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Long story short I was about to go on a dinner date with this man at 7pm. Met on SA. A little online research and I find out he was arrested for child porn, meth possession, drugging people and poking holes in condoms and he’s HIV positive.

He signed his message Doug even though his name is different. Then I asked for a photo and he sent me a selfie from work. Which email was signed Doug, but the email was from John Wallace.

I felt bad because I thought he was trying to fake his name for his own privacy and didn’t want to call him out for the error, so I ignored it. But I texted him a few hours before dinner and ask if he goes by Doug or John, and he said Doug.

So I called he restaurant and asked if they had a 7pm reservation under Doug and they said yes, and gave me the last name.  When I typed in John Wallace Doctor on google, this came up.  He had literally dyed his hair, put on glasses, shaved to change his look. But the facial features are exactly the same. The name matched up. Everything.

And when I typed in Douglas Luce (the name the girl at the restaurant told me), this came up. He had created a fake website for his “child psychiatric practice” that is so vague and nonexistent.

Here’s his most recent and current photo. I reported him on SA but I am so scared for fellow SBs. It’s honestly making my stomach churn. I called the cops and they came over to talk to me and they said since he technically didn’t threaten me there was nothing that could be done. He literally changed his ENTIRE appearance and hid himself  so well online. But imagine if I wouldn’t have caught that email error, who knows what would’ve happened. He was so classy and kind and well spoken, made the reservations and everything. I am so nauseated. And he’s roaming the streets, protected and fine.The charges are disgusting. It’s so fucking scary and this man is a premium member on SA.


SAS Survival Guide 2E: For Any Climate, For Any Situation

The SAS Survival Guide is one of the most important books on the subject of surviving in the wild. The original was written by a professional soldier and former SAS member, John “Lofty” Wiseman and published in 1986 and got a revised and expanded edition in 2009. In this second edition, which is also written by Wiseman, you can find included the latest navigation and survival techniques. All this makes the SAS Survival Guide 2E widely considered as the ultimate source of information on survival in various dangerous situations.

  • Anakin: Look, I don’t care what you think.
  • Mace Windu: Yeah, you do.
  • Anakin: ...You’re right, I do
A little bit of Fairy Tail in my life
A little bit of Gruvia by my side
A little bit of Jerza is all I need
A little bit of Gale is what I see
A little bit of Nalu in the sun
A little bit of Miraxus all night long
A little bit of Elfgreen here I am
A little bit of them makes me their fan.
—  Mambo Fairy Tail by Groovyah xD in the tune of Mambo No. 5 by Lou Bega :)
[STARCAST] The all-around MAMAMOO transforms into ‘goddesses of pastel look’! Exclusively revealing close ups at their waiting room.

Ah~ Say~ Mama Mama Moo~!!
Hi there!! It’s MAMAMOO who has comeback with their powerful and sexy ‘Décalcomanie’!! What could be the reason of MAMAMOO appearing on STARCAST??

It’s because MAMAMOO made a successful comeback as they hid their ‘playfulness’ and showed seductive and dark charms and transformed once again this time with feminine looks.
STARCAST is exclusively revealing the most loved looks among the fans, the ‘goddesses of pastel look’ during their performance at one music show.

Shall we meet MAMAMOO who has transformed into gorgeous goddesses?? (Be aware)

This is the waiting room of one broadcast station on last Sunday. Preparing for the live show might somehow be nervous, but our MAMAMOO is definitely looking energetic!!

Solar is welcoming us with her bright smile!! (Welcome to the ‘Playful Kingdom’!!)

The hearts are bonus!!
If you’re a big fan of MAMAMOO, you’d know how playful they are at the waiting room. They’re making the fans to enjoy every performance as they give small events. And there was a mission again for their Décalcomanie performance.

The ‘Yong Kong Byul Kong’ couple still looking lovely at the waiting room. What could they be looking at the phone??

Oh, they were practicing Chinese pronunciations for numbers, as it is part of their mission. (Moon Byul is starting to make jokes on Solar)

While the others are practicing for their mission, MAMAMOO’s youngest member, Hwa Sa is doing make ups and becoming beautiful.
As they’re all ready, shall we go for the camera rehearsal??

Ok, miss Moon is coming-

Monitoring her perfectly-!!

MAMAMOO has once again ended the camera rehearsal for their performance to be perfect. Now, let’s enjoy the remaining time before the live performance starts

Photo time, start!!

Whee In is greeting the fans over the window. It’s just like what we’ve heard about MAMAMOO, isn’t it? They’re good at fan service.

Next is the fatally gorgeous lady, Hwa Sa.

How many more charms will this girl appeal?? (MOOMOO’s crying…)

Her fatally gorgeous looks are making us forget that this place is just a broadcasting station! 

Moon Byul in suit, which is the fans’ most loved look. She is absolutely appealing the girl-crush charm!! 

Solar is appealing the goddess force with the light behind!!!

Question!! Who could be the mysterious guy(?) at the back?? Solar who doesn’t know about this is just looking pretty..

It’s few minutes now before the start of the show, and what could they be doing at the waiting room??

