things i need right now, in order:

  1. a hug
  2. chocolate
  3. someone to wrap me in a comforting embrace while i fall asleep not thinking about the terrible aftermath of this episode

things i have access to:

  1. pain

listen, zutara fandom. i love you. i will be the first to defend you. i am one of you. but for the love of god will y’all please tag your shit properly. you know when you’re scrolling through the tag and you get the normal whiny ship hate and your eyes roll pretty much out of your skull? that’s not just the zutara tag. i’ve had some very nice and reasonable people point this out on several occasions and it’s a valid point. tag. things. properly.

example tags: kat@ang, k*taang, m@iko, etc. it’s not difficult.

Adorable cheesy grin - Check. Human pretzel capabilities - Check. Unicorn status - In full effect.