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Party Madness (Part 4 of 4)

Summary: In an attempt to have an excuse to see you more, Bucky throws a series of parties to get you to attend. (Based on HIMYM’s episode: Purple Giraffe)

Word Count: 663

Warnings: None.

A/N: So this was super fun to write!! <3 

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Peggy raised an eyebrow at Steve, jerking her head towards his room. Steve understood and the two of them slipped away as you and Bucky walked up to each other, your eyes wide as he rubbed the back of his neck nervously. You found the gesture endearing and smiled at him.

“You threw these parties for me?” you asked, tilting your head.

Bucky stammered and you felt a pang of pity at seeing the panic in his eyes. “Y-Yeah! I threw these parties so you could meet Frank!”

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I'm gonna say this and I'll say it once

Henrik and Tarjei are on a tv show. They PLAY gay (or pan or bi or whatever they are) C H A R A C T E R S. their sexuality in the show does not define their sexuality off screen. Neil Patrick Harris played one of TV’s biggest womanizers in HIMYM, but in real life, he’s gay and has a husband and two kids. That being said, it shouldn’t even matter whether either of them have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. What should matter is their happiness. So for the love of god LEAVE THEM ALONE. They are adults who can live their own lives without petty people trying to get noticed by being rude to them. End of story.

Barney & Robin’s relationship and HIMYM rant!

I have seen many comments on who is right for Robin, on who she loved, on who made her happy, on her not being happy with Barney or she didn’t love him… Well, guess what? She loved Barney, she was happy with him and wanted to be with him. She wanted a life with him, because he made her happy. He made her happy, he loved Robin more than anything or anyone, she made him feel whole. She made him awesome. She made him be a better person and man for her. Love changes us, for Barney and for Robin they both changed for each other because they both grew at the same time to be together and to make their relationship last.

Their first relationship failed because they weren’t ready to be together yet, in that committed way because they were still growing and learning to make a relationship work and last. But, they are naturally kids at heart, they liked to play around and have fun together but they were also two very messed up people with backgrounds to show for how messed up they were. By the time they got married, and yes they were ready for marriage. They decided to make a real commitment to each other and a promise which were from both sides of the relationship.

Robin truly loved Barney, when people say she didn’t or he didn’t love her and needed his daughter to show him how to love someone. They are wrong. He grew on his own and so did Robin, they grew for and because of each other and for those who think she didn’t love him or that they didn’t love each other or they weren’t ready for marriage then you are wrong because…

Robin loved Barney!

Barney loved Robin!

They changed for each other because they loved each other!

Long post, but you get the point. The person/man she was really always in love with was Barney NOT Ted. Sorry, for those who think she truly loved Ted because she didn’t. Robin had always had a more fun, lighthearted relationship with Barney. It’s the kind of relationship that she herself didn’t know she could have or wanted but when her feelings for Barney were present both to her and to the show and fans that’s when she showed her true feelings and chose Barney over Ted. She was just not IN LOVE with Ted to be with him and the times they tried a relationship it failed or never went anywhere.

In the finale, the original one nobody and I mean nobody suddenly has feelings for someone from their past and it was said in the show that Robin was not in love with Ted that whole time so there is no way Robin had any real feelings for Ted. She just put her feelings, that she had for Barney onto him and thought he was the right guy for her but Ted never loved Robin either and this gets me mad because people romanticises Ted’s feelings for Robin way too much, they go overboard with just how much Ted really loved Robin.

Ted and Robin never truly loved each other for who they were, when they were in a relationship it felt like they didn’t want to be in the relationship, when they weren’t in a relationship they were either friends or using each other as a backup plan and it was shown many times over the seasons that anytime T/R were brought up it was because one of them were either unhappy about their life and where it was going or they felt alone and sad. But, when Barney and Robin’s relationship gets brought up they are always talking about how their relationship failed but with T/R they never once showed why their relationship failed and don’t get me started with they wanted different things. They were just not suited for each other period. Half the time it seemed like they didn’t care all that much about each other and the other half they just complained about each other or got into fights over how incompatible they really are.

Barney and Robin’s relationship started out as a friendship that turned into love and they never fought or disliked each other when they weren’t in a dating relationship with each other. They always had a fun relationship, they liked to be around each other and enjoyed each others company, they played laser tag and ran around the museum having a good/fun hearted time with each other, you never see T/R have that kind of relationship with each other because they don’t have that kind of relationship where you trust someone.

Barney and Robin trusted each other enough to give their relationship an upgrade by getting together in an romantic way. They were true soulmates, who adored being around each other and acting like kids because neither of them had that growing up. They both had miserable lonely lives but when they found each other they truly found their other half. Their soulmate, their true love, their ONE and that’s why B/R’s relationship after they got married would have been a lasting one, because their relationship is based on a friendship with mutual respect and they both understand each other better than anyone else and Ted never had that with Robin or never wanted to know or understand the REAL Robin because he was just plainly obsessed with her and wanted to want her but didn’t truly understand or know her. He never got to really know her, he put the life he wanted onto her and made her his when he didn’t even know her.

But, Barney got to know the real Robin and loved the real Robin. Ted didn’t, you see the difference here? Robin chose Barney and that’s why Ted thought he was still in love with her but once he met Tracy she was the one who truly made him happy and showed him what real love is all about. Barney & Robin and Ted & Tracy accept and appreciate each other for who they truly are. Ted and Robin never did and I don’t think they ever will have that kind of relationship. Barney will always be Robin’s real/true love and Tracy will always be Ted’s.

Sorry, for the long post I just wanted to get that all out because I feel like people just don’t get what the real concept of this show is. They take things way too real and way too personal and believe what they are shown or what the writers are telling us. HIMYM, was a show about acceptance, it was about growing up, friendship, love, trust, and finding that one person who does accept you for who you are and it wasn’t about one thing, it wasn’t about Ted, it wasn’t about The Mother/Tracy, it wasn’t about Ted and Robin. It was about the friendships of the gang, it was about their friendship, their love, their acceptance, their understanding and the relationships on the show represent what life is. They say the series finale was about true to life things, but what they showed was a sad/painful divorce, death, birth of a baby that was not needed in the story at all and the friendship of the gang splitting up. That was something of what life is like but it wasn’t what real life is and if people think that then you are believing in what the finale showed us and told us is what life is about and it’s not.

  • Soda: Oh, guess who I ran into. A girl from my past. Any guesses?
  • Ponyboy: Sandy.
  • Johnny: Angela.
  • Steve: Cathy?
  • Ponyboy: The girl who beat you up.
  • Johnny: The girl who ruined a photo with Elvis!
  • Steve: The girl who made you get the butterfly tattoo?
  • Sodapop: You make it sound like I dated a series of Stieg Larsson novels.
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