Moon Byul keeps on practicing hand signs for the mission.

Oh, who’s this…? Hwa Sa transformed into a Tibetan lady(?) using the blanket (Makes fun of herself)

It’s a must to rest well and manage your health conditions before the start of live shows!! (feat. Mother of Komo (her cat))

Leader Yong is powerfully brushing her teeth!! (Brush, brush-)

Whee In who ended up thirsty went to the vending machine. After worrying on what to drink she said, “Sports drink!! I’ll choose you!!”

The live show has finally started!! Solar is going down the stairs with the escort of ‘Byul Kong’!! (Yong Kong Byul Kong, Moon & Sunrise forever!!)

MAMAMOO has dominated the stage with their perfect performance together with their mission!! I’m revealing this group shot as a gift for the fans.

Please watch out for MAMAMOO who’ll show you their various looks and charms, and also support their new track, ‘Décalcomanie’!!

Article/Picture = RBW
※ All rights reserved by RBW.

Ang gulo ng association namin ngayon. Illegal pala yung mga nakaupong officers pero the way they act and talk akala mo kung sino. Ang daming milagrong ginagawa pala. Sobra din sila kung makasingil. Kung magsiasta akala mo may alam sa batas. Nakakainis lang. Samantalang nung si lolo ang presidente, walang gulong nagaganap. Tahimik yung lugar namin. Yung presidente kasi ngayon ayoko mang sabihin pero ang tanga niya, kaya nga siya presidente kasi may tiwala sakanya mga tao pero mali pala. Nakadepende siya sa mga members niya. Yun bang kung ano sinabi sakanya, yun ang susundin niya kahit alam niyang mali, gagawin parin niya. Yung treasurer naman porke may kaya idadaan niya mga tao sa pera. Sad to say pero hindi naman lahat ng tao kaya niyang kontrolin gaya nalang namin at ng iba pa naming kapitbahay. Kung mata-hin niya nalang kasi ganun ganun nalang. Kahapon, nandito yung mga taga-munisipyo and they want to talk to the officers of our association pero ayaw humarap ng mga officers. Kasi alam nila kung anong mga kabulastugan yung ginagawa nila. Worst, pati pala mga anak nung treasurer nakikisawsaw na. Lol, ano bang alam nila? Hindi naman sa ano. Pero ako, alam ko kung anong mga dapat na gawin kasi noon palang ako lagi nagtatanong kay lolo. Kaya aware ako sa mga kaganapan. So kahapon, nagpapameeting yung mga taga-munisipyo para sa sunday, pero ayaw pumayag ng mga officers. Hindi yata nila alam na pwede silang kasuhan anytime. And isa pa, tapos na termino nila kaya wag silang umasta ngayon na akala mo officers parin where in fact, illegal naman pala yung pag-upo nila kasi hindi sila registered. Lol.

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40 and Woozi. Anything goes as long as it's not angst :))) thank you!!

40 “Was that supposed to hurt?”

   Much to contrary belief, Lee Jihoon wasn’t always stuck up or a total grump. In fact, he was still very much a teenage boy that still forgot work and was around for play only at the right moments with the right people.

   This happened to be one of those times.

   Stuck in the producing room with Jihoon at three in the morning wasn’t necessarily fun, and you’d gone to great lengths to try everything possible to break his serious facade.

   And you did. Because you’d been dancing almost mockingly to the 아주NICE choreography when you nearly slipped trying to recreate the infamous hip thrusts. Woozi had laughed so hard, you were sure the security guard outside had heard. And then came the constant teasing that left you a blushing, embarrassed mess.

   “Shut up.” You murmured bashfully as you swatted at Jihoon’s shoulder in an attempt to stop him, and he only laughed harder.

   “Was that supposed to hurt?” Scrunching your nose, you stuck your tongue out at him in a playful manner, and Jihoon only took your wrists in his hands, making you lean back in the couch you were sitting on. “I think we both know who would win at this game.”

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The 9th of November - the most momentous day in the history of Germany

9th November 1848 -  Execution of Robert Blum:

The execution of the member of the Frankfurt National Assembly (the first democratically elected all-German parliament that emerged from the bourgeois revolution of March in the states of the German Confederation) and the suppression of the Vienna October rising marked a decisive turning point in the development of the German Revolution of 1848-49 and is regarded as the beginning of the end of this revolution.

9th November 1918 - November Revolution in Berlin:

The Social Democratic politician Philipp Scheidemann proclaimed the German Republic from a window of the building of the Reichstag (the German parliament):

„Der Kaiser hat abgedankt, er und seine Freunde sind verschwunden. Über sie alle hat das Volk auf der ganzen Linie gesiegt. Das Alte und Morsche, die Monarchie ist zusammengebrochen. Es lebe das Neue! Es lebe die deutsche Republik!”

(“The Emperor has abdicated, he and his friends are gone. The people have triumphed all along the line about them. The old and rotten, the monarchy has collapsed. Long live the new! Long live the German Republic! “)

9th November 1923 - Hitler-Ludendorff-Putsch in Munich:

A relatively unkown Nationalsocialist leader in Bavaria named Adolf Hitler attempted a coup d’etat against the Republic. Military and police forces  supressed the putsch. 16 people died.

