

(To clarify, this is before Paps started being an asshole towards Sans)

What I know about Tokyo Ghoul from what I've seen in my dash

- Kaneki Saaaaaaan
-Lil bean Hide didn’t deserve to die
-Some white haired chick with red crossed bobbypins
-French dude with no chill
-yum yum people
-Emo kids get free contact lenses to look evil
-Suffer suffer suffer

I love how Donquixote Corazon made like 10 billion super sexy, cool, beautiful, gorgeous, and straight up heavenly faces over the course of the flashback

But then fucking Trafalgar D. Water Law saw the one face Corazon made that was the most unfortunate selfie smile ever and was all “YES THAT’S THE ONE!! THAT’S THE ONE I WANT, THAT’S THE ONE I NEED!! CARVE THAT SMILE INTO MY GODDAMN CHEST JUST STICK IT RIGHT THERE ON MY HEART BECAUSE I HEART THAT FACE, I HEART THAT SMILE!! CORA-SAAAAAAAN!!!!”

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                                                 “ Ryou - saaaaaaan ! ! ! I bought us some sweets ! Would you like some ? ”

                                    Hikari ( poured ! ) her excitement into her offer , perhaps a little TOO delighted just for sharing some of her sweets with Ryou. Running up to him with her arms stretched out to show the bag , she stopped in front of him with her lungs almost    begging   for some air. But , that excited smile ( never ) left from her countenance ! 


AX 2015 Haikyuu!! gathering, 5/?. The shippy pics start from here on out, so if that’s not your cup of tea, blacklist shippy.

The Day After (part 2)

Part 2 has arrived hooiiiiiii!! And so continues the expanded epilogue based off @sushinfood‘s amazing Gasterblaster!Sans audio clips! 

This thing is getting long, so it may actually be THREE parts! Part one is floating around my fanfic tag, dig around there. Mobile doesn’t let me put links up nicely.

Please enjoy the ever growing fluff!!


“Ok Sans, a-are you ready?” Dr. Alphys asked.
“As ready as I’ll ever be…”
Sans felt himself instinctively reaching for Papyrus’ hand.
“A-Ah! U-Um…d-do you think you could…er…c-could you guys…m-maybe not hold hands during this? I-It’s not t-that I don’t like it or anything b-but some of the magic could get transferred to Papyrus through your hands a-and it might…yknow…t-take longer then? It could m-mess with things,” Alphys stuttered.
“Oh…alright.” It took more inner strength than Sans expected to move his hand to the bed sheets.

A nod.
“Ok. Three…”
Not ready…

A jolt, then fire. Fire in his bones, searing heat, agonizing heat, within his Soul. He heard a cry of pain escape. The feeling then ebbed away, leaving him shaking.
“A-Again,” Alphys said, looking at the readings. “Ready Sans?”
He forced a nod.
“T-Three, two, one.”
She barely gave him any time to brace himself. Another jolt of agony. This time Sans didn’t hold back his scream.
Through the ringing in his skull, Sans heard small foots steps pounding towards his room, and the door was flung open.

“F-Frisk! Le-aVE!” Sans hissed through a clenched jaw.
“But Sans-!” the small child started to protest.
Papyrus rushed over and scooped them up, carrying them as they shouted in protest from the room.
“-going on?! Why is Sans-”
“A-Again Sans! Hang on, w-we’re almost there!” Alphys pushed the button again.
It felt like his bones were cracking. He couldn’t see, his vision was a wild blur. His left eye flared a vivid blue, pulsing wildly. His Soul trembled, was it about to shatter?

