With Falcon and Cap, what’s so great is there’s a mutual respect, There’s a soldier respect. What’s great about ‘Age of Ultron’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is you get to see their relationship grow.

Anthony Mackie talking about Steve and Sam’s growing relationship [x]

Bucky’s role in this movie is the point where Marvel nerd and non-nerd audiences part ways. Going by the reactions I’ve seen from film critics and my non-fan friends, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was an entertaining superhero movie that probably should’ve had more dialogue and fewer action sequences. But if you go by Marvel/Captain America fandom, EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FILM WAS AGONY AND LIFE IS A WORTHLESS HELLSCAPE UNTIL STEVE AND BUCKY CAN BE TOGETHER AGAIN.
To stand there and have individuals literally inches from you, pointing their fingers, shouting obscenities at you, it’s stressful.

STLMPD Chief Sam Dotson

Source: “What police face during protests“ accuses protests of being more dangerous for the police than the protesters.

Peaceful protesters have been tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, arrested, tackled, hog tied, maced, had guns pointed at them, and so much more. They really wanna try and compare pointing fingers, name calling, and cameras in their faces to everything protesters have faced PLUS the fact that Mike Brown’s killer, Darren Wilson is still free and still on paid administrative leave after 69 days?!?


You landed on the floor next to Sam who was cradling his friends lifeless body. He rocked back and forth while wailing.

“Sam,” you whispered while placing your hand on his shoulder. You crouched down next to him and wrapped an arm around Sam’s shoulders.

“We’ve got to go, we’ve got incoming. Don’t let your friend die for nothing.”

Loathing [Bucky Barnes] (Part 4)

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Series Title: Loathing (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x female!reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, mentions of Tony Stark, mentions of Clint Barton
Warnings: Alternate Universe, mentions of alcohol, minor swearing
Word Count: 2,120
Requested: No
Short Description: Bucky tries to avoid you as much as possible, not believing that Steve would say anything to you. His idea is clearly wrong when Steve approaches you with the intent to tell you everything, although he may not have been in the right headspace.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Bucky was slowly coming back to the apartment more and more. Steve, who was being noticeably tight-lipped about the whole situation, was keeping a close eye on both you and Bucky at all times. You had been stressed out for a long time, mostly because of school not allowing you to complete your Studio Arts course. So, when you came home at 10:30pm after a long day of extra research and counsellor meetings, the last thing you expected to see was Wanda and Natasha to be sitting on the couches in the living room of your apartment.

“Hey guys,” you greeted them when you noticed the two, locking the front door behind you. “When did you two get here? I didn’t realise you were coming over.” You added, putting your bag down on the loveseat before taking a seat next to it.

“We haven’t been here long,” Natasha said in her naturally sexy tone, something that you had always been jealous of. Her voice was low and raspy, and you had always presumed that she had a great singing voice. Natasha Romanoff was a redhead with good intentions, and she loved to meddle in everyone’s love lives. She had always thought she was a wonderful matchmaker, despite all the awful blind dates she had set you up on.

“But you have been working far too hard lately,” Wanda added, and her voice was higher and laced with a thick Sokovian accent. A cool accent was also something that you were jealous of. “So we thought we’d swing by and make an appointment for a night out tomorrow.” She added with a grin, and this made you happy.

“That would actually be perfect.” You admitted. “I’ve been so stressed ever since my art Professor told me I didn’t have enough credits to pass the course without my final.”

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Imagine Bucky being a great dancer pre-war and everything, and then once he starts to recover he goes out dancing and learns absolutely everything he missed in 70 years, and unsuspected people in clubs find themselves dancing opposite one of history's most lethal assassins, but more importantly, the grinding king of NYC.