9th November 1936: 

On the night of the 9th to 10th November the Nazis removed the monument of  Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy before the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, the city were the Jewish composer had died in 1847. 

The mayor of Leipzig, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, who was on a trip abroad at this time, declared in protest his resignation.

9th November 1938 - the apex of the November pogroms (7th to 13th November): 

After the assassination of a German diplomat in Paris the Nazis staged the November pogroms (up to the present the night of 9 to 10 November 1938 is often known under the euphemistic term “Kristallnacht” (“Night of the broken glass”) 

In the Nazi propaganda the progroms committed by SA and SS members were allegedly outbursts of the people’s anger against the Jews.

Throughout the territory of the German Reich Thousands of Jewish people were arbitrarily arrested and tortured. Hundreds of them were murdered within a few days. Jewish shops and facilities were vandalized, synagogues were burnt down. 

These events mark the transition from social exclusion and discrimination to the open persecution of the Jews in the dictatorship of the Nazis

9th November 1948: Berlin Blockade

The mayor of West Berlin Ernst Reuter made a speech  before the ruins of the Reichstag in front of thousands of people in which he appealed to the international community to solidarise with the inhabitants of West Berlin: “Ihr Völker der Welt, ihr Völker in Amerika, in England, in Frankreich, in Italien! Schaut auf diese Stadt und erkennt, daß ihr diese Stadt und dieses Volk nicht preisgeben dürft und nicht preisgeben könnt!”

(“People of this world,  people in America, in England, in France,
in Italy! Look at this city and realize that you can’t abandon this city and this people.”)

9th November 1967: 

At the official inauguration of the new rector of the University of Hamburg students showed a banner with the slogan: “Unter den Talaren Muff von 1000 Jahren” (“Under the gowns the musty odour of a thousand years”)

This slogan became one of the most famous symbols of the ‘68 movement in West Germany.

9th November 1989 - The Fall of the Wall:

The opening of the border between East Germany and West Germany marked the spectacular success of the peaceful revolution in the GDR and resulted in the reunification of Germany on the 3rd October 1990.

Quick guide to (Some of) the Characters of K (Project)

Silver Clan:

Yashiro Isana (Shiro): sweet precious baby, SINnamon roll, has identity issues in the beginning with the whole ‘could-be-a-murderer thing, really wanna smush his face

Kuroh Yatogami: Obsessively old fashioned, legit should be president forever 10/10 would vote. His talents include sword fighting, cooking, flying helicopters, being a babe, etc.

Neko: “Thank you for this MEOW.”

That’s it. That’s all you need to know (Not really she is adorable omg but still. By far my fav line)

Red Clan (Homra): 

Mikoto Suoh: Absolutely not anything like Tamaki Suoh, he says yeah a lot, Annas kinda sorta adopted dad, angry ass mother fucker

Anna Kushina: a tiny princess please protect her im cry

Izumo Kusanagi: Compulsive smoker, bartending queen, ladies man, scary af about his bar, pretty sure everyone in the fandom is a slut for him

Misaki Yata (Yatagarasu): Probs my fav character, skater dork, hates his first name, terrified of females, bad ass but a complete idiot.

Rikio Kamamoto: sweetheart with a low kick, troubling rice king, sometimes hes fat but in summer he isn’t and like….what?

Tatara Totsuka: Many hobbies, the real Slim Shady, reason the show happens, literally no blood, no bone, no ash.


Saburōta Bandō (Left): needs more screen time, sunglasses for days, probably problematic but id wife that

((This is is. His two seconds of screen time.))

Masaomi Dewa: Um…….UMMMM……he wears a hat!!

Shōhei Akagi: I legit don’t know shit about him except for the scenes he is in in the manga….He looks like a cupcake tho.

Eric Sōlt: Kind of a babe, i wanna play with his hair. That’s about all I know. Gets to stabby stab the blue king while possessed.

Yō Chitose: He just about fucks up Ashinaka highs class president.

Kōsuke Fujishima: Axels somebody, the lookalike boy

Blue Clan (Sceptor 4):

Reisi Munakata: Game board nerd, puzzle dweeb, complete and total dad king. You think I’m kidding? Read the manga. Other than that, hes like…super tough…and intimidating….How intimidating?

This. This intimidating.

Seri Awashima: Pretty bad ass and gets shit done, casually chills at the HOMRA bar sometimes, pretty sure she and Kusanagi have each other on speed dial. Likes bean, a lot….

Saruhiko Fushimi: Dad Kings son. Kind of a loner, ex HOMRA member. MI-SA-KI. Sexy knife tricks and shit. Computer genius I think? Third in command

((I’m too lazy for the rest go read the manga))

((SERIOUSLY I want all of them to have more screen time in the second season…))

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Ohh. So your church must have a very low standard pagdating sa pagpili ng choir members nila. Now I knooow. :)))

Wow po. Hahahaha. Ay oo nga pala, wala ka nga po palang alam kung anong chorale group meron ang simbahan namin. I understand ☺️ Luv luv 💕

Orayt. 2017 na pero lakompake babatiin ko pa rin kayong mga kulangot kayo na naging parte ng 2016 ko naks.

