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This one stumped me a little as I have never watched survivor in my life….so I made my own version up! Hope its ok @vicbertsource

Vicbert Fanfic Challenge

Day Twelve: survivor!au

Victoria squatted over the ground, rubbing two sticks in her hands furiously over a log. Finally she got a spark and the fire slowly licked away at the wood. Satisfied with her efforts, she hung her tin can over to boil some water for breakfast.

She didn’t know how she had agreed to let her mother sign her up for this. It was the ‘back to basics’ version of survivor where 12 people were chucked on a remote jungle island and had to survive for two weeks. She glanced out of the corner of her eye at her cameraman who followed her every move. Oh yeah, and it was filmed for television so people could laugh at her misfortune. Wonderful.

So far, however, it had been pretty smooth sailing for Victoria. She had figured out how to ward off dangerous animals with fire on a stick when needed, and had built her own little house out of large leaves and vines. Around this was the netting graciously supplied by the crew - they wanted them to suffer but not to die or catch a disease. And she could cook her own meals. But honestly, she was getting bored. It had been four days already and she had basically done nothing and seen no one. So today she was leaving her safe haven and going exploring.

After breakfast she got her supplies together in a small rucksack and set off. Sweat rolled down her neck as she pushed aside plants with a stick, delving deeper into the jungle. Behind her she dropped a trail or bright red berries that she had found on a nearby plant so she could find her way back.

After an hour or so she decided the heat was too much and turned to go back. But her heart caught in her throat as she saw a snake coiled around the tree trunk behind her. It was poised to strike and hissed at her. She backed away slowly, mouth open but no sound coming out in fear. Her cameraman was nowhere to be seen and she was helpless as what to do.

Then she heard leaves crackle behind her and she felt a warm breath at her ear. “Come with me and back away slowly” it was a male voice with a distinct accent - Dutch maybe? She followed the person’s directions. He held a large stick in his hand and held it in front of them as they backed up. Once they were a good 10 metres from the snake the man spun around and started walking off.

“Come with me” he said. Victoria frowned, not walking.

“Why? I don’t even know your name” she