Fictional weapon from the Japanese animation “Ghost in the Shell”. It’s a hodgepodge mix of the FN P90, F2000 as well as the British SA80, yet maintains the 5.7x28mm chambering. Oddly enough in the series the M22 is built by Zastava. I’m a fan of fictional but believable weapons designs because it’s interesting to see what inspiration they are drawn from or if they may go on to influence an actual weapon in the works. (GRH)

The Enfield XL-70E3

Origin: United Kingdom

Date: 1970s

Caliber: 5.56x45mm

This is a late prototype of RSAF Enfield’s SA80 assault rifle, which is in service with the British Army. The XL-70E3 was an improved version of the earlier XL-64 IW, with changes regarding the external layout and ammunition. It was internally very similar to the AR-18, and had a weight of 4.68kg and an effective range of around 400 metres. A light support weapon variant was also prototyped, known as the XL-73E2, which had a longer barrel and a bipod. Trials noted that both the XL-70 and the XL-73 performed poorly in certain conditions, so Enfield improved the weapon in the form of the SA80. Trials continued even after the SA80 was adopted, and many troops noted that the SA80 suffered faults similar to those described in the XL-70’s trials, leading to considerable controversy surrounding the weapon.


I posted a “L85/SA80 appreciation post” a while back, now here is the Afghan spec L85/SA80 appreciation post!

The first is the only real steal version picture i could find, with a member of 3 Para. Airsofters love to show off their equipment more!

L85 A2’s with:

Daniel Defence RIS rail

Magpul ladder RIS guards

Magpul EMAG’s


Trijicon ACOG w/ doctor red dot sight


I cant wait to get my hands on one of these if things go right this year.