Syempre sa ANON KADA naks di ako sumasali ng mga kada kada kasi tamad syempre pero schette iba to eh. Di lang kada meron ako, pamilya na rin. Instant pamily omaygahd my pamili @cm-psycho, @obnoxiouslyswee-t, meax naks salamat sa inyo. Sa mga members sa kultong ‘to na kasabayan kong nangtrip ng mga newbie @gavlin @hugoterongmakata @nikolngbuhaymo @masarapnaloyalpa101 @foreverish @arivenntee @visiblescaars @katianaa-marie @foureyedmonsteryeahx @bertybrates chet na di ko na alam ano url miss u bhe tas gago si ano si toni sino pa ba si @babaengmahiligsaextrarice si mami d na di ko matandaan url tas si madaaaam na kumanta talaga ng three pataas. Hay. Kayong lahat. Mahal ko kayo. Tara skype ulit :>

Special mention sa ‘king mga magaganda’t wholesome na mga aport @naligawsaneverland @the-reckless-rebel @cammiecpa @sisangbuhayniya @babaeng-mahilig-sa-fries rina na walang tumblrrrr schette balik ka na rina di na kami galit pati si shaiii huhu ano url ni bb gorl??? ay @anak-ni-freud HAHAHA MAHAL KO KAYO. Ipagpatuloy natin ang pagiging anak ng Diyos. Seryoso instant fam ko na kayo. Walang iwanan mga pota.

Sa aking mga tumblr friends since panahon nina adan at eba @notyourkenji @magicchipscheeseflavor @torpengbadboy @strobaritaho @lizelsoberano @puntasteak @qetrekt @faithfuldaw @dyosangphilophobia itay @chinitongprynito @moodlekoodle @lalakinginvisible @sikolohistang-baliw @carlukininammm @ianlanz @sablavadia @nicuolas @xscizors @tanginax omg amor powers pakyu ka miss u hoy @batangacuteangle miss u huhu @boysablay pare hny ikaw na tumaba tas si bradaerparechong na deins ko alam kung active pa ba sa tumblr tas si nikki bebs na miss na miss ko na talaga yun grabiiii @duwagforevs hi baaash happy new yeaaar @hishiddenletters

Sa aking mga iniidolong @badboyvernon na grabe lupit ng sense of humor pare another video naman oh happy new year ganun nakakaloka yung merry christmas vid mo gulat soul ko. @bulletproofedboyscout ipagpatuloy yang galing sa pagkanta pero 2017 na wala pa rin yung so weightless :< chals lang HAHA @buhaybabae eto talaga eh wala lang since 2011 nakikita ko na to si ate k sa dash love you teh kahit deins tayo naguusap. kahit one sided lang.

Sa aking minamahal na kambal na di ko masyadong nakakausap pero love pa rin tayo ni Lord @mylostletterstoyou. @heneralluga ipagpatuloy ang pagiging witty mo ha. hny.

@mikokokrunch tanginamo.



Vintage Rescue

British SAS during the hostage rescue operation of the Iranian Embassy siege on May 5th 1980. Five of the six terrorists were killed, the last one was captured and served prison time. No SAS members were killed but one was wounded. Unfortunately two hostages lost their lives; one prior to the assault and one during the assault.

Rough translation of Owari no seraph chapter 43

Yu:Hey Mika…Mika. Please release these chains

[Family, enemy and now the series of destiny of two people]

