honestly, what sold me on yongseo being real is not living in the same villa, the matching bracelets, music bank interaction, etc.(which i love all!) but the fact that the only night yonghwa repeated “i think love came to me” after jonghyun during love light was the same night that seohyun attended for cnblue’s concert. i mean, who else could he have said that for? it felt like such an adlib, like all of a sudden he said those words while looking up quickly where seohyun was sitting. it was such a cute and shy moment.. gahh

We Got Married - Yong and Hyun

Sometimes I stumble across a Yongseo video on YouTube or something and I’m filled with the urge to rewatch their ENTIRE season all over again but then I realize I shouldn’t because if I do they’ll totally consume my life until I watch every episode again. They were so great. Seriously, does anyone feel my pain? There should be a special season of We Got Married, where they have couples on from previous seasons and invite Yongseo on it. They should call it We Got ReMarried. 💌💌