I loved drawing all of your pretty, handsome and charming apprentices! I definitely loved to paint them all, knowing more about each and every one of them. Thank you for trusting me with your lovelies, I really do hope you liked the final result, it was certainly fun!

My blog is new, so it really made me feel welcome around here, and I couldn’t be happier. You’re the best!

Hope you all have a nice day ❤️
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So Ale ( @balletfever89 ) has saved my life. I’m so bad with computers and she so graciously offered to help me with my blog and now I can finally say that I’m so happy with it. It’s way easier to navigate now and it’s just more put together. So major kudos to her for making my header image and helping me with themes. I owe you big time! Thank you!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻💖💖

Clinical gestalt is really, really weird sometimes.

We like to call medicine a science, but there’s often a lot of art to it- as much guesswork as evidence, particularly when it comes to diagnosing vague or common complaints. (I don’t mean vague in a pejorative way- vague in the way that dizziness is vague because it might be a sinus infection or low blood or high blood pressure or a brain tumor or plain old benign vertigo and being able to pin it down is sometimes akin to lobbing darts at a dartboard with your eyes closed.)

And sometimes I look at someone and something in my gut says “I don’t quite know what this is, but I’m pretty sure it’s bad” and I tell my gut to be quiet because days when I have to give someone bad news are the worst kind of days.

Today was one of those days. One of those days where I opened up my results messages and read over a scan report and shook my head- because my gestalt was right. It was bad news.

Sometimes I really hate it when I’m right.