La Pascualita is a mysterious urban legend originating in Mexico. Supposedly,  a mannequin in the window of a bridal gown store in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico is really the embalmed body of the former store owner’s daughter. The former store owner was called Pascuala Esparza. La Pascualita means ‘Little Pascuala’ (i.e. her daughter). According to the legend her daughter died from the bite of a Black Widow spider on her wedding day, so Pascuala embalmed her and stood her up in the window of the store.

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hey id love to hear any mexican-american-centric leo headcanons you have if you got any xoxo

omg best message i’ve ever gotten here we go

  • Leo loves pan dulce my bros like…. he loves that shit. his favorite pan is the galleta with the rainbow sprinkles on it.
  • Leo, like many of us Mexican-Americans, usually replies back to his parents in a mixture of Spanish and English. his Spanish is actually pretty good, but he always wants it to be better so he practices it a lot with skaters from other countries. except not the dudes from España cause those guys talk weird
  • all of Leo’s primos and primas are super proud of him and since he posts a lot to social media, they can brag about him easily and share his posts.
  • Leo’s ma named him Leo because of his zodiac sign LOL
  • Leo is a huge mami’s boy and whenever he goes back home, she makes him a bunch of his favorite foods and gives him some pozole for the road hahaha
  • Leo’s ma’s nickname for him is probably something like “Leoncito”
  • his parents definitely dragged him to Catholic sunday school as a kid LOL
  • Leo’s parents moved from California to the Midwest when Leo was young so that he would have better access to rinks. neither of them regret it at all, but Leo had to leave a lot of tías and tíos behind.

some of this is actually inspired by my own life LOL but i hope i was able to Provide™