A searing pain sliced through Cinder’s side. She collapsed onto her hands and knees. Flopping onto her back, she pushed herself away, one hand pressed against the wound. Thorne stood over her, gripping the knife. Cress was dangling from his arm in an attempt to pull him away, but he was too strong and she was trying to keep one hand on her stomach wound. Her entire front was already covered in blood.

“I’m sorry,” Thorne sobbed. All signs of his usual confidence were gone. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry—”

i have found some sketches from last winter, soo……… here’s another comic

This time it’s the last round, the Thorne/Levana VS Cinder/Cress battle from Winter. 


INT: What’s something that a fan has pointed out to you or that’s resonated with fans that maybe you guys didn’t expect?

AW: I feel like something for me is having a lot of young black women coming up to me and vocalising that seeing a dynamic black woman who’s not playing a secondary character to a male person was actually something they very much enjoy and are looking for that on television today … I didn’t realise I was carrying that torch until they made me aware of how important it was to them


‘seinfeld’ script

written by 10 people using predictive text keyboards

source: transcripts of episodes from season 3 of seinfeld. source texts specific to character with separate source for stage directions. 18 word options at each step. finished script also includes one or two stage directions generated by a recurrent neural network.

writers: carl s, corey g, elle o, erin m, gabe m, jonah c, joseph p, kai c, rob d

editors me and rob d


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anonymous asked:

Why you think alex is a nerd

  • The entire Cornerstone video

Originally posted by howalexturns

  • ”Isn’t it… this the year… that’s the future in Back to the Future?” x
  • Int: What’s the best hotel swimming pool you’ve been to?
    MH: There was one in Argentina that had a giant crown in the middle of it, for some reason. It was a giant crown fountain.
    AT: A crowntain. x
  • Dressed as a Spidermod for Halloween last year
  • Changed “Atlantic” to “Pacific” in the lyrics of I Wanna Be Yours because the Pacific is the deepest ocean
  • “I took some of the cushions off the couch and made like a… like a little cushion square… rectangle… PARALLELOGRAM!!”


  • “I’m a rock drummer” 


  • “Luke soy tu padre”







He’s such an adorable dork

I was proud of The New England Patriots today!

Brady commanded respect and returned to his form from last year. Tossing a new personal best 3 TD’S in the first half and 447 yards. The 3rd best of Bradys career, moving him past Peyton Manning with 52 TD’s and 0 ints.

Mike Gillislee continued to improve and move the chains. This dude is a #Beast in the making! He and James White, Dion Lewis, and Rex Burkhead got it done on the ground.

Rob Gronkowski scored his 69th career TD catching 6 passes for 116 yards giving him 24 100 yard games which ties Kellen Winslow for 2nd most all time. Gronk destroyed the New Orleans secondary at will. 😁😁😁

New England defense held strong keeping Drew Bree’s and the Saints to only 20 points at home handing them a 0-2 start on the season.

That Les Mis/Harry Potter crossover thing preview.

The first time Harry meets them, it is just the group. There’s one missing, though she won’t learn this until a little later.

It’s at the World Cup, and she’s walking around with the Weasleys, trying to find the little plot of land yet will be inhabiting for the night.

Every so often, she’d sceptically glance towards the tent, the tent that looks as if it’ll struggle to house just the twins, let alone the Weasley clan that’re out and about. Never mind the addition of Harry and Hermione themselves.

But, she’s too embarrassed to ask.

Most times, Ron forgets she’s not grown up int his world, having been such a well known figure throughout his life it’s like the ginger haired boy cannot even begin to comprehend that this is all so incredibly foreign to her.

Even Hermione forgets, assuming that Harry has consumed the same mountain of textbooks she has.

That’s not true and Harry… she just doesn’t want to seem like the odd one out. The one that doesn’t know anything.

So she offers a grin, trudges on and tries to tell herself that it doesn’t matter, she’ll figure it out as she goes. It’s how she’s always got by, after all.

Soon enough, her attention is drawn elsewhere, previous thoughts slipping away.

The Irish and their incredible exuberance, the Bulgarians and their steady pride, the Spanish and the Americans and the Scottish and the French.

It seems as if every nation has descended upon this single field in the English countryside to witnesses the Quidditch World Cup.

It’s magnificent.

Harry’s feet lead her forwards, eyes wide as she inspects the multitude of tents that’re stretching out in a sea of colours before her, some even sparkling, sunlight hitting the water’s surface.

Her lips part; a snitch flutters through the air, zipping past and a gaggle of young child trample after it, giggling and screaming. There’s an excitement permitting the air, wrapping her up and carrying her on, pulling Harry along until she’s well and truly in the heart of it.

