#Every28Hours (2/3/15): Fuck. FUCK. FUUUCK! I can’t breathe right now. I really can’t. I don’t have any words, except for this: how many more will it take for you to care? #howthefuckcanyoustillbeasleep #whenwillitend


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“I still get the feeling a lot of times that Selena is around, that I can pick up the phone and call her, or that I’m going to be able to see her in a couple of days. That she’s off doing something, taking care of business. But, then I always come back to reality. I can’t even describe how upset I get, because I honestly would have taken the bullet, If I would have been there I don’t think this would have happened. I would have done something. She would still be here, and if she wouldn’t be here, then neither would I.” - Chris Perez

Sometimes it’s not about being happy all the time. Sometimes it’s about getting on with things. Putting one foot in front of the other.
—  Taylor Swift, 1989 tour Amsterdam speech before Clean