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The noob's guide to the Lorien Legacies: Characters

John Smith/Four: the main character who everyone denied would be Pittacus Lore no matter how fucking obvious it was
Sarah Hart: John’s love interest that half the fandom adored and the other half could care less about, but we all agree that she didn’t deserve it
Sam Goode: the Simon Lewis of the series
Six: badass warrior you don’t want to mess with
Marina/Seven: sweet and relatively useless in combat until her boyfriend dies and she develops an ice legacy
Ella: adorable innocent little girl who is actually quite a badass
Nine: extremely sexy badass who is also very snarky and likes to walk around shirtless which is more than okay with the fans
Eight: hilarious nightcrawler-like character who everyone loved and all the fandom agrees did not not deserve to die
Setrakus Ra: the dickhead alien with a massive ego trying to take over earth
Five: we don’t like to talk about it
Adam: sassy-as-fuck, magically-hair-flipping, get-ready-for-an-obsession, traitor mogadorian that you should absolutely adore and fucking bow down to