There’s vending stalls, merchants cashing in on the World Cup and Harry’s aware of just how much gold sits in her expanded purse.

She steps forwards, eyeing the vast array of produce, looking between things that seem so familiar and yet, so different all at the same time.

So engrossed, it’s a complete surprise when she collides with another person.

They both hit the ground in a tangle of limbs, messy black hair and startled yelps.

Reeling back, Harry brushes her bangs out of her eyes, shoving glasses back up the bridge of her nose.

The boy she’s tripped over is half sprawled beneath her, an amused grin in his face, hair an artfully tousled mess, a brown so dark it could almost pass as black. He’s still smiling, this boy who’s perhaps a year or so older than her, this boy with a face as pleasing and friendly as Cedric Diggory’s. His mouth parts, and out tumbles a waterfall of words Harry cannot even begin to understand.

That Harry Potter/Les Mis Crossover thing preview;

Her knowledge of foreign languages extends to a single swear word she’d overheard an older child teaching Dudley years ago.

That’s no help here at all.

“Sorry, I don’t-”

“Ah, English. I should have guessed!”

The boy grins on, rising to his feet and offering his hand out to help her up.

“My apologies…”

“Oh, er, Harry,” she splutters, unwilling to give her full name. How far does the legend of the Girl Who Lived stretch? Will this foreigner know? He hasn’t seen the scar yet, so perhaps she might finally be able to have a conversation with a stranger and mother gawked at?

She slips her hand into his, allowing the boy to reel her up into her feet, mind still tingling because she knows that accent he sports, she’s heard it before. Probably in one of Aunt Petunia’s stupid old romantic movies.

“A pleasure, Mademoiselle. I’m Nathaniel Courfeyrac.”

And he actually kisses her hand.

Her face is on fire.

Harry pulls her hand back in shock, dithering on if it’d be too rude to wipe the back of her hand, she can still feel the imprint of his lips upon her knuckles.

How sad, that this is the closest she has ever come to a true kiss.

“Just call me Courfeyrac.”

He rocks back on his heels, the pleased motion doing little to hide his obvious bemusement over her reaction.

D&D Stories

@charlesoberonn asked for fun stories from Dungeons and Dragons so here are some of the best from the group I’m in right now. (There’s eight of us and we are currently in 3 different campaigns so there’s a lot of shenanigans.)

(Under read more because wow so much shenanigans it got way longer than I thought it would)

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Erdős Virág: a legszebb vers

balatonfüredi emlék

férfimunka lány-öröm:
a legszebb vers a

a legszebb vers egy régi rózsa-
lugas árnyán írott

vár állott most gomba nő
a legszebb vers egy
ronda nő

a legszebb vers egy uncia
petőfi puncija de

minden süket dumán túl
a legszebb vers a

messze zengő szép szava
sok hegye és egy

kizárásos alapon
a legszebb vers a

bezárt bazár és tárt kebel
a kishajók közt egy

a legszebb vers egy nyári estén
ringó név a

katamarán vagy kalóz
a legszebb vers a
Gyed Maróz

a legszebb vers a vérfagyi
a csolnakázó

egy strandpokróc a romokon
alvó szegek a

jönni-menni szandi nélkül
randi nélkül

becuccolni bárhova
a legszebb vers egy

egy dakszliját mosó masa
egy döglött hal
fehér hasa

vonatfütty és dudaszó
a legszebb vers egy
csunya szó

a legszebb vers a parti nagy
zuhé s talaj-

még zöldfülű de már dilis
a legszebb vers az

a legszebb vers mi volna más
egy kisebb vízbe-

plusz: törölközés száradás
a legszebb vers csak

a legszebb vers hogy amore
rabindranath tagore

emlék-fák közt
elő ház
a legszebb vers a

nagylabor és EKG
(a legszebb dal a békáké)

a legszebb vers a szüreten
tartózkodni füreden

hajnalig egy darab pólón
lenn a mólón

elvegyülni kiválni
még egy strófát kivárni…

a legszebb vers csak ígéret majd
elválik hogy
mivé lett de

lelle int s én úgy hiszem
fogamban tartva

mert rendbe’ van hogy szép vagyok
a legszebb vers nem
én vagyok

a legszebb vers nekem te vagy
szeress örökké el
ne hagyj

Announcer stuff

just a few things about the announcer

-he loves what he does

-He doesn’t have any sort of deal with the devil he honestly does all this willingly

-Hes mainly in a professional business only relationship with King dice (though that can change)

