It’s in the eyes! I can tell you will always be danger.


-You are no more Mr Strange than my wife is!
-Well, it is easily resolved. There are any number of magical things my friend could do to prove it.
-Oh, yes? And what might they be?
, tell us, Merlin.


I don’t think I ever posted either of these. Woops.

The first was from a while ago. It was going to be a two parter with Paps facing forward on the other. I might redraw and finish it, we’ll see. 

Second’s another redesign for SF!Sans cause I wanted something more fun to draw. Still iffy on the colors though.

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So I’ve recently just reached 1000 followers (yay!), and I’ve decided to make a follow forever to thank you! This is my first follow forever so I hope I’m doing it right. Once again thank you to the followers new and old for actually following my blog and shit. 

P.S. I am SO sorry if I forgot to tag you but just know that you’re included and that you’re great!


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okay hear me out bc ive got a few random vld ideas

hunk and allura have green thumbs and they have a lil garden together and its rlly cute

kingdom hearts au lmao lance is sora keith is riku and i hate myself 

sk8er boi keith whos sk8ing by the beach one day and sees sailor boi lance racing on the water way ahead of everyone else and is so in awe he sk8s into a popsicle stand lol dumb boy 

pidge who used to be rlly into drawing back on earth but stopped after the kerberos mission went down but then they see shiro doodlin to relieve stress and they nerd out together over art :’)

Thank you @flourkookie and @lollipop-tae for tagging me~
Name: Jowita
Nickname: Just a short version of my name: Jowi.
Gender: Female
Zodiac: Gemini
Age: 21
Hogwart House: Slytherin (highhh five fam)
Favorite color: Black, grey, dark red
Time rn: 00:51am
Avg. Hours of Sleep: 2-4, im a zombie yassss
Lucky number: 7
Last thing I googled: how to download audio from tumblr (…I just need to download If You by JK)
Favorite fictional character: Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter and Josuke Higashikata from JoJo (and tbh - soooo many, but these two are special)
Blankets I sleep with: 1
Favorite Band: Obviously BTS
Dream Trip: I would love to visit Japan, I dream about it for so long. I’m so curious how life’s there.
Dream job: Maybe not really exorbitant dream - but chef. I love cooking, it’s a wonderful way to make people happy. All in all - cooking is also art in some way.
Wearing RN: Gray tshirt with cats and black sweatpants
Age of blog: dunno tbh
Following: When I was doing that for first time it have asked about how many people follow me so I don’t know if I understood lol, but anyway I follow 651 blogs and have 2260 followers (thank you alllll)
Posts: 11591
What I post about: now only BTS
When did my blog peak: When I was making edits and gifs.
Get daily asks: nope
URL because: Because I love Park Jimin. All in all - he was my first bias in BTS.  And I think that this url is so cute, I was thinking about it for so long, select an url in tumblr is very hard, almost everything is taken haha

I’m not tagging anyone bc I’m lazy shit fddfsdfsddsf