after a few months of therapy and working through some of the numerous problems that come along with being a brainwashed assassin for a secret corporation, bucky starts dancing again. at first he’s not sure if he’ll remember any of the steps, worried that he’ll step on his partner’s feet and make a fool of himself, but steve and natasha and sam all help him out, allowing themselves to be lead (or lead, when bucky feels like changing it up) around steve’s new apartment, ratty furniture pushed against all the walls. when bucky finally feels ready, they make a night of it and go out to a quiet little swing club, where bucky shows off his moves and impresses everyone with his quick feet and dashing smile. steve, sam and nat look on as bucky spins his partners around the room. it’s the happiest he’s looked in a long while, and they don’t want to do anything to bring him down, even if sam is getting a liiiiittle bit tired of the music, but it’s ok, not a big deal, he can handle it. bucky dances for hours, and when he finally deems that he’s done he comes over to the bar and beams at them, asking them what they want to do next since it’s only 9 o’clock, the night is young! before steve or nat can say anything, sam grabs bucky’s wrist and books it out the door, tossing a hurried “i’m gonna show you how people dance in the 21st century” over his shoulder

they walk into the club at 9:30 and it’s - well. it’s pretty dead, honestly. sam orders shots for everyone form the bored looking bartender as bucky looks around in awe because this is nothing like the bar they were just in. instead of dark wood everything’s shining chrome and black. there are colored lights everywhere and a big ball covered in mirrors over what bucky assumes is the dance floor. it would be overwhelming if sam and steve and nat weren’t there to ground him, to explain that the big mirrored thing is called a disco ball and that sex on the beach is actually a drink, not a suggestion. they linger at the bar for about an hour or so until people start coming in and dancing, and that’s when bucky realizes that these are his people

the dance floor is nothing more than a writhing mass of bodies pressing up against one another, hips grinding, heads thrown back in joy, hands everywhere. he just watches for a while, looks at what they’re doing, how they’re moving, what dancing is like in this day and age. and bucky decides he wants in. he grabs nat and sam and steve and drags them onto the floor where he goes to work moving his hips and grinding back against the lucky person that ends up behind him (nat). it’s so different from what he’s used to, the structure and the open space now transformed into something fierce and tight, barely any room to turn around let alone spin a partner and bucky loves it

he makes them stay and dance until they’re the last ones left in the club, the bartender giving them looks that clearly communicate “i don’t care if you’re captain america you need to get the fuck out now” so they do just that. they spill out onto the street, bucky still a little glassy eyed and sweaty, and lean against one another while steve motions for a cab

the four of them are squeezed into the back of the cab, defying all laws of physics, when bucky whispers “thanks” into the tired silence that blankets them all. “you’re fuckin welcome,” sam murmurs, half on top of steve and pressed against the door, and bucky just smiles bigger

The relationship between the three characters is more so a bond of kindred friendship. My respect for Cap helps me to help him find Bucky because I know how much that means to him, knowing where he’s come from and everything and what he’s gone through to this point. It’s more so of an understanding and respect than it is three guys chumming around having a good time.
—  Anthony Mackie on the relationship between Captain America,The Falcon  and The Winter Soldier in Civil War!

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Word Count: 2k

Authors note: @vipermisty i hope you like this imagine, it’s not the best but i tried.

Jet another sleepless night. It seems the more I try to get some rest, the more exhausted and stressed I get. Whenever I try to close my eyes and rest, everything comes back. All that noise; all the screams, all the names that have been called, all that innocence dead bodies, all that blood, all that mess we made. Everything is back, and every time it gets worse and worse. And all I fucking want is to get five minutes of good old sleep, just five will be enough.

But I guess that just won’t happened any time soon.

I pushed my blanked off and walked out of my room. The problem with these sleepless nights is that I already did everything, I’ve read every book, I watched all the movies that interested me in any way. I painted, I even stared writing, but that didn’t turn out so well. I even took some medics that I found that’s supposed to make you fall asleep, but even that didn’t give me much rest, I would always wake up covered in sweat.

But even bigger problem is that the avengers noticed, I mean nothing in this tower goes unnoticed. So when I first got up and started walking around the tower looking for something to do, five minutes later Tony busted in, looking lost and wearing his armour, because he thought I was a burglar. When we established that I am just me, he asking me what the hell am I doing up so late in the night, and that I am lucky that he didn’t beat the holy crap out of me. I just told him I couldn’t sleep and that he doesn’t need to bother to get up the next time he notices I am up so late.

