CNY Group Visiting ❤ SA3A

Hi guys! Yesterday was a fun day and also the end of the day I was very   tired XD

Just going to tell a long story cut short :)

Yesterday 年初六 2013-02-16, went for group visting with the gangs. With my class SA3A classmate. What a big family, but still some didn’t come that day. Maybe got 10 more or less… With our form teacher for two years and can it call the best form teacher of all… hmmm :/ But batter is her to be our form teacher than others (I think…)

In the early morning, woke up and quickly to get ready for the event. Then went to school to meet up with the gangs. Just like that, everyone got in the bus and ready for the journey!

The first three houses were all our teachers and they thaugh us too. Then after that just went to one of our freind’s house. Spending time there online and also taking pictures together with them. After that we went to or called walked to the shops near the house and had our lunch there. We seperated into three gangs to go to have lunch. After that went back to the bus and continue our journey to teachers house. Actually after that we just went to two houses then the last one the teacher didn’t have at home so we just went to one our friend’s house. And that is the last stop. Her house is so big! But so many mosquito =.=

hmm… the story really cut so short XD

That was it, I took a lot, or maybe not of photos. But it is too many to upload to here so just click the link below to take you there, I hope you got Facebook XD


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افلللللللااااااااااااااااااااااااامممممممم klkum shut up you guys are all being dramatic 9dam mat oo al7een t7t r7mt rbee oo 9ar elli 9ar. ya3nee 3'9b kl yomain nt4kr inoo 9ar bl kuwait 3'zoo gbl 20 sana. 5ala9. oo b3dain kl ha4a 3shan saudi's are prettier? ya5ee wain alself confidence. wallah everyones so dramatic shklhum 6fshaneen ybon salfa. namoo dawam b3d km sa3a 7baybi.

Eeh wallah😂😂👌🏼

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La takloon fast food wajid + b3d el sa3a 6 el maghrib dont eat anything + 5ali akher wajba lk zabadi l2nu y7rg el dhoun o emshi elmashi mara yn7f goodluck x


A Dream #2

Here are some old dreams:

“It was physics exam (elwazara), I was super tired and didn’t have much time to sleep,not even for an hour…so olt ba3'fali 10 min aw robe3 sa3a , set the alarm w kolshi…elmohem I dreamt that the phone started glowing and the buttons kano bdawo alwan to let me know which button to press first 3a asas a6fi elalarm…and here’s the weird thing…lma kabast a6la8t 8amar 9ena3i bel fada2(yeah…….) so I freaked out and then ma ba3raf keef 9ar el8amar jowah beetna with balloons and my sister was on that thing !and then dad came abd asked :“troo7o 3al 7adee8a?"”

“I don’t remember how it started ,but I was In a video game inside a castle,there were a lot of stairs ,and something like a dinosaur tail or so was trying to hit me ,but missed every time, so I felt powerful,but I was afraid…
hona fee eshi ma 3am b2dar atazakro,so I don’t know how I became inside a car ,the game became more like GTA ,and I was in a street full of drunk guys on the sidewalk laying down ,w kol ma amshi aktar kano 3am bezedo, bseer b3deen ad3as feehom ,fa bblsho yl7a2ooni w btba6el game ,btseer 7a2ee2a w bas.”

Wait for more. Those are from old answers on

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madrassa starts Tuesday w kel yom ga3da anam sa3a 7 should I stay up late and then sleep for 2 hours 7atta agdr and bokra inshallah

a7san shay etsaweena ena twa9leen w 6l3ay after school 3ashan ma tnameen w sleep belail 3ashan et3adleen noumtch