found some old headcanons of mine involving ice skating and the UT characters’ various levels of skill and I just had to illustrate it now that the holidays are just around the corner.

I imagine most of the cast can at least somewhat get around on the ice without falling over, but Undyne, Monster Kid and Chara are the horrible, horrible excpetions. Undies solves this by having a very cool gf who used to live in Snowdin and thus got a lot of practice in, Monster Kid and Chara are uh

a little more creative in their methods



ive been listening to the new hunchback of notredame musical a lot the past few weeks, i recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the songs from the original movie and/or is musical trash, the whole soundtrack is on youtube

hi, i’m just … so in awe of henrik’s respectful and knowledgeable portrayal of depression; the tiny little details that were likely conscious choices on his part as an actor. we all know the writing will have played a part in that. but the little things, the flickering eyelids and even struggling to keep his eyes open. the blank stare etc. that’s all henrik. they were all down to him, because of how well he understands the mental illness he’s portraying. it’s so important. he’s so important, god what on earth did we do to deserve such a brilliant actor, who not only has so much talent, but who has so much respect for the people out their suffering with this illness. who needed him to get it right.