idk if its been talked about before but i hope that whatever they do they dont make waverly act more sexual while shes possessed (not that shes not allowed to be sexual. i just dont want it linked to her being possessed. even outside all of the nasty consent issues that get involved in that sort of thing). im tired of sexuality being linked to evilness. i like that the earp sisters (or at least wynonna and waverly) were allowed to be sexual and allowed to talk about it and act on it without shaming them for it. it would be a shame if the show went for the “sexy is evil” approach to possession


Elesh Norn Sprite!


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Imagine overhearing Bucky talking to Steve about you and saying you’re really pretty.

——— Request for anon ———

You didn’t mean to eavesdrop, honestly, but you weren’t quite asleep when they’d started talking, and just before you could doze off in the back of the car, you’d heard Bucky’s low mention of your name.

“So, are you two…” Bucky trails off as you hear Steve’s sleeve brush against the seat as he probably tried to catch a glance of you in the backseat just to be sure you were asleep.

“What?” Steve’s voice sounds just as quietly as Bucky’s had, nearly low enough for the short question to be drowned out by the sound of a passing car’s horn.

“It’s just, she’s really pretty, so…”

Steve chuckles, but they’re unable to continue their conversation as Sam pops open the door beside where your head was resting, forcing you to open your eyes, “Alright, Sleeping Beauty, move over so I can get in.” Dangling a plastic bag in his hands as he crawls into the car beside you, you watch as Sam fishes out a drink for you from the convenience store you’d stopped at, “Here. This should wake you up.”

You glance towards the front of the car, finding Bucky looking at you as you take the drink, “Thanks, Sam.”

Okay so i’ve been doing these point commissions on deviant art, earning the points to buy another core membership. Earning it this time, instead of having my mom just buy it. So i finally finished them all tonight. 

My sister was complaining to me how tired she was, that she had worked all week. And i was like “yeah man me too” AND JUST. wait for it. 

“Yeah, working- sitting on your ass at a computer all day”

and i just. fuck. 

That kinda hurts. Like i sit on my ass all the time. this is very true. but for like two weeks i have not been drawing anything i wanted. The commissions is all to earn something for once, trying in small steps to prove to my family that i can do things on my own. That i will eventually move to actual paying commissions and earn my own money. 

I’m just taking baby steps, point commissions is one of those steps. I’m always scared of new things, so these little steps are required. Jumping in not really knowing what i’m doing is not really my style. 

idk man, it just really hurt my feelings and i’m kinda being salty about it. 

“You deserve better, Noah.” Maggie sighed, settling next to the other who was sitting in their bed. “Look I don’t wanna get too pathetic and shit but I’m not a good person. I’m fucking great mother but that doesn’t mean I’m a good person. And you shouldn’t have to put up with it.” The blonde looked straight ahead, not able to look at the other. “I know where about to have kids and everything but I don’t want you to feel like you have to stay because of them. You are the best person I’ve ever met and you deserve someone who is not gonna break your heart all the time. Just know that if you need to leave, that I’ll let you and I won’t be upset with you.”


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Pidge being internet friends with some random girl an developing feelings for her? v(=∩_∩=)フ

Whenever I get possibly sapphic requests it makes my heart happy and clears my skin.

Pidge sat on the couch, knees tucked up to their chest as they stared at their phone. They chewed on their fingernail, trying to hide the grin on their face and they typed out a message. However, Lance noticed, and decided to mess with them.

“Who you talking to, Pidge? Your boyfriend?” 

“Ew, gross. Get that heteronormative bullshit out of here.” they said, not looking up from their phone as they continued their message.

“Okay, then, you talking to your girlfriend?” 

“She’s not my girlfriend… She’s just a really pretty and smart friend I talk to sometimes online and…” they trailed off, snickering at something.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked, trying to read over Pidge’s shoulder.

They hid their phone in their chest, “Nothing. Shut up.”

“Oooh, what did your girlfriend say?”

“Lance I will shove my foot up your ass if you don’t stop.”

“Okay, sassy. Well, then, where did you meet your girlfriend?” he asked, sitting next to them. 

“She’s not my girlfriend.” They paused for a second, not sure if they wanted to talk to him about her. “… Online.” they finally said.

“Online? Are you sure she-”

“Yes, I’m sure. We’ve Skype’d before. Okay? Chill.”

He nodded, feeling a bit bad about asking, but he needed to make sure that they were safe. 

“Well, tell me about her.”

“Well… She’s really smart. Like, really smart. She understands the things that I talk about and gives her opinions about them. And she likes my sense of humor. She’s such a strong person emotionally, and she really helps me when I’m upset. She’s also so cute. And is really passionate about things and when she talks about them her eyes light up, and…”

“… Oh fuck…. Lance, I think I love her.”

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Tbh I am SUCH a hoe for holtzbert but I kind of like the idea of like the ghostbusters hiring a lawyer (because collateral damage ya know) and she's really pretty and just makes holtzmann flustered and skabhxakianamf

IMAGINE THIS erin getting super jealous because holtzmann is practically head over heels for the pretty lawyer. and of course erin at first denies being jealous, because that’s just stupid!!! erin gilbert doesn’t get jealous! but turns out she’s actually very jealous that the pretty lawyer has the attention of holtz all the time. and she tries her best to not show her jealousy, buuuut it accidentally comes out one day when erin blurts out to the lawyer, “burn in hell.”

12 year-old me: *rewatches taylor swift’s “teardrops on my guitar” for the n-th time*

me: wow…so pretty…obviously i just want to wear her dress..i dont really like wearing dresses…but id like this one…

….anyway this is a boring song…i just like it because …shes pretty? also i guess i relate to the feeling. ugh boys. make me cry. also shes pretty. but its really just because i have a crush on some boy. why cant i think of a boy i have a crush one? there Must Be One, and this song reminds me of him :) :)

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Nico can build these big beautiful sandcastles and he would always win sandcastle building competitions until people realized he had sand powers. now powers are against the rules and all he can make are ugly lumps. His hands were not meant to create

He Been Fount Out, That Boys A Sham

no but he would protest that SO HARD like “this is literally an INJUSTICE upon me i will not stand for it” and he complains for an hour straight

hazel, on the other hand, doesnt need her powers to make a really pretty fancy sand castle, so she usually just helps him with his. please imagine the death siblings playin in the sand like lil kids, building a sandcastle together and decorating it with sea shells. they make percy dive to the bottom of the lake for the best ones to make it look nice