Soma Fics for a Soma Fix

anathemarmotqueen asked for some soma fics so I thought I’d put some of my favorites in a masterslist. This is in no way extensive, just some I can think of off the top of my head

Ma*Star Sibling AU by makapedia 

This one is soma but it’s also Maka and Black*Star brotp which is my fav thing ever and pretty much anything by kat is golden. Also you should totally read Shit, Maka a fandom classic. 

Dire Circus by raining-down-hearts 

THIS IS WHAT GOT ME INTO THE FANDOM. Maka goes looking for her father and ends of joining a dark circus while on the search. Set in the 1920s . Beautifully written, full of historically accurate details, and with some smut later on. Anything by Mindy is pretty good too

Aetherion by fullmetalgrigori

This was FMG’s entry for resbang last year and it was AMAZING. Really in depth story with spot on characterization and set in a world that is so well thought out. Fmg really out did herself. 

Grumpy Uncle Soul by poisonedscarlett

This is a really short, really cute, two shot written by scar full of Soul being a dork. Scar writes good things in general.

Strangers by sojustifiable

Seriously we have a talent for beautiful novel length fics. This a slow burn fic that’s still ongoing so you should totes message Amanda and tell her how amazing this is. 

Synthesis by zxanthe

I legit cried for this one. Another entry for Resbang 2014 that is more adventure than romance but there is a lot of characters and it’s just amazing. 

Backseat Serenade by earth-shines

This was an amazing Reverb that also has art  by the amazing s-puff to go with it. K has a lot of amazing writing that will make your heart burst from cuteness. 

Just a Ring Away by therewithasmile

A drabble by smiles that is really cute and short. In it, Maka is a taxi driver and Soul is a dumb passenger who didn’t really think things through.

Ramen Shop AU by my wife l0chn3ss

This is another short and sweet one that has adorbs interactions with soul and maka. It’s also one of the few by ness that does make your heart burst.

Glissando 99 by marshofsleep

A place where marsh dumps all her soma drabbles. Tbh all of marsh’s stuff is good and there’s a lot of things that I could rec but just read it all man

Okay there’s a bunch I’m missing but this is a good place to start off. I’m sure I’ll add more later but for now that’s it. 

s-oraya asked:

Headcanon that Finland shoots spiders off the wall like with a gun like he sees the spider and then screams and just fucking bam bam no more spider u feel ???

in the rare occasion that doesn’t have his gun, he will slam the spider so hard his fist goes through the wall