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Sibling Assassins AU

  • Caulfield Siblings as professional assassins. (It’s a family thing.)
  • Maximus, master marksman, works best with guns.
  • Maxine prefers blades but carries a pistol for emergencies.
  • Max is also a good marksman, not as accurate as Maximus, but is a great shot. But she prefers no blood and kills with blunt blows, neck snaps, and poison.
  • Price siblings deal their weapons. Chloe handles all chemical related things, explosives and poisons.
  • Caulfield Siblings are hired to Protect the Chase Daughters. Cue Chasefields hue.
  • RIP Fifth Wheel Maxine.
  • Caulfields keep tallies on their bodies on how many kills they’ve had.
Molti uomini hanno un demone segreto, un male che nutrono, un drago che li rode, una disperazione che abita la loro notte. Un certo uomo assomiglia in tutto agli altri, va e viene, e non sa ch'egli ha in sé uno spaventoso dolore parassita, dai mille denti, il quale vive in quel miserabile che ne muore; e non sa che quell'uomo è un baratro stagnante, ma profondo. Di quando in quando affiora alla superficie un'inquietudine della quale nulla si sa; è una strana ruga che si appiana e riappare; non è che una bolla d'aria che sale e scoppia. È poco ed è orribile; è la respirazione della bestia che sta dentro l'uomo.
—  Victor Hugo, “I miserabili”, parte V Jean Valjean; Libro ottavo
Bad Blood (The avengers and the originals crossover) Ch.1

sA/N:  This is a crossover series that I’ve waited SO long to post , i never seems to find any Avenger x The Originals Crossover and i thought why not make one myself , enjoy! -set after civil war , Bucky lives in the tower-

Prompt: You (tony stark’s sister) are a well respected avenger and considered a hero by many ,outside you are Y/N Stark , avenger and super heroine  but behind closed doors you are Y/N Stark , Elijah mikaelson’s girlfriend that no one in the avengers know of , till now. 

Pairing: AvengersxReader ….. Elijah MikaelsonxReader(romance),… Tony StarkxReader (Sibling)

Warnings: swearing, mentions of smut , drama (cuz i know some of y'all don’t deal with this shit) 

“WHAT” Yelled my older brother tony , making you roll me my eyes in annoyance at his dramatic approach

” i said i’m going to new Orleans for a while” i said sitting on a sofa in the avenger tower lobby, the avengers and bucky were all scattered around the room , pausing whatever they were doing to look at both me and tony

“And what the hell will you do in new Orleans again y/n?  your trips there are getting really frequent and besides the avengers just got back together a few months ago who knows when we’ll need to assemble again, because when that happens you need to be there” he said in a serious tone ,

 at this moment i was trying to come up with a quick excuse , i mean you cant just tell your brother you’re going there to see your secret vampire boyfriend that is over a thousand years old and has killed a total of a billion people in his long lifetime

“i uh- am going there to see my friends , ya my friend sandra , you remember her her , busty blonde , you almost screwed on thanksgiving a few years ago , m going there to visit her um dog because its sick..” i said awkwardly causing Natasha to smirk and Steve to shake his head smiling , i glared at them both jokingly

“Oh really? as i recall sandra didnt tell me she had any pets , i thought she was allergic to dogs” he said crossing his arms and leaning  back into the sofa

“yes she does have a dog tony”i snapped

“oh really whats his name?” 

“Uhm FLUFFY” i yelled quickly and he shook his head “ i dont even know why we’re having this conversation right now tony , its not like you’re gonna stop me from going”

“Fine go , but you better be here if Fury asks for an emergency meeting , because im not covering for you” he said taking a sip from his wine 

i smiled in victory and kissed his cheek “See you in a few days dear brother, love you

“love you more” he said annoyed

It Took some time for me to reach new Orleans and boy was i glad to get off that jet , my muscles ached and i just wanted to lie on a bed for like a month , but i kept going until a reached that familiar house , The Mikaelsons House.

I rang the doorbell and immediately after the door was opened i was engulfed in a hug by my immortally annoying (and awesome) best friend Rebecca , she was Elijah’s sister and the person i trusted the most after him and tony 

“You’re here!” she said squeezing me even tighter , i wrapped my arms around her and let out a breath “super. vampire. strength. killing me” i exclaimed and she let me go quickly 

“sorry i forgot you were so weak” she said jokingly and i shook my head smiling “come in , the rest are dying to see you again”

i entered the house and was surprised with a very warm welcome from the mikaelsons , and a prevy remark by Klaus of course , i was over whelmed by their warm welcome but there was one person that i really longed to see right now

And just like that he appeared in all his glory , my handsome devil in a suit , smiling and engulfing me in a loving embrace 

“Elijah” i sighed in content

“My love as much as i love us hugging like this in front of my family , the real welcome is just inside” he smiled carrying me to the bedroom  

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in which rachel can’t help but keep eye contact with quinn.