This is an unusual post for me, I just want to highlight something that really makes me happy. This is my car. I’ve had so many good memories that have been made possible because of it.

It’s strange how attached you can become to something that isn’t alive. Although it doesn’t mean to be part of my good times, because it’s a car. It’s always right there.

Even if it’s completely falling apart I will drive this car until I die because every time I sit in it I smile.

So yesterday, after giving up all her organs (and saving 4 other cars lives thus far), my Celica was taken finally to the scrapyard and destroyed for it’s metal \m/

So here’s a funeral post of some of the fun times I had with that car, every photo has a different story.

Sad to see it go really :(

in reference to the steering issue

the CASTOR at the front must be wrong. While talking to my uncle who owned this beast (pic 1 and 2) over my trip to melbourne we had a few wild turkeys and examined the car and talked shit. Because the rear has been lowered significantly more than the front then every angle of the entire car has changed. It’s fucked the castor which gives the wild steering in a straight line.

also upon looking closely at the rear control arms we noticed that the bush was OVAL SHAPED! which means there is some ADJUSTABILITY!!! :D The less camber i have at the rear the more money i can save instead of buying tyres all the friggen time 

New oil :)

but only for a week. I’ve put an abrasive solution in so hopefully by next saturday all the crap will be loose and then i can drain it and flush the engine out with cheap oil and then put nice oil in :)

oh the joys of older cars


sorry for lack of interesting posts recently, it’s the silly season and i’ve had a particularly busy one this year!

I put the car in for a carburetter rebuild a while ago, got the car back and it ran beautifully. BUT it went from 400km per tank (14L/100km) to 300km per tank (20L/100) !!

yes that isnt a typo. 20L/100.  From a four cylinder. And i though 14L/100 was bad!

Anyway, it took me a week and a half of complaining to the Toyota Workshop for them to take the car back and put it on a gasometer where they determined that it was running rich (duh) and sent it back to the carby place for free for another rebuild.

I got it back on friday and it seems to be okay. Idle at 1900rpm though. BUT NO STOVE PIPE! AND NO AIR FILTER BOLTS!! 


They gave me replacement bolts today when they couldnt find my stuff. It is most likely in the locker of the mechanic who did it which is locked until he gets back from a long weekend later today.

So far in at half a tank and ive done 220km of mostly city style driving. I’ve got good hopes that once they’ve retuned the carby (it was just slapped on without a tune because i needed it running in any condition on friday), fixed the idle and such that i’ll be able to get 550km per tank on the highway :) On thursday im going on a christmas cruise! Mt Barker to Bendigo for a week and back.

On a slightly unrelated note, since i’ve lowered the front end ive noticed that the steering has become quite rough. and i mean REALLY rough. Enough to knock the steering wheel loose.

Do i need RCA’s ? I dont have coilovers so if i fit RCA’s to fix the geometry it will defeat the purpose of having the low springs? idk help me lol

work bench

note that i have the CORONA manual there. the SA63 is an ra65 with a corona engine. ALL and i mean ALL the Celica books i have ever found are for the R series engines so i ended up with a celica book for the body and the corona book for the engine :)

New and more realistic plan
  • Low king springs (supposedly 35mm drop) - celica front, supra rear $300
  • GR-2 Shocks set of 4 $250 (possibly KYB AGX front pair $300 ?)
  • RDA Slotted and ventilated rotors up front $150
  • higher range pads to suit $100-150 ?