Youthful freedom and responsibility".
By Noora Amalie Saætre.
17 years old.
Norwegian youth spend more than four hours a day on social media, according to a study.
Some believe it’s a waste of time, but I understand why we do it very well.
Society is straightforward on social media.
Where you can just log off, or block everything you don’t like.
Today, we celebrate our constitution.
It says that everyone has equal rights, and that humas are born free and shall remain free.
Free to be on social media for four hours.
Free to get wasted and fuck around.
Free to use 900.
000 for a Russ bus.
Norway isn’t the same country as it was when the Constitution was written.
Norwegian society is constantly developing.
Today, thousands of refugees are coming intoEurope in search of a place to live.
Those are people from a different culture than us.
People whose values we may disagree with.
Some are afraid they will threaten our Norwegian values.
It would have been best to have the Facebook function to just block them.
But that’s not how it goes.
So, on this day when we celebrate our Constitution.

We shall remember what we celebrate.
If we believe in the values it is based on.

If we agree with the idea that all people should be free and have equal rights.

It’s not our responsibility to fight to persevere the values for all people.
It’s not there to open doors to strangers who want to threaten our values.

But it’s there to not open the doors for them.
We live in a society because we need each other.
People need people.
It can be tiring to deal with others.

Especially the ones you disagree with.
Those who think differently from you.
Whether some are from another culture, or a girl who’s a lame Facebook friend from elementary school.
In a peaceful society with equal rights, we have to manage to listen to, and try to understand each other.
Perhaps it’s easier to understand if we focus on what we have in common, rather than the differences.
Look for what we agree with, instead of what we disagree with.
Maybe if we see the worst in others, it is exactly that what they will show us.
We have the right to waste four hours on social media every day.
Because some before us have fought for the freedom to do so.
Soon it’s us who will take over this country.
It’s up to us which values we live by in the future.
I hope equal rights and freedom for all the people of this world is a battle we are ready to take on.
Completely serious.

If not we, who are raised in the world’s most free and richest country.

If not we choose generosity, patience, and openness.

If not we choose to look for and believe in the good in each other.

If not we can fight for righteousness.

—  Skam, Noora