“Sans! He’s screaming! He’s hurting! Why is he- Sans-!”
“One more time!”
“GggAAAAAAhhh!” This time Sans put all of his energy into trying to contain his screeches of pain. Don’t scare the kid. Don’t make them worry.
Alphys heaved a sigh of relief.
“Energy l-l-levels have s-stabilized,” she whispered. “Whew! That was intense…”
Sans shakily flopped back down against the pillows, his entire body trembling. Somehow, he could feel waves of heat and cold washing over him, one after another.
“Y-You’re t-telling me…” he mumbled, closing his eyes. He felt his bones shift back into place, and all the pain slowly faded, replacing every inch of his being with a numb feeling. He could feel his Soul quivering. Exhausted, but intact.
“It was quite shocking.”
“I-I’m really sorry that hurt so much, Sans. B-But you should feel a lot better now,” Alphys gave a small smile.
“Heh…thanks, science sis,” Sans grinned, calling her by her pet name.
“H-Heh heh…I may have been fired from my position as Royal Scientist, but I’m still a scientist!” Alphys declared.
“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to monitor my condition, to be honest.”

“Sans? Are you ok-”
Papyrus’ sentence was interrupted by the small child’s shout. Frisk ran into the room, nearly tripping over their own feet in their haste.
“Sans!” they cried again.
“Heyyyyyy kiddo. Sorry for hollerin’, Alphys here was just helping me out. Making sure I don’t transform again. So don’t worry, I’m a-oK-!”
Sans gave a surprised grunt followed by a wince as Frisk flung their small arms around his neck.
“So you won’t hurt anymore…?” the murmured, their young voice muffled by Sans’ shirt.
Sans smiled gently and stroked their head.
“No kiddo. I’m gonna be fine.”
Frisk turned to give Alphys a teary-eyed, blotchy-cheeked smile.
“T-Thank you so much for helping Sans, Auntie Alphys.”

Alphys blushed. The child had started making a habit of occasionally calling her and Undyne “Aunt”.
“O-Oh…it was nothing, Frisk. You know I’d gladly do anything to help out.”
She took their hand and led them from the room.
“Why d-don’t we go see if there’s anything new on TV? We ought t-to let Sans have some quiet time now.”
“Awwwww, but he’s had quiet time all daaaayyy!” Frisk protested, their voice gradually growing fainter as they and Alphys descended the stairs.
“It’s only 10:00, Frisk.”
Papyrus turned to face his brother. Sans gave him a half-smile, which was all he could muster in his exhaustion.
Papyrus rushed forward and pulled his brother into a tight yet gentle embrace.
“Oh Sans…you were so brave, brother,” Papyrus murmured. “I can’t imagine how much pain you were in. But you were so brave.”
“Pap…” Sans rested himself in the crook of his brother’s lanky body.

Oh God. It was the best feeling. Laying in the protective embrace of his only brother, his beloved brother, the person most precious to him…it filled him with DETERMINATION.
And peace. A feeling of utter peace and bliss Sans had not felt for the longest time. He lay quite still, soaking in every second of it.
He then turned and snuggled closer against Papyrus, pressing the side of his head against his chest. He could almost hear the steady hum of his brother’s Soul.
Papyrus responded in turn by gently rubbing the back of Sans’ skull and leaning backwards so Sans was laying cradled in his lap. In Papyrus’ arms, Sans truly felt safe. He truly felt loved, protected, at ease.
Sans could feel sleep tugging at him once more, but this time he fought against it. He wanted to enjoy the feeling of being next to his brother a little while longer.

“Pap…” Sans muttered, the first syllable of his brother’s name being the only thing he could manage as his exhaustion almost immediately started to win over.
“Yes, Sans?” came the reply.
“You’re my favorite brother…” Sans mumbled.
“I’m your only brother Sans.”
“Exa…” Sans yawned. “Exactly…”
Papyrus gave a low laugh.
“Well, for the record, you’re my favorite brother too.”

“Yeeesssssssss….” Sans mumbled triumphantly, almost incoherently.
He felt Papyrus’ arms wrapped around him as his world softly faded to the land of dreams.

“I love you, brother…”

“Do you feel well enough to go downstairs?” Papyrus asked.
“Yeah…but I’m still…really tired…do you think you could carry me downstairs?”
Papyrus sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed, his back turned to face Sans.
“I’m only doing this because you’re not feeling well,” he said.
Sans felt himself get eased onto his brother’s back.
“Thanks bro.”
Papyrus started out of the room, carrying his brother on his back. No sooner had he stepped through the threshold did he start to hear soft snores.
“Sans? Did you seriously fall asleep again?!” Papyrus exclaimed.
Sans snorted and jolted awake.
“Bwuh…? Sorry bro, I dozed off…” Sans yawned loudly.

