Celeste: Let's 'effin go, mate!
  • Celeste: Fight me Moss Man, I'm tired of your pickiness when it comes to my Japanese.
  • Genji: Bring it Shorty, get good or get reckt
  • Aria: My money is on Celeste : holds up money:
  • Vilna: Genji no.
  • Celeste: S-Shorty!? : Enraged:
  • Genji: laughing his ass off:
  • Gabriel: …: Smoking a cigarette: $5 on Celeste
  • Vilna: ...I can’t decide…
  • Aria: chants Fight, Fight, Fight
  • Celeste: You and your stupid homework, I’m gonna shove it down your throat, mate!
  • Genji: How about you turn in your homework on time, hm and then we can discuss that?
  • Celeste: :gasp: How dare dare you and your dyed green carrot top wanna be as--
  • Vilna: Woah Celeste...woah.
  • Genji: …Come again? : crosses arms: Say that to my face...oh can’t you’re too short...lemme get you a stool.
  • Celeste: :takes off heels: I’m gonna fu-- :about to throw shoes at Genji:
  • Aria: C-Celeste don’t throw your shoes! Those are expensive!!
  • Vilna: Wait are those my shoes?
  • Celeste: … :Looks at shoes:...You know what I’m not sure…

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name/nickname: A- - - 
height: 5′7
hogwarts house: ravenclaw, if i must 
last thing I googled: Ashland, Kentucky Terence M. Green. not stalking someone, just trying to see if the story that made me weep on the train was online (it’s not.) 
a fictional character i’d like as a sibling: Odysseus. We’d share salt. 
how many blankets do you sleep with: one, but just so many pillows 
favourite artist/band: i am in a period of Not Liking Music
how many blogs do I follow: 758.
what do I usually post about: mundane complaints; my writing; other people’s writing; stuff about the books I read; pretty things, from dresses to landscapes.
do you get asks regularly: no, but i ~would welcome~ them, as we all know I am vain as a peacock 
what’s your aesthetic: excess in all things. 


Gotham City Sirens | Pamela Isley 

If you are strong enough, you will survive. That is the law of the jungle.” - Poison Ivy


             Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.

                                                                       happy birthday @queenis !