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Comments about the model
The rig is good.
The physics are good.
Are there a lot of expressions ?Yes (31).
Is it English friendly ?

Textures : In English.
Bones : Blank.
Expressions : Blank.
Subsets : Blank.

Things I like.

  • Nick and Reggie
  • Nick and Eric
  • Nick and Ross
  • Nick and Sarah
  • Nick and Delsin
  • Nick and Teresa
  • Nick and F L U F F 

Things I don’t like.

  • Nick and Reggie - Angst Edition
  • Nick and Eric - Angst Edition
  • Nick and Ross - Angst Edition
  • Nick and Sarah - Angst Edition
  • Nick and Delsin - Angst Edition
  • Nick and Teresa - Angst Edition
  • Nick and A N G S T - Angst Edition

3/?? isc hp au edits

im taefung - slytherin
yoo soozee - slytherin

“okay, so you know i don’t normally listen to whatever rumours are flying around, and even if i do, i can’t keep them straight half the time, but what’s this i hear about you and im taefung being on decent terms.”

“’lo to you too,”


“he’s nara’s friend. i have to be on at least somewhat decent terms with him, don’t i?”

“… nah, i just think you like him.”

1/?? isc hp au edits

lee jinhee - gryffindor
ha jonghyun - slytherin

“i don’t like you hanging around him, jinhee-yah.”

“… you just don’t like him because he’s a slytherin.”

“i didn’t say that.”

“you implied it. ‘sides, namjoo-yah and sunhwa-yah are slytherin’s too, and you don’t mind me being friends with them! and hanbyul oppa and taeyeon eonni are slytherins too!”

“that’s different.”

“is not!”

“is too,”

“is not! and jinhee likes jonghyunnie oppa, so jinhee’s gonna hang out with him!”

“hold onto my heart, i’ve left it with you,”

“hanbinnie~~” *tackled*

“taeye - what’re you doing here?”

“we have things to talk about. well… people really. well… person.”

“… okay?”

“when are you talking miyeonnie out on a proper date?”

“mwo!?” he flushes pink a little, and she starts grinning like an idiot (more so than normal at least.)

“oh come on, don’t try that with me, goo hanbin. i’ve known you almost as long as miyeonnie has - i’m not stupid! so when are you taking my baby cousin on a date?”


“oh, and if you hurt her, i’ll hurt you.”

“duly noted.”

2/?? isc hp au edits

im sunhwa - slytherin
heo youngbae - gryffindor

she’s not at all surprised at the staring, when she walks into the common room, red and gold scarf wrapped around her neck. a few of the older students give her a look that says “traitor,” which she purposefully ignores. she doesn’t understand the blood purists, the slytherin’s who don’t get along with people from other houses. maybe it’s just because out of her family, she’s one of the few slytherins - her uncle, the one she lived with when not at hogwarts, was a ravenclaw after all. either way, she doesn’t get it.

she does, however, get the look she gets from namjoo when she flops down on the other girls bed a few minutes later.


“yes, joo-yah,”

“did you steal jin-yah’s scarf again?” sunhwa giggles a bit, before shaking her head.

“not jin-yah’s.” namjoo narrows her eyes a little, clearly thinking.

“wes’?” sunhwa shakes her head. “kat? maggie?” she shakes her head again, grinning as namjoo gets a little annoyed. “yah, sun-yah tell me~”

“it’s bae’s scarf.” namjoo just blinks, before whining again, to sunhwa’s confusion.

“yah, that’s not helpful!” it’s sunhwa’s turn to narrow her eyes.

“what’d you mean it’s not helpful? it’s his name! bae oppa! youngbae!” namjoo stares for a moment, before laughing.

“bae’s a pet name, sun-yah.” sunhwa blinks, before letting out a quiet “oh.”

a pause.

“oh! that’s why he got so flustered when i called him bae earlier!”