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I wouldn't say that Sonic itself is underrated: Sorry just what? or overrated but you could ague some games are overrated. Take Sonic Adventure 2 for example its not a bad game but Rouge and Knuckles's levels are not that well designed and not popular and Tails and Eggman levels are mediocre to downright boring most people love the Sonic and Shadow levels, the Cao garden is fun but the audio is messed up in terms of balance with the voices and music

Yes, I agree with you there. I do feel that SA2 is overrated. I understand though why it’s so loved especially in light of the poor direction the series has taken since 2010.

Colors is also highly overrated IMO. It’s heralded for doing stuff it hasn’t actually accomplished (Getting the series “back on-track”) and for being amazing when it really isn’t. Colours is good. But it’s not some kind of grand accomplishment for the series in any way and if anything it indicated the start of another spiral into mediocrity.

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"I would have loved if helen was the main character" would have made the SA2 scene with shadow a lot less awkward/


Helen, the disabled girl would be a dead ringer for Maria the girl with NIDS (not a real disease but it’s still a disease) would’ve rang so much more if Shadow related Helen to her intead of that snot stain chris.

Either I way I wouldve preferred Amy be the one to inspire Shadow like in the games but Helen would have been SOOOO much better then Chris

Art References for EVERY type of Chao, all angles!

Hey, guys! So there are several, several types of Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Not only do you have Swim, Fly, Run, and Power-typed evolutions, but you also have second-evolutions as well! And even then, second-evolutions CAN actually mix. Swim and Fly stats are on the same slider, while Run and Power stats are on the same slider. This means that your Chao’s second evolution can even be Swim + Run. Crazy, right? And to top it off, each two-toned colored Chao color can look different depending on their evolution and second-evolution…especially Hero Chao.

Since there are no comprehensive artistic references of all of these different kinds of Chao online (there is one, Chao Island, but it doesn’t have Chao at different angles), I decided to make one myself. I just kinda got sick of the fact that no one has wanted to document all types of Chao at each possible angle in order for artists who still like to draw Chao to use, so they can draw accurate portrayals of them.

And fuck, I mean, I don’t blame people for not wanting to do that. It’s a pain in the ass. I’m just surprised, is all, since there are so many people out there that LOVE Chao.

This being said, I HAVE NOT FINISHED ALL OF THE TWO-TONE COLORS YET. Only yellow. If you want to see the gallery, just download it here:

:D Here’s to hoping this will help some people! It will definitely help me. xD

Maria and Shadow the hedgehog by Epilucial

…This one brings back a lot of good memories; let me tell you guys a little story. Then I was a kid I was obsessed with Shadow, Maria and the common idea of her being reincarnated as a hedgehog, I even called myself Shadow+Maria-Lover and made advance sprite sheets of her, one with my own design of her, and another with E09ETM design. I gave her made up abilities, like Chaos healing powers, Chaos protection, and even a Chaos slap based on her slap in the Shadow the hedgehog game. Now I understand that now this is not considered a good idea, to bring Maria back from the dead just like that, but to me as a kid it made sense. If Professor Gerald wanted to cure Maria of her life threatening illness by creating Shadow then there must have been a physical trait to Shadow he intended to transfer to her. But what was it? Was it the Black Arms blood? Was it the Chaos powers? Could a weak young human body sustain such might? It only made sense to me she would have to be transformed into something else, something immortal, like Shadow. She would be immortal and Shadow was made with purpose of accompanying and looking after her for the rest of time. I also understand that people might think I like to image her as a hedgehog just ship her with Shadow, but her being a human and he a hedgehog has never really bothered me, and I ship them in multiple senses, as a bromance, as mother/son, as big brother/little sister, as girlfriend/boyfriend. It doesn’t matter to me, I just love seeing them happy together. To me hedgehog Maria represents the life they could have had together; it is comforting to go back too and feels good to appreciate what was lost.

But I love to hear what do you guys think? Is the Maria the hedgehog idea really that bad? Should I just get over it after all these years?


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Three Word Prompt: Fairytale, Dream, Fate 
Soundtrack (x
14/ ? of my drabble game
(a/n) I should start calling these requests instead of drabbles since I write too much every time, but yeah this is a head canon of mine, it’s been in my drafts for so long but I never finished it until now, also the reason why I tag sehun as His Majesty Oh Sehun and yeah enjoy loves. Gonna tag sa2ms bc of her noodle thirst ;) 

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