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Coming May 2016!

Jesse Solomona has always tried to be the perfect straight guy—ex-college football player, a cocky salesman capable of drinking more than he did in his fraternity days, and an expert at one-night-stands. That he hooks up with just as many men as he does women is a secret Jesse’s been hiding for years, fearful of losing his family and tight group of friends. He’s a Kensington boy—a group of guys that met playing soccer as kids, and somehow all ended up back in the same town they grew up in. They, and his family, are the only things that still matter in his otherwise soul-sucking life.

Chuck Dunn, a tattooed and pierced sports photographer, has refused to step back into the closet since he was disowned by his family, but he keeps choosing men who can’t fully be with him. Finally free from a long-term relationship he should’ve ended years ago, he rejects a sketchy assignment and quits his high-profile gig in favor of getting back to the art of sports photography—documenting a local boxing club that works with at-risk teenagers. He may not have the same swagger anymore, but he’s working to be happy with who he is.

When Chuck joins one of the Kensington boys’ community center sports leagues, Jesse’s self-imposed rules are systematically demolished. But there’s one barrier Jesse can’t find the strength to break through—coming out to the other Kensington boys. Chuck knows hooking up with Jesse is a bad idea. Falling for him even worse. But he can’t stay away.

Chuck is damaged by his past. Jesse is frightened about his future. But, together, they may just be able to come out of the shade.

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(Out of the Shade is a standalone m/m contemporary romance with no cliffhanger and an HEA.)

Only for my tumblr peeps... A sneak peek at Powerless (The Borders War #3)

you know how much i love you all, right? well here’s how i show it. you’re the first to find out that powerless (the third book in the borders war series) will be released march 28th from totally bound and on april 25 in wide release :D

and because you all mean so much to me, here’s a sneak peek at the prologue:

“You going to come talk to me or just lurk in the darkness?” I said out loud, turning to face the ocean. And Armise.

He pulled himself out of the shallows and sat on the edge of a rock outcropping, water dripping down his muscled frame. His face was hidden in shadow, but I swore I could see the flash of his tongue, licking at his lips. I’d spotted him early this morning and waited for him to make a move. But until this moment he’d stayed out of sight from the rest of the Peacemakers and students. If I hadn’t been trained as a sniper then I would have missed his presence just as they had. But I knew how to pick apart the landscape and search for details that matched the surroundings yet hinted at a disturbance that was more human than of nature.

I had no doubt he was alone, and not just because he had a reputation for working solo. If there were any other Singaporean forces here then none of us would still be alive.

“Quite the settlement you have here,” he quipped, lifting his frame off the rocks and approaching me.

“Reconnaissance or a target?” I asked without preamble.

“I’ve been ordered to kill you,” Armise unceremoniously replied.

I felt the weight of the sonicpistol on my hip and mentally reviewed the locations of the knives hidden on my body before answering him. “Just me or all of them?”

Armise chuckled. “Just you, Merq. It is always you.”

soooo, you only have a few months to wait for more :D

(more teasers to come!!) <3 xx

The new cover for An Immoveable Solitude re-releasing with Total-E-Bound in August 2013 :D

Erik Hash, owner of a shark diving company in South Africa, loses everything in one night–his business, his partner, and his desire to live. The victim of a violent hate crime, he leaves South Africa and takes a job aboard a private yacht to escape.

When his partner reappears after three years, he wonders if there is something left for them to rebuild. But the ocean isn’t ready to let go of him quite yet.