“I can see that,” Papyrus stated as they travelled down the stairs.
“If you’re going to be downstairs, try not to fall asleep. Everyone’s here.”
“Everyone…?” Sans echoed, wondering what his brother could possibly mean. His question was immediately answered as Papyrus walked into the living room with him in tow.
The whole gang was there. Frisk was sitting in Toriel’s lap, while the goat monster sat near Undyne and Alphys, who were chatting with Mettaton. Even Asgore was there. The moment Papyrus entered the room, they all turned eagerly to face them.
“Hellooooooo everyone! Look who decided to join us!” Papyrus called cheerfully.
Undyne leapt off the couch as Papyrus set Sans down. No sooner had his slipper-clad feet touched the floor was he swept up again in a tight hug by the enthusiastic former head of the Royal Guard.
“NGAAAAHHH!! There he is! My favorite pint-sized skeleton!” she yelled, flashing her usual big, toothy grin.
Sans winced as she squeezed him tighter, he could almost hear his bones creaking.
“U-Undyne…” he grunted. “Y-You’re a little…tiiiigghhttt…”

“U-Undyne please try t-t-to be gentle! He’s still recovering!” Alphys squeaked in alarm.
“Aww, he can take it! He’s tough as nails,” Undyne said, but she set the skeleton down before turning on his taller brother, grabbing him in a headlock.
“After all, who do you think his brother is?!” she cackled, forming a fist with her free hand.
“Nyaaaaaaahhhh! No noogies!” Papyrus yelped as Undyne playfully ground her fist against his skull.
Sans chuckled at the shenanigans, then felt a small hand slip into his. Frisk was smiling up at him. The small child began to tug him towards the rest of his friends.
“Where’re we goin’, kiddo?” Sans smiled, letting himself be pulled towards the couch.
“There he is,” Toriel’s melodious voice drifted through Sans’ skull. His grin only widened at the sight of his joke buddy as Frisk climbed into her lap.
“We’re all so happy to see you’ve turned back, Sans. How are you feeling?” Toriel asked.
Sans shrugged. “Same ol’ me. Can’t really complain, except for the soreness…”
Toriel smiled, looking thoughtful as she stroked Frisk’s hair.

“You know, Sans…the other day, a monster came calling to the ruin’s door. It sounded…rather sad. The unusual thing is, it appeared around the time you usually do for joke exchanging.”
She looked at him with warm eyes, a knowing expression in them.
“You wouldn’t happen to know this monster, would you?”
Sans blushed.
“I-I…er…” he tried to find the words. When he had gone to the door, there had been nothing in the world he wanted more than for his friend to recognize it was him. Now he felt shy and embarrassed she had figured it out.
“What can I say, Tori? I like our joke sessions,” Sans said. “Won’t miss ‘em even if I’m a giant bone monster.”
Toriel gave him a warm smile.
“Well now that I know it was you, I certainly hope that bonely joke wasn’t in too poor of taste again.”
“Nah, it never is,” Sans grinned.

“Frisk here was so excited to tell me how you gave them a ride. They said you were very fun to play with.”
Frisk slithered off Toriel’s lap and hopped over to Sans, happily pressing their back against his stomach and nuzzling their head under his chin. The child seemed to excited to have everyone together they couldn’t sit still.
“Heh heh, was I now?” Sans closed his eyes lazily with a grin as Frisk grabbed his arms and wrapped them around their body. Sans responded by giving them a hug from behind and resting his chin on Frisk’s head.
“Well, how could I resist my favorite human?”
Toriel laughed.
“Ah yes Sans. We all know you spoil Frisk rotten!”
Sans began to deny, then shrugged again.
“How can you say no this face?” he asked.