But he did, someone always got up, spent few hours talking to me, trying to get me to talk, to confess what I was dealing with. And every night I would avoid and manipulate my way out of that conversation. I would just find something they are passionate about and in the moment they would forget about me.

“Can’t sleep again?” Steve’s voice woke me up from my daydreaming. I turned around and smiled.

“Just had a bad dream, what’s keeping you up?”

“You” if this was any other occasion and if I was well rested I would think he’s hitting on me. but I knew what he meant and I already had a prepared speech but mama Steve didn’t let me talk.

“Come, sit with me on the sofa.”

I slowly walked to the sofa and sit down, preparing what I am going to say to Steve. Even though I’ve been doing this for past three weeks, I always get nervous when I am about to lie.

“Y/N, this can’t continue.” Steve said with his serious cap voice. And since I am not in the mood, and not rested for this type of conversation I will try and hope to manipulate my way out.

“Oh no cap, are you breaking up with me?” I placed my right hand on my chest and played like I was hurt. But Steve wasn’t having any of it, usually he would smile or just let out a little giggle, but tonight he was as serious as death.

“Look Y/N, I’ve talked to everyone about this. I know that you haven’t slept well for past three weeks, and I know that every time you would get up somebody would come to you and you would talk, and you would play that little game of yours. I wanna warn you in advance, it ain’t gonna work on me, okay?”

I focused my eyes on the picture behind his head because I couldn’t look at him. He’s gonna make me say it, he will be so detriment until I confess but I am not ready. I don’t even know what I am dealing with.

“I don’t know what is bothering you enough so you can’t sleep but I wanna help, we all do. But we can’t until you tell us.”

I could feel his eyes on my face, trying to get me to look at him, but I refused. They can’t help me because there is nothing to help, I just have nightmares, nothing much.

“Steve, I am fine real-”

“No Y/N, you are not. I can see it, so can you. this aren’t just nightmares. You don’t wanna sleep, and we will soon enough find out why. So I suggest you to rest because tomorrow you have a doctor appointment.”

My eyes widened in shock. I moved my eyes finally to meet his and I could see that he wasn’t joking.

“I am not crazy.”

“Nobody said you were Y/N, you just need to get checked up. it won’t hurt.”

At this point I was furious. They think I am crazy. I stood up, and when Steve noticed he got up too.

“Who do you all think you are? My parents? I am not going anywhere, because I am not crazy so fuck you. I am staying here and I am not moving.”

“Y/N don-”


By this point everybody got up and was now in the living room, I didn’t notice them at first because mostly I didn’t want to. I started walking towards my room avoiding everyone and everything.

Who do they think they are? Experts? They are not going to get me wear one of those ridiculous white onesies and drink some stupid medicine that’s gonna make me nooses. I don’t need that. I just have some stupid nightmares so what? I am not dying, but they might if they keep putting their noses where they don’t belong.

I put my sports bra on and things and went straight to practicing room. I have to cool myself down, and I need something to stop thinking, because when I punch I don’t have time to think there is only time for surviving and beating the holy hell out of your enemy.

Once I’ve got there, I went straight to the punching bag. I didn’t bother to put on any glows or anything to protect my hands. I just need to feel the anger leaving my body. I started punching the bag and just after ten punches my knuckles were all bloody. But I made even bigger mistake. I looked at my bloody hands.

It was my trigger and I wasn’t even aware I had one. But it all came back, even though I didn’t close my eyes. I could see it clearly like it was happening in front of me. Kids screaming for the mothers, people looking for their families, enemies and innocence people falling down dead. I can feel dirt all over me, I can smell blood in the air, but that’s not all that I can smell.

There is something else, something worse, death. I can smell death all around me, over me, everywhere surrounding me, choking me.

And there he stands, his little blond hair, blue ocean eyes, scared little boy, not older than four, screaming for his mother. Looking around for her, but when he couldn’t find her, his eyes locked with mine. I can see his little smile, I am here, an avenger, I am going to save him. He starts running towards me and so do I.