Chapter 43: The village of beginning

Yu:Saa, let’s run away together, just like a family. We two are only a family, right?
Mika:Family, haa…Shut up, demon.
Yu:Ah right, you must be thirsty Mika, right? Drink my blood.
Mika:Shut up.
Yu:And let’s run away together, from the humans, the vampires. It is your wish to live only with me, right?
Mika:Shut up.
Yu:It’s really painful. Please release these chains from that housewife. Mika, please.
Mika:117,…120 seconds.
Yu:Ah-I turned into a demon again…Hello Mika
Mika:What’s with that hello…
Yu-chan, your demon phase extended for two minutes than yesterday
Yu:Really? Well…there are only two minutes?
Mika:What? Two minutes are a huge amount of time!
Yu:Don’t be angry~
Mika:I think Yu-chan doesn’t get it, since he’s a idiot.
Yu:I’m not a idiot-
Mika:If your demon phase extends for two minutes each day, it will take up more than a half of a entire day.
Yu:Well~ That’s a problem.
Mika:It is a problem, a huge one.
Yu:I already said I am sorry.
Mika:At first you said that you’re going to turn me into a human again, but you’re not even a human yourself anymore, what should I do!
As we tried to save those conniving people, we didn’t had a choice as to retreat.
Yu:But those conniving people are your comrades now.
Shinoa: It have passed three hours after you turned into a demon, are you awake now, Yu-san?
Yu:Ah…Shinoa, I just woke up.
Yu:Yeah, hello.
Shinoa:But it already have passed three days that Mika-san drank blood for the last time. You slowly need blood, don’t you?
Mika: What’s that…Messing with my matters as you like.
Yu:Ah really, then take my blood…
Shinoa:No no…since Yu-san cannot bear it, we alle donated a little bit of our blood. Will this…fit your taste?
Ah…the demon sealing chain, it broke. I will fix it with Mi-chan again.
Mika:What’s with that. You may have an attitude of a comrade but that everthing is the result of your human experiments on Yu-chan!
Yu:Shinoa did nothing of…
Mika:You can’t deny it. From the very beginning, that Guren, who you consider as a family member, what did he did to you?
Yu:But that guy was crying.
Mika:Crying doesn’t turn someone into a family member!
Shinoa:Sa sa…both of you. When you’re hungry you get angry, right? So we should slowly start with breakfast. Sa Mika-san, please drink your blood.
Yu:This isn’t the right attitude, Mika (?)
Mika:I should drink this? I am not a woman’s pet.
Yu:It’s not like that, it is the blood of your comrades.
Mika:I am-
Boy:Everyone of Shinoa’s team!!
Please help us!! The monsters are attacking again!!
Squad::We are starting.
Man:We are truly thankful. Thanks to you we can sleep reassured.
Shinoa:No no, we all are getting help with your food supplies. But even now, Narumi-san is searching for those
Yu:By the way, I can see Narumi anywhere.
Narumi:In the time after you turned into a demon, the world is still moving.
Yu:Where did you go, Narumi?
Narumi:Two kilometers southwest. There were still provisions left in a super market and fruit seeds. I’ll go there another time.
And I’ll make dinner, be thankful.

Yu:Even after you said that, if you don’t want to drink it, you don’t have to. If you drink my blod…
Mika:No, I’ll drink it
Yu:Are you alright?
Mika:My thirst is getting stronger everday. I don’t drink blood, I might drink Yu-chan’s blood until you die.
Yu:Is it okay, when it isn’t my blood?
Mika:There is no poison in it.
Yu:Of course not, we are comrades after all.
Mika:…Hey Yu-chan.
Mika:What are you going to say, if all that comrade-thing is a part of the experiment? They are nice, I know that but is it really okay to trust them?
Yoichi:H-Hey Mika-san. Is our blood okay?
Mika:It tastes bad.
Shinoa:Ehh~ No way~ Since there is pure blood of a virgin! Ah! Or was a non-virgin’s mixed by?
Mistuba:Why are you looking in my direction!? I-I, I’m a virgin too…!!
Gah, what are you talking about!!!
Shinoa: Talking about Mi-chan’s promiscuous chastity~
Mitsuba: You are so dead!!

Shinoa:We, who have separated from the JIDA, will start a conference about the new situation/ new coming action.
Narumi:But we already have talked about that yesterday.
Shinoa:But yesterday Mika and Yu-san weren’t here. Since we didn’t found a conclusion…Mi-chan, please tell us about the whole condition.
Mitsuba:Why me…Ah right uhm…
1. The JIDA used Yu, Yoichi, Kimizuki and Kimizuki’s younger sister for a extremely suspicious experiment.
2. Those guys-they would even kill their even comrades without hesitation, for the sake of the Hīragi Family. It’s too dangerous to approach them, as we became the experiment’s targets.
3. But now, we can’t run away like that anymore, the JIDA would never let go of a target/miss a target. A pursuer will definitely follow us. It’s too dangerous here. The village people would get involved.
Yu:Then let’s go. We can’t let the village children get involved in this.
Narumi:But where should we run away? If we stay in Japan a pursuer will find us/follow. Are we going to a foreign country? But we can’t cross the sea. At the same time as the apocalypse the water was dyed with poison. Mor over there is a monster beyond the four Horsemans of John, roaming outside.
Yoichi:The sea is blood red…I’ve never seen the sea after the apocalypse, this how the outside world looks like…
Narumi:We can’t go to a foreign country and if we run away elsewhere, a pursuer will chase us. I can fight few time but it’s only because of the pills. If we are out of our pills, we can’t fight against the vampire. And Yu is possesed by a demon. If we don’t cure it, he will turn completely into one. But the cure can only performed by the JIDA, so we can only surrender…
Mika:Don’t make me laugh. I will never give Yu-chan to the humans.
Narumi:Then can you protect a demon possesed Yu? Shut up, if you don’t have any alternatives.
Yu:No wait, you shouldn’t care about me right now-
Narumi:Shut up, brat!!!
I’ve lost my comrades in the experiment on you! Don’t make me laugh! I will protect you at any cost!! Otherwise the death of the comrades would be meaningless.
Kimizuki:But is surrender the only answer? We have to choose the right path. My little sister is still caught, I…
What ever happens, I will save at least my sister. Even if I have to betray you all.
Yu:…Guren was crying….everyone. If we can meet Guren again, then we might be able to…
Shinoa:You can’t. The Lieutenant Colonel was possesed by a demon,by my sister. We can’t trust him right now.
Narumi:However, the premise is over. With a conversatio among humans we’ll come to the same conclusion.
Hey vampire. Don’t you have any offers?
Mika:What, is it blood to question the information?
Shinoa:No. It’s the blood to protect comrades. If Mika-san have any ideas, please talk to us.
Mika:…There was a vampire who was involved in the [Seraph of the End] experiments. It was the queen who raised me. She is probably….we can trust her.
Mika:But she was captured by the other vampires, I don’t know what could happen to her.
Shinoa:You don’t know?
Mika:Right, but probably…it would be easier to bring her back.
Narumi:The vampires aren’t that dangerous as the JIDA?
Mika:Yes, the vampires don’t have any interests in humans. You humans are the scary ones. You do anything to gain power.
Narumi:We can’t deny it. The JIDA is like that. I agree with the vampire and you?
Kimizuki:I agree too, we can’t trust anyone, except our comrades.
Mitsuba:…Me too.
Shinoa:Then we came to a solution. We, who escaped the JIDA, have a next aim/goal: Before Yu-san turn completely into a demon, we will rescue the vampire queen!
Does everyone agree?
Yu:Let’s save her-!
Kimizuki:It’s that a system, that only reacts to idiots?