-considered the devils left hand man

-he can make himself invisible hence why you only hear him

-he’s actually more int between good and bad just has more fun bein bad

-he has a slight friendship with the devil but it’s still more along business relationship

mta gente pergunta pq nos mulheres as vezes somos grossa , fria , sem educaçao com vcs meninos , pq hj em dia ta assim , se vc é legal , trata ele bem , e tals ! a maioria dos meninos acha q agente ta dando mole, dando moral ,acha q agente  é obrigada a querer alguma coisa com ele , não confunda minha Educação com liberdade que pensa que te dei. Ok?!quem me conhece sabe que sou carinhosa ,qnd vejo q o menino quer outra coisa , me afast , qnd vejo q o menino quer um pao legal , sem nada em troca , mos ja ganah meu respeito na hr , int s vc tem moral cmg n estraga n blz?  e quando agente fala que quer so amizade , o muleque que se diz homem fica revoltadim uai , começa  inventa coisa  pq ? pq n é homem , n tem maturidade suficiente pra entende que nem smp q agente cnvs com vcs é pq agente quer fica , ou namora …se vc me tem adc no seu face, pense q qro alguma coisa com vc n ,  claro que nem todos sao assim , mais isso cansa sabia? claro que tbm tem umas meninas que só por deus neh , mais nem todas sao assim n moss, tu ta querendo algo com a mina faz por merecer uai , pq difamando ela pros amigos e ignorando n vai adianta merda nem uma,quer mulher de postura ? uma mina firmeza? faz por merecer int , pq ja to cansada disso ja , n sou obrigada a querer namorand com ngm n so pq ela quer , smp trato td mundo bem , msm nessas horas n sou dessas q pisa e liudi n , mais ja queé assim ,, vo começa a para conversa, vo começa a ser fria , grossa , quem sabe assim apredndem a respeita

ashley’s jaw dropped as she realized what she had just clicked on . “holy shit,” she murmured, eyes lighting up as she looked across the table at her company. “someone just dm’d me a link to a ton of fanfic people have written about beyond the grave.” her eyes skimmed through the titles, finally deciding on one. “listen to this, ‘i still hate you, you know that?’ elijah gasped out after they finally broke for air, and he roughly shoved isaiah back on the mattress to make quick work of the button of his jeans, and smirked when he heard isaiah curse under his breath when he pulled down the zipper slowly, agonizingly.” dissolving into laughter, she turned her laptop so the other could read. (xx)

Ok I need your opinion. Really.

I have been wanting to make a predictions/speculations/headcanon hopes and dreams post for a LOOOOOONG time now, but have patiently waited until the trailer dropped to think seriously about it.

Now it’s dropped and a TON of theories and ideas I’ve had are looking more plausible. I’ve kept things under wraps because I wasn’t sure if they were more than just head canon.

However, the international trailer hasn’t dropped, and even though rumor has it that it might come out any day now, looking at LAST YEAR’s int’l trailer, it didn’t come out until November. That’s a wait.

So my question is this:

Should I wait until the int’l trailer (which might have some new footage to help inform my analysis) or should I just do my post now, once I’ve compiled everything?

Please comment or reblog with a response so I can know what you guys think.

tumblingxelian  asked:

So given what Ilia said and the fact the brothers were incriminated by the Scroll as well, I am beginning to think that Adam may be genuinely plotting a coup, especially given Sienna's lack of presence int he openings.

mm, i’m gonna be really disappointed if Adam’s supposed coup succeeds

we’ve only recently gotten Sienna’s name, everything we know about her has set her up as the reason the White Fang has become the way it is, the push Adam got to come into his own as edgelord supreme, and as of a week ago, we finally learned that she is literally one of the three women in a position of leadership in the entire show (and they’re all antagonistic, great job RT)

so Adam taking over turns taking back the White Fang away from “Blake reclaims the organisation that twisted her ideals into something horrible” into “Blake has to fight her ex-boyfriend again”. Adam as a character doesn’t have the established narrative weight to carry the kind of Big Bad position Sienna is in just by how the narrative has been set up; he’s a very personal villain but beyond what he’s done to Yang and Blake, he’s really nothing more than middle management - by rights Sienna should be better and far, far stronger than him (especially given who she’s based off of); Adam would (and should) be forgotten about once the damage he’s done to Blake and Yang has been overcome and isn’t holding them back anymore - once he’s defeated he has no real power anymore

Sienna is the corruption, the influence on the White Fang that has turned it into a terrorist cell; Adam was just one of the assholes she radicalised. replacing her with his edgy ass is just far less satisfying