So, here’s a thought:

The Stormlight Archive is going to weigh in at over 10,000 pages when it’s entirely finished, plus whatever bonus novellas Brandon produces in the meantime.  He’s said that each of the ten books is basically written as a trilogy, so that’s the equivalent of 30 novels total.  At a guess, I’d say they’ll span at least a decade in-world, though that depends largely on how big any timeskips between books are.

This means there’s more than enough room for characters to have, in effect, multiple arcs.

What got me thinking about this was Shallan.  See, I love Shallan and I want her to succeed and reach a healthier point in her life, but I also find her sometimes-dubious decisions fascinating and, I admit, I would love to see her become an antagonist.  She seems to me to be the most likely candidate for “one of them will destroy us” (from the back cover copy of WoK), and I feel like I would sympathize with her the whole way down, even as I disagreed with her choices.

So now what I find myself hoping for is this:  that Shallan descends only to rise once more.  That her pattern of self-denial and secretiveness leads to a nadir from which vantage point she can see the harm in it - to others, yes, but to herself first of all.  That she has a redemption and recovery arc wrapped up in one, stabilized by the support and conviction of the people around her, and comes out of it strong and canny and more resilient than ever before.

When Boeing’s 747 began flying the skies in 1970, airlines took full advantage of the roomy new giant - bars, piano lounges and other common areas for passengers to stretch out and relax were common.  Here is an inaugural flight of a 747 by SAS, featuring a center buffet island while the passengers are treated to dinners of lobster and racks of lamb.  It was a last hurrah for the golden age of jet travel.

oh gosh i just remembered that when vecna was talking about all the people close to the members in the platinum sanctuary he mentioned, i think it was, j’mons scholarly concubines? and like if thats not a position most desired among marquisians idk what is. also j’mon cares about the concubines so much and i love them 

Broke down not too long ago and my SD comforts me. Things were pretty mild, but what finally breaks me out of my funk was when she lays on my chest and just… belches. I just stared at her and she sighs, like she’d been uncomfortable up until that moment and was just so relieved now. And I lost my shit and started laughing. I feel a lot better now, too. I guess… it’s the little things. Like… companionship and dog burps.

Putangina talaga napakatoxic niyo wala na akong masabi. Wala din naman magagawa mga rants namin pero gago sagad sagaran kayo. Hear the voice of the people please lang pakinggan niyo naman yung talagang may tamang hangarin. Hindi yung nagpapakatanga kayo sa mga bagay na mali naman talaga. Kahit anong pagtanggol niyo diyan sa sistema niyo, walang mangyayari. Halata namang mali eh ano ba di niyo ba talaga maintindihan ha.