Crowley:So, where are we going, Ferid-kun?
Ferid:Hmmm~?The place where our comrades are~
Crowley:Do I even have comrades?
Ferid:I thought at least that you would be my comrade.
Crowley:I’ve never trusted you before.
Ferid:Oh my~ We have been together for at least 800 years.
Ferid:Yep, that long. If you live so long, life gets boring~
Crowley:Although you look so happy nowadays. So, where are we going?
Ferid:To a tiny fishers village.
Dear Yu-chan, Mika-chan. We are going to be comrades.

The true intention of the 7th progenitor Ferid Bathory…!?

A/N: Guys, this chapter was truly a bitch XD
But omg the interaction of Mika with the other warms my heart~ Tbh I was really shocked when Kimizuki said that he would betray them for the sake of his sister, I reallay hope that something like that will never happen and jc they are going to save Mama Krul~
And Crowley and Ferid at the end, very interesting when Crowley said he doesn’t trust Ferid.
Anyway I hope you like the transition, see ya next time~!


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Ang aking damdamin para sa The Most Painful Battle

WARNING: Punong puno ng SPOILER ito.

Winarningan kita ha, ikaw ang makulit.

Tatlong beses na-ipost ang The Most Painful Battle at dalawang beses itong nabura.

Una: Noong nasa Wattpad pa ito at “Pierce Love” pa ang pamagat nito. Hindi ko siya tinuloy at binura ko.

Pangalawa: Naisip kong ibalik ito at i-repost dito sa website / blog ko at naisip kong palitan ang pamagat, ginawa kong “The Most Painful Battle” dahil naisip kong masyadong plain at walang masyadong meaning ang naunang pamagat.

Pangatlo at huling beses: Naisip kong mas madaling mag-post ng kwento sa Wattpad kesa sa website ko kaya pinost ko ulit doon, dinala ko ang pamagat na “The Most Painful Battle” at doon ko na ipinagpatuloy ang laging nauudlot na pagu-update ko sa mga kasunod na kabanata.

Nagsimula lang kasi talaga ang kwentong ito sa “trip trip” lang, ang tanda ko tinatapos kong isulat noon ang She Died (?) pero medyo nara-writer’s block ako kaya naman naisipan kong gumawa ng kwentong pampawala ng stress, pampa-lipas ng writer’s block, ‘yung trip mode na kwento lang talaga kaya naisip ko itong The Most Painful Battle (o noon ay Pierce Love) Basta ko lang pinindot ang “create” a story sa Wattpad, tinitigan ang blangkong pahina at inilapat ang mga daliri ko sa keyboard at nagsimulang i-type ang isang “ewan” na prologue, habang sinusulat ko ang panimula ng kwento, hindi ko pa alam kung ano talaga ang plot, may idea lang ako na gusto ko ng character na “may pahed”, tipong nakaka-turn off, hindi “ideal” kaya naisip kong gumawa ng isang “feeling gangster na tambay na jejemon na character”, sawa na kasi akong mag-describe ng “gwapo, hot, mayaman, matalino, sexy” na mga bidang lalaki kaya naisip ko “siya”. Si “siya” ay wala pang pangalan habang tinatype ko ang prologue, hindi ko tanda kung paano ako nakarating sa pangalang “Pierce Useda”, naisip ko lang na dahil may pagka-feeling gangster at siga itong character na ito, dapat trying hard itong pumorma at magmukhang siga kaya dapat may highlights ito at may mga “piercing” at doon ko siguro nakuha ang pangalang “Pierce”.

