• Pidge: The diagnostic tests said the castle's engine systems are normal.
  • Hunk: It's off by one percentage point!
  • Pidge: It's within range!
  • Hunk: If your DNA was off by one percentage point, you'd be a dolphin!

✂ - discovering to have a common enemy/rival…and decide to collaborate (w/ bartender!jin)

Tonight was supposed to be a good night.

Here, we put emphasis on the word supposed because that shit is ruined the moment you made eye contact with a certain someone. If the word horrible is what you use to describe the lowest of the low, you’d need a better word for this person. He was more than an ex-boyfriend. A liar, cheater, cocky ass wipe and a bunch of other creative names you came up with your friends but now, it wasn’t a time to pull out a list of insults when in front of you - “Okay, what’s up? You look like you’re about to throw that bottle of beer at my face,”

You scoff a laugh, placing the glass down to the counter carefully in case you do, “Tempting,” With one last check that that guy is still existing on the other end of the club, you face forward to Seokjin who seems to pay attention to the way the crease line your forehead and the constant sighs every five minutes. Yes, there’s lingering tension between the pair of you but it was much better since the recent Christmas.

But hey, you and Seokjin wouldn’t have this special relationship if things changed into rainbows and sunshine. You liked the way things were and though some people might think you’re crazy, that’s borderline insulting, you seem to be fine with it. Somehow, maybe only for Kim Seokjin.

“Remember that guy we talked about when we got drunk on Christmas eve?”

He snorts and tucks the rag away, leaning on the counter as he raises a brow, “The asshole that cheated on you?”

“Yeah, he’s-”

“Still talking about me, I see?” A voice - terrifyingly familiar - rings into your ears and Seokjin watches as you press your lips into a thin line, turning your cheek to - “I can’t possibly forget the guy that had no balls to break up with me in person after cheating on me. You can do better than e-mails,”

“You can do better in bed,”

You bite down on your tongue, because your grip you have on the beer bottle is rather tight but with the touch of another, Seokjin as you check, keeps you calm before he speaks up.

“Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to mind your business and get a move on if all you plan on doing is disrupting peace for the night,”

He scoffs, the same time your hand is being flipped over so Seokjin can hold onto it for your assurance it’s fine, more like I’m here for you indirectly.

“Who is he?” He seems to notice your hands locked together on top of the counter, visible like a pedestal (the thought alone was nice), “Your new boyfriend?”

“So what if I am?” Seokjin doesn’t know where this form of need to provoke comes from but he already hates the guy.

“Excuse me, dickhead. Was I talking to you?”

“Whoever it may be, you don’t listen well to orders, do you?”

That’s when you squeeze Seokjin’s hand. Not sure if you want him to stop or to get going because you deserve so much more than this. But Seokjin knows how you feel - once a upon a time, you were in love with this guy. So as Seokjin remains his hold in your hand, he doesn’t know if he should feel thankful when your ex-boyfriend merely scoffs at the sight of a bouncer lingering nearby. All he is rolls his eyes, deeming his time was wasted over this before he stalks off.

You hadn’t even realize you were holding your breath until Seokjin gives you a light tug, then lifting up your abandoned beer bottle to which you take gratefully as you try to relax. After a sip, you’re about to set it away but you motion it to Seokjin because he looks like he could need some but - “You probably need it more than me. And I’d need something stronger because that guy is a prick. No offense,”

With a chuckle, and your hand still in his that even Seokjin himself doesn’t want to bring up (because just maybe he wants to hold onto it a while more), you smile, “None taken.”