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mermaid au mermaid au
manbun jon manbun jon

im calling this au Sirens and Shipwrecks.

Jon’s boat gets broken, his friends disappear, and he’s stuck in the middle of the ocean, by himself, in a tiny rowboat with only a little food.
Sock is a lonely siren who got seperated from his group, (the demon cast)
He finds Jonathan, and messes with the tired, grumpy castaway for quite some time before taking pity, and deciding he wants to help the human instead of drown him and eat his heart.
(Sock still snarks off though, and sort of playfully shows off how easy it would be to murder him)
He has a ring of purple scales around his waist, his tail is brown, with the fins being a bright green, (like his eyes.) His scarf is made of red kelp.
After a while, he leads Jonathan to a deserted island, with a convenient cove area.
Sock ends up falling in love with him, and with a guilty conscious and a selfish mindset, he frightens away the boats coming to rescue the human.

Bonus points if Sock makes him a shell necklace, even more points if Lil is adrift, and talks to mermaid(not siren) Jojo, who tries to flip her boat.
Infinite bonus points if sock gets Jon to put the Siren’s hair up in a bun, and if sock can do the httyd dragon teeth thing.
(Human teeth in front, terrifying sharp teeth behind them, both can be retracted.)

Essentially, Demons are Sirens, and Angels are Mermaids.

comme si j’avais besoin d’un énième rappel que ma vie est un échec, ma mère vient de m’apprendre que mon cousin et sa copine vont être parents (◕‿◕✿)

ahh, le bonheur d’approcher la trentaine et de voir tous ses proches se marier, fonder une famille, et avoir des boulots satisfaisants.

(mais je suis quand même contente pour eux parce que je l’aime beaucoup même si on est pas très proche et qu’il sera un papa formidable.)

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Hey, I don't know if I have much to say with words at the moment, but maybe this might cheer you up a little? - After a trip to the medbay, Hux is issued a pair of glasses for reading. But he refuses to wear them. That is, until one evening, when he's struggling to read some small text on his datapad, he hears a noise. Lowering the pad, he sees Millicent nudging the glasses towards him, before looking up at him, as if to say "take them". Hux softens and finally agrees. - Feel better. <3 -SAS

This is adorable. Utterly, completely, perfectly adorable.