Pero sa prologue na tinatype ko noon ay kailangan pa ng isang character, ang kaibigan ni Pierce Useda. Pero wala akong alam na pangalan na ibibigay dito, dahil biglaan at trip lang talaga 'yung kwentong iyon hindi ako nakapag-prepared ng mga pangalan. Wala akong maisip, ayaw ko ng normal na pangalan, gusto ko 'yung “nakakatuwa, madaling tandaan”, at sa hindi maipaliwanag na dahilan ay pumasok sa isip ko ang salitang “orangutan” (hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit, wala namang konek sa ginagawa ko noon), dahil doon ay pinangalanan ko ang isa ko pang character na “Oranggu Tan”, double “g” talaga para hindi naman hayop na hayop ang pangalan niya. HAHAHAHAHA! 

At naisip ko rin na kung “feeling” gangster sila, hindi ba dapat may gang o grupo man lang sila? At dahil “jeje” at mga jologs sila, baduy at corny na pangalan ang ibinigay ko sa “little feeling gang” nila, “The Pogi Gang” at dahil kailangan din ng mga pangalan sa mga iba pang members (hindi naman pwedeng dalawa lang sila ni Oranggu sa gang hindi ba?) ay naisipan kong A, B at C na lang ang mga pangalan ng mga kasamahan nila dahil tinatamad akong mag-isip ng mga pangalan. Trip nga lang e, hindi talaga ako seryoso noon. HAHAHAHA!

At dahil pinanindigan ko ang katamaran ko at kakornihan ko ay pinangalanan kong Leaf Tea at Bana Na ang dalawa pang mga tauhan. Naisip ko 'yung Bana Na kasi gawa ni Oranggu Tan, hahaha! Oranggu Tan likes Bana Na ♥ Hindi po ako normal, hahahaha!

Sa umpisa talaga, hindi ko alam kung anong patutunguhan nitong kwentong ito, I was really just going with the flow ng itinatype ko, kung ano na lang maisip na eksena habang nagta-type iyon na lang ang susundan ko at pagbabatayan sa mga kasunod pang eksena. 

Pero syempre, patagal nang patagal, lumilinaw na sa akin ang tamang direksyon ng kwentong ito, nakaisip na ako ng dapat na plot talaga nito at ng mga dapat na pangyayari. Naisip kong panindigan ang pagiging jeje at feelingero ni Pierce, ginawa ko siyang sobrang nakaka-turn off sa mga readers at si Oranggu naman ang pinakagwapo ko sa mga mata ng mga readers (para naman makabawi ako sa mabantot na pangalang ibinigay ko sa kanya HAHAHAHA). Ginawa kong mabagal ang PIELEA moments (Pierce X Leaf) dahil gusto ko munang pa-eksenahin ang BANATAN moments (Bana X Oranggu Tan) dahil naisip kong hindi ganoon kadaling bigyan ng development ang PIELEA dahil (1) nakakadiri si Pierce XD (2) Taken na si Leaf. 

Sa BANATAN, pinagtagpo ko 'yung magka-iba nilang mundo. Isang mayaman at isang mahirap. Isang nagka-financial problem ang pamilya at isang walang ina at may mapang-abusong ama. Ginusto kong ang “pagkakaiba” nila ang maging magnet nila sa isa’t isa. Plus, may similarity din sila: parehas silang may mga pangarap; maging pianist at maging chef.

Sa PIELEA naman, ipinagdamot ko talaga si Leaf kay Pierce. Taken na nga kasi ito ni Owen Cortez (seryoso, hindi ko alam kung bakit ginawa kong “normal” ang pangalan niya, siya ata ang pinaka-normal ang pangalawan sa kwento HAHAHAHA!), hindi ko naman pwedeng paghiwalayin agad 'yung dalawa dahil lang umeksena ang bidang jeje diba? At hindi naman basta basta magkakagusto si Leaf kay Pierce kung ginawa ko ang lahat para magmukha itong ewan at sobrang nakaka-turn off sa harap ni Leaf. Alam ko ang sama kong manunulat para i-bully nang ganoon si Pierce, pero ginusto ko lang naman ng kwento kung saan “kinalala” muna talaga siya ng husto ni Leaf bago ito mahulog sa kanya. Gusto kong magkagusto sa kanya si Leaf sa kabila ng mga flaws niya, gusto ko lang talaga bumuo ng tauhan na kahit sa dami-dami nitong flaws ay may mga magaganda pa rin itong katangian at posible pa rin itong mahalin. Ayaw kong sumulat ng isang “prince charming”, gusto kong sumulat ng “normal” na tao. Masiyado na akong maraming naisulat na “prince charming”, gusto ko na ng isang “normal” na tao na punong-puno ng flaws pero unti-unting nagma-mature at nakikita ang mga magagandang katangian nito.

Naisip ko rin gumawa ng ikatlong love team, ang PINGGU!!! Pinggu = Pierce at Oranggu! Hahaha! Bromance po ito, ang gay pakinggan pero para sa akin mas natuwa akong isulat ang loveteam nila kesa sa PIELEA at BANATAN kasi habang isinusulat ko ang PINGGU ay naiisip ko ang relasyon ko sa mga kaibigan ko lalo na sa mga bestfriend ko. Pag-ibig din naman ang pagkakaibigan, hindi ba?