And out of nowhere, he collapses on the ground, bloody, dead. I froze. I couldn’t move any muscle in my body. I keep telling my legs, move I have to check if he’s still alive, c’mon, move. My legs didn’t want to cooperate with me, neither did my voice. I lost the abilities of talking, walking, breathing.

My legs finally gave me up and I feel to the ground. I can clearly see his little body turned on his belly his eyes still locked with me. blood spreading around him. I wanted to crawl to him but I couldn’t, I was just looking at him.

But the scream woke me up. scream full of pain, I looked up and I could see a woman in her mid-thirties, looking down at her dead son, fighting for air. She fell down the same way I did, but she was closer to him so she picked him up in her arms and cried. She pets his hair while bouncing him, like she was putting him to sleep. In some twisted way she did.

Her eyes moved from her dead son up to me, and she looked at me with anger in her eyes, I swear if she could’ve killed me she would, and I would gladly let her. She was saying something, probably cursing me, but everything became blurry and I couldn’t hear anything. I just wanted to scream.

Somebody grabbed me but I tried to get loose of their grip but I couldn’t.

“Hey, HEY, HEY. Y/N, Y/N, HEY, IT’S STEVE.” Only then I realised I was sitting on the floor, screaming and kicking Steve. Steve pulled me closer to his chest and started bouncing me like she did to her son, and I even more wanted to get loose of his grip, but he was way too strong for me. he was muttering something in my hair but I couldn’t hear him or see anything. All I saw was the little innocence boy that I send to heaven way too soon.

Only then I noticed everybody in the room, looking at me like they’ve seen everything that I have. And then somebody squatted down to be in my level, and since I didn’t recognise him I assumed he was the doctor. But how? It was 2 in the morning. What was he doing here?

“Miss Y/N, I am doctor Sebastian McCann, here have some water, take some deep breaths and we will have a little chat.”

I took the bottle that he handed me and drank over half of the bottle. I listened to his advice and took some deep breath. I tried to clear my mind, to get loose of all that terror, but it wasn’t working.

“Could you guys leave the room so miss Y/N and I could have a private chat?” doctor asked looking around the room.

“You can use our living room, don’t need to talk here.” Tony offered.

“No this will be just fine; I don’t want to burden her more than is necessary. But thank you.”

Once they all left the room, doctor helped me up and we went to the sofas that were in our training room and sat down. I was completely disorientated.

“So Y/N, could you tell me what were you witnessing before we all came in.”

I took a deep breath and started. I tried to give him as much details but some were just too much. He never took his eyes off me, and now and then he would nod. Once I was finally over, he was silent for few minutes, then he called the avengers in, telling us that is better that everybody hears this. He was silent a little bit more, letting me stabilize before he started.

“What you’re dealing with is Posttraumatic stress disorder, or shorter PTSD. It’s a mental disorder that people develop after traumatic experiences like one that you are dealing with. A lot of people don’t develop PTSD after traumatic situations, but some do. You will attend Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)which seeks to change the way a trauma victim feels and acts by changing the patterns of thinking or behaviour, or both, responsible for negative emotions. CBT has been proven to be an effective treatment for PTSD and I think we should give it a go.”

I nodded, not able to speak. But other weren’t so silent.

“But shouldn’t se get some medics? At least some sleeping pills?” Tony suggested.

“I could give her something, but then she would get used to them way too much to the point where she would develop the statement that she can’t fall asleep without them.”

“When does the therapy start?” Clint asked. They care so much about me and they wanna know every little detail.

“We should start next Monday, let her calm down a little, get some rest. She will be able to sleep a little better because she shared her story. Her biggest mistake was to bury it in her.”

“Thank you doctor, I will escort you out.” Steve offered and they left the room.

Wanda came first and hugged me, offering me her shoulder so I placed my head there. I couldn’t cry anymore so I was just staring into the distance.

“You’re gonna be okay, kiddo.” Sam said coming closer. Not too much because nobody knew how to act now. I just nodded and gave him a weak smile, well more I smiled to the wall than to him.

“If you need anything, we are here.” Bruce said and everybody mutter little yes, of course and similar.

