sa tour 2013

Hayley's speech
Hayley Williams
Hayley's speech

Hayley’s speech before Anklebiters @ Espaço das Américas, São Paulo (07/30/2013)

“Everybody give it up for these six people right here. These are our friends. They’re gonna help us sing this next song. This next song is really important to me and I want you to feel it. This next song is about how you should never let someone else tell you who you are, you should always feel it and believe in who you know you are… cause you know. Down deep you know. And I want you also to think about this: inside these walls, we are all friends, we are family. And it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside, it doesn’t matter how bad life at home is right now, because right now you are HERE, with us. So, let’s all celebrate and sing together.”


Paramore Brasil - SA Tour 2013