it’s really too bad that Victor didn’t get to see Yuri’s room with all the posters up etc, because i can 100000000% assure you that he wouldn’t have thought it was at all odd and would have heartily approved of Yuri’s design sense, and here is some proof:

see what Victor brought to Hasetsu!  a… framed picture… of… himself.  he doesn’t just HAVE a framed picture of himself, he has one, and he brought it with him to Japan.  couldn’t be without it.

oh, but it gets better.

because this is the same picture that yuri was looking at so longingly after taking his posters down…


a good relationship is based on similar tastes in art, decor, that sort of thing… *coughs*

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Imagine Bringing a Puppy Back to the Boys

“Look at how skinny she is, and she’s missing patches of fur. Can’t we keep her?” You whined, holding up the golden-furred puppy for the boys, her fur was wiry and had clumps of mud.

Though weak, the puppy continued to wag her tail with her hind legs dangling, seemingly elated at the mere fact that she was amongst people. She sniffed and looked around at the two grown men before her, then back at you.

“The pup’s full of fleas and ticks, you two better not come any closer,” Dean exclaimed before taking a step behind.

Seeing the seeming reluctance in Dean, you turned towards Sam and pushed the puppy towards his direction, hoping that the younger Winchester would see how necessary it is to take in the puppy.

“Saaaaaaaaam,” you urged. “Look at those eyes.”

Sam was silent, but looked dead into the eyes of the puppy, apparently softening up. You knew that had to work. Who could resist those puppy dog eyes?

“Fine, but you have to take care of it yourself,” Sam gave in after a long pause, then looking away towards Dean who gave him a questioning look.

Pleased with his answer, you turned the puppy towards Dean, then said to the puppy, “see, you’re going to be fine here. At least there’s someone else with a heart in this room.”

The puppy wagged her tail even harder and stretched her neck to lick your chin. Despite the dirty fur and strange smells, Sam couldn’t resist but to head towards you for the puppy. You filled his arms with the warm and soft mess, the puppy quickly wanting to scramble up his torso.

“Hey, what’s your name?” he asked softly as if talking to a baby. “I’m going to bring you out for a walk later.”

“I don’t trust dogs this friendly,” Dean remarked as he crossed his arms. “Sam, remember that time a dog came into our motel room and she turned out to be some witch’s familiar?”

All of a sudden, following the familiar flutter of feathers, the puppy tried to wriggle out of Sam’s arms excitedly. Sam, afraid to drop her, let her on the ground and she quickly pranced away.

You turned to follow the puppy’s movements, only to see her hopping by Castiel’s side, scratching and chewing at the end of his coat. The confused angel stared silently at the puppy, then back at you all.

“We have a dog?”

  • SPOILER SOPOLER SPOILER Me:*searchings this about star wars after seeing it* OMG they ship theirs but what if she is luke's kiddo?
  • Dad:what?
  • Me:erm they ship Kylo Ren and Rey
  • Dad:o...let me see it *sit down with me and star to search un tumblr as well*
  • Dad:OMG did the just say that Kylo is just a young versión of Snape?
  • Me:yup
  • Me:welcome to tumblr Dad and oh look they ship Finn and Poe too
  • Dad:*watch the gif of the hug* well well I understand why
  • Me:I didn't see that coomimg
  • Dad:Same but the important thing here is the Severus Snape thing.
  • Me:saaaaaaaaame but I think you have too much tumblr for today big boy
  • Dad:yeah, some people in this blog are so mean