Pero napag-tripan ko nga ata talagang tunay itong si Pierce, naisipan kong bigyan siya ng sakit. HAHAHAHA. Feel ko lang na pahirapan sya eh, hahaha. *evil*

At dinedbol ko siya sa huli dahil

(1) trip ko lang talaga HAHAHAHA 

(2) habang sinusulat ko ang kwentong ito at kahit kaonti ay nagseseryoso na ako sa plot (HAHAHA) ay may napagtanto ako: ang tema ng kwento ay “pagbibigay ng ikalawang pagkakataon”. 

Mga ikalawang pagkakataon sa kwento:

* 'Wag husgahan ang tao sa unang beses na nakita mo siya, bigyan mo siya nang ikalawang pagkakataon para mapatunayan niya talaga ang sarili niya sa'yo. Tulad kay Pierce, sa unang basa mo sa karakter niya ay nakaka-turn off at nakakainis siya masyado pero hindi ba’t paglaon ay nakita mo ring may mga katangian siyang nakakapagpangiti sa'yo na tila ba mapapa-aww ka na lang? Nagma-mature ang tao, kaya kahit ayaw mo sa kanya dapat bigyan natin siya nang ikalawang pagkakataon na mapatunayan ang sarili niya at makilala natin siya ng husto.

* Hindi dapat tayo nagpapa-pigil sa ating nakaraan. Oo, masakit ang masaktan. Kaya nga kapag napaso na tayo ng apoy ay takot na tayong lumapit dito. Pero saan ka makakarating kung nakatali ka sa nakaraan mo? Katulad ni Oranggu, ayaw niya pang aminin ang nararamdaman niya para kay Bana dahil ayaw niya na nang panibagong relasyon, binabagabag pa rin siya ng nakaraan niya kaya ayaw niyang bigyan nang ikalawang pagkakataon ang sarili na umibig at sumayang muli.

* May mga bagay tayong nagagawa na kahit alam nating hindi tama ay ginagawa pa rin natin, hindi ba? Tapos magsisisi lang tayo kapag may nasaktan na, kapag nasaktan mo na siya, sila o nasaktan ka na. Tulad ni Owen, nalito siya saglit sa damdamin niya, he might sound like an asshole sa ginawa niyang pangtu-two time pero may mga oras naman tayong hindi tayo makapagdesisyon diba? May mga oras na nag-aalangan tayo sa mga nararamdaman natin, may mga oras na nalilito rin tayo. Nagsisi naman siya kahit alam niyang huli na. Paano niya maitatama ang mali niya kung hindi siya mabibigyan ng ikalawang pagkakataon, hindi ba?

* Hindi man nagkatuluyan sina Pierce at Leaf, ay may ikalawang pagkakataon pa rin para sa kanilang dalawa, sa ibang paraan at katauhan nga lang.

Oo, “ikalawang pagkakataon” ang nakita kong tema para sa kwentong ito. HAHAHAHAHA! Ang weird ko, whatever. HAHAHAHA!

Pero masaya ako sa naging resulta ng kwentong ito. 

Masaya akong napatawa ko ang mga mambabasa, naiparamdam ko sa kanila ang sakit na nararamdaman ng mga tauhan at napa-iyak ko sila. HAHAHAHAHA sadista lang. HAHAHAHAHA! Pero seryoso, masaya ako kasi nabigyan ko ng iba’t ibang emosyon ang mga bumasa nito, hindi man lahat atleast karamihan ng parte ng mga tumangkilik dito ay naiparamdam ko sa kanilang parang totoong tao talaga sina Pierce, na buhay sila, na pwede silang mag-exist sa totoong buhay.

Pero may sikreto akong sasabihin sa inyo tungkol sa kwentong ito:

sa mga huling parte ng kwentong ito, may kaonting eksenang nangyari talaga sa akin, hindi “eksaktong” ganoon pero basta, tipong ganoon. HAHAHAHA! At iyong pagka-ospital ni Pierce, 'yung mga damdamin ng mga tauhan doon, iyon 'yung ilan sa mga damdaming naramdaman ko nang ma-ospital at mapunta sa kritikal na kundisyon ang isang malapit na tao sa akin. Kaya siguro kahit papaano ay naramdaman niyo ang naramdaman nila, kasi totoong damdamin iyong inilagay ko doon.

Salamat po sa mga nagbasa ng The Most Painful Battle, salamat sa mga nagmahal kay Pierce Useda. ♥



isang kadang nabuo sa kalagitnaan ng gabi, sumali ako kasi sobrang bored ako nung gabing yun saktong nakita ko to sa dash ko, so sumali ako!!… isa siguro ako sa mga naunang members… simula pa lang nun sobrang active na nila lahat, sumabog yung notifications ko nung gabing yun, ang ending natulog ako ng mga madaling araw na…

Isang kada na pinagtatalunan ang bulalo at adobo. walang peymus, lahat friends. mga ilang weeks pa lang tong kada na to pero yung mga members akala mo taon ng nagsasama. wahahahhahaha

salamat sa pagtanggap sa akin, yiee!! sa lahat ng mga pwends ko na!! go #TeamAdobo!!!

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