“If you can’t sleep, come to our rooms, woke us up and we’ll do something together. And if you don’t want to do anything we can just talk.” Bucky said and walked towards me taking the seat next to me and wrapping his hand around me.

“Thank you guys.” I muttered.

“We will get through this, we are, in the end, world mightiest heroes.” Scott joked and we all shared a little laugh and made our way toward the kitchen, discussing what we’ll eat.

I want a Sam Wilson movie

He is such an amazing character and deserves way more recognition. I want to know about his time in the army, his training, how he became such a badass, his friendship with Riley, the Khalid Khandil mission and how it affected his life, how he coped with losing Riley in a healthy way - something Steve clearly wasn’t able to to - and how despite everything he’s been through and all the horrors he’s seen he still manages to smile and help others. I need more Sam Wilson.

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sam wilson’s aunt demanding he spend time with his cousins (“being captain america’s friend is no excuse for neglecting family, samuel!”) and shipping them to DC for the summer, and even though he works with grizzled veterans most of his cousins are at that age where they're sullen and mean and think everything is lame so he panics and calls steve because hey, even the grumpiest person on earth finds it within themselves to love a national icon 

and steve’s like, ‘oh wow sam yeah of course sure thing i’ll be right there’ but he gets called away on Some Very Important Business and his dumb ass sends bucky over instead

and sam is like “this is not a good idea” bc bucky is still recovering and kids are kinda overwhelming in the best of situations but sam’s cousins are on another plane

but then it turns out that the littlest one LOVES bucky, sits on his shoulders and plays with his hair, shrieks wildly when bucky tosses her gently into the air and catches her again like she weighs nothing, and sam thinks it’s the first time he’s ever seen bucky’s face look that soft and unguarded

and the older ones think bucky is so cool and talk baseball w him and explain the finer points of basketball and hockey while they watch some games on Youtube and even though bucky literally does not watch one second of these sports, he somehow manages to engage in trash talk about certain players and sam thinks it’s the first time he’s ever seen bucky smile this mischievously, this easily

and the middle one, who’s really quiet and withdrawn, sketches a design for bucky’s arm and nudges it over, and bucky doesnt make a big deal of it, just sits next to her and says “my best friend’s an artist too” and he doesnt force her to talk or anything just sits in companionable silence with her while the others join sam in the kitchen to make dinner and sam thinks it’s the first time he’s ever seen bucky sit sentry to anyone other than steve

and somehow over the course of the night, sam realizes that the kids are seeing the old bucky, the one who had siblings and parents and friends and an army unit that were like brothers to him, the bucky who knows how to lull a crying baby to sleep or comfort a scared kid on the front lines or care for a sick best friend through the worst of rheumatic fever. the bucky who was many things to many people, who apparently wasn’t lost forever, just lying in wait for the right catalyst, which happens to be a ragtag bunch of teens and a six year old, or in other words, a family

from then on, sam finds a way to invite bucky over more often. figures if it’s a family bucky needs, it’s a family he will get.

(and when sam’s sister and brother in law announce they’re visiting with their absolutely nightmarish twin daughters and the most hyperactive toddler son on the planet, he makes sure bucky is there.)

Where is my dark!Sam fic?

& no I do not mean hydra!sam… I mean a Sam who is just plain sick of shit, done with everything, lost the ability to give most fucks, and has been through enough not to trust no more than about three people in the world and his mama

how do you get to dark!Sam?

let’s consider Sam, a black man in the United States. No additional explanation needed.

let’s consider pararescue!Sam who may have done more than rescue because this is the military and they wouldn’t look at the falcon program and goddamn wings on human beings and only think about defensive missions.

let’s consider vet!Sam who comes back home only to find that most people and the govt only care about vets when they are this idea of freedom and national defense but not actual people.

let’s consider post-CACW!Sam who was locked up in an underwater prison in international waters while withholding valuable information so he was tortured by his own govt. I noticed that black eye as soon as I saw it in the theater but if you didn’t here’s a great post that will ruin your night and make you want to fight.

let’s consider that Sam is now a fugitive, isolated from his family, and unable to return to any semblance of home.

let’s consider that Sam’s current likely companions and friends are: Wanda, who has to be in deep deep mental recovery from a myriad of guilt, ptsd, and whatever else they’ve done to her; Steve I HAVE A CENTURY OF TRAUMA Rogers; and Bucky whose mental health issues could likely fill a book by now.

So maybe I’m not asking for dark!Sam fic so much as I am asking for deep complicated fic and meta about my favorite son. You know, just like everyone else gets.

So I wanted to reblog a bunch of stuff on Sam Wilson just to remind everyone that there is another Captain America book out there and it’s awesome and embodies everything that Captain America should be and you should be reading it.

And you know what? I didn’t find jack. Seriously, type Sam Wilson Captain America into a Tumblr search and all you get is some clips of Sam from Civil War and more pictures of Steve Rogers with Sam in the background.

Tumblr? For real? You were so excited to have Sam Wilson as Cap, and not only did you forget about him almost immediately, but even this week when Steve royally pissed you off you’re still not willing to talk about Sam as Cap? 

Torture (Bucky x Reader) Part 2

Summary: Hey, how could one pizza delivery change everything? It doesn’t, right? …right?
Type: Drabble | Series | One shot
Word Count: 1270-ish?
Warnings: none
Next update: Unsure, but most probably October 28, 2am PHT (UTC +8:00)

“Torture” (Bucky x Reader) Masterlist

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“…saying is, it’s pretty mundane for her to faint. It’s not everyday you see a freak show with an arm wrapped in tin foil.”

“Wait until she sees Red Goggled Icarus with a mechanical bird for a pet.”

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The Avengers presented with science homework

Tony: Makes fun of your grade and your teacher while making everything easier to understand

Bruce: actually shows you what to do and makes sure you understand the way your teacher teaches it

Steve: is confused by this modern form of science

Natasha: uses the whole experiment as a training exercise and makes you dodge actual lasers

Clint: Makes archery references that make you more confused

Thor: calls Jane

Loki: charms your paper so when your teacher touches it they’ll picture Odin in a bikini

Sam: tries to explain, but makes it worse

Bucky: stares at it blankly before looking at you and saying “I’m with you till the end of the line” points at the end of the line of your paper “This is the end of the line” walks out.

Moving Forward - P1

[This is my first avengers fanfiction so I don’t know how accurate everything is but hey, it’s all in good fun, right? And I put them in Texas because fuck yeah Texas.]

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 -  Part 8 -  Part 9 -  Part 10 -  Part 11 - Part 12 -  Part 13 - Part 14 -  Part 15  - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19

  You sat quietly as five kittens romped and played around you. They chased each other into your lap and back out, running in a circle around you or. The mother, Misty, wanted nothing more than to be pet and loved on. She attempted to get into your lap, but her rowdy children crowded around her and mewed loudly. She may have wanted your attention, but they wanted hers more. You giggled as the kittens overcame their mother and she lay in the grass, defeated. You reached out to pet her gently, but just as your fingers touched her soft fur, you heard a parade of vehicles coming up the long driveway. You glanced back behind you, excited to see your father’s truck followed by a few others coming towards the large house.

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve really loving the musical South Pacific. Bonus if he takes everyone to go see it in a crappy Brooklyn back alley theater and they fall in love with it too

Nat spends more time watching Steve than she does the performance of the show. At least, she does the second time he takes her to see it in a tiny, run down theater in the heart of Brooklyn. But god do the actors give it everything they’ve got.

It’s because of Steve that she adores this play. Musicals aren’t really her thing, but the way he can’t seem to stop smiling through the entire performance wins her over. What really did it, though, was the look in his eyes when he was watching it. It was like watching someone lost find something so familiar that they had to grasp onto it like a lifeline. Nat understands- to a degree, she feels that same sort of safety when she watches ballet.

She wondered, through the whole second performance, if he was thinking of a long lost love or if he’d ever dreamed of romances like this when he was tucked away in a foxhole somewhere. She wished she could have seen him in that element.

When Steve convinces Sam and Bruce to go see it as well, Natasha asks if she can come, and Steve’s whole face lights up.