I am done with finals.  I am DONE with FINALS.  I can finally breathe again!

So as I sit here by the soft light of the Christmas tree, relaxed for the first time in weeks, I just want to say thank you to the amazing people that encouraged me, sent me awesome messages, mental high fives, and other amazing things that kept my sanity intact (I don’t have the brainpower to tag you, but you know who you are).

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And to those still stuck in Hell Week - my thoughts are with you.

Why try to be someone you are not? Why are people so afraid to speak their minds here to be accepted? I rather be genuine even if I am wrong than try to please everybody by not saying the shit in my mind. The only one that you are fooling is yourself.

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HAHA NOPE. I was really disappointed to learn it’d be inside a gym.. It totally takes away from the element of the manga.. and I’m really hoping they don’t make any drastic changes to anything else.. Because I’ll be so upset and.. Ugh.. No matter how it turns out, I’ll be ridiculously upset.

I’m going to whine about writing for a second. Scroll over if you don’t care (which I understand).

I’m trying to write a sequel to Paradise City (I know, I know, about time, right?) and it keeps running off the rails because I just want to write Dean and the reader discussing cars. I want them bickering and him teasing her because he thinks she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, her giving him shit because she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

I want him annoyed but impressed because he keeps trying to stump her and he can’t. He keeps trying and trying, throwing out makes/models/years/engines with little details messed up ready to say “Aha! Gotcha!” when she gets a fact wrong, but she knows what he’s doing and just rolls her eyes.

“I always liked those early 70′s Challengers,” Dean said, wiping his hands on a grease rag and leaning his hip into the tool bench, “stock 318 with over two hundred horse power? Nothing to sneeze at.”

“Over two hundred horse power?” She rolled her eyes at him, practically laughing. “Please, Dean. A stock 318 isn’t putting out over one fifty, you and I both know it. Quit trying to trip me up on muscle car facts and throw me that fuel filter. You know you need to replace this fuel line soon, right?”

Dean sputtered, his mouth falling open. How dare her imply that he didn’t know what Baby needed. Of course he knows that fuel line will need to be replaced soon. He’s been planning on it, he was just thinking about it the other day actually. He’ll do it… When he gets around to it.

I love thinking about this so much. I swear I could write 10k words of this. I just wish that there was someone out there who would read it and really like it. Not that the purpose of my writing is to please other people, but I’d love for someone to geek out over cars with me. The whole purpose of this sequel is smut though. Just pure filth. And I keep writing shit about cars because my brain won’t cooperate. Ugh. I’ll shut up now.