• Hoshi: You know that manslaughter is the least serious murder charge?
  • Seungkwan: You don't say.
  • Hoshi: Manslaughter. Literally, the slaughter of a man. Sounds brutal, doesn't it?
  • Seungkwan: Heinous.
  • Hoshi: Yet it's the most socially acceptable form of murder.
  • Seungkwan: So you think we should change the name?
  • Hoshi: Yes, I do How about "inadvertent life-ending"?
  • Seungkwan: "Unintentional snuff-out".
  • Hoshi: How about "I can't believe it's not murder"?

Pidge: I love small spaces.

Shiro: I hate small spaces.

Pidge: Like returning to the womb.

Hunk: Disturbing thought.

Pidge: We need a bigger womb.

have this starscream sketch idk what im doing

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Unpopular opinion: I wish all the bts members could safely and comfortably date cause it sucks to be their age and miss out on those types of experiences


I love my boys, but I would love them even more if they could experience young love and dating at such a wonderful age. This is the time of our lives (I’m in their age group) to have fun and enjoy such experiences. It’s fantastic on how far they’ve come and how established their careers are now. But if we were really fans of BTS, we should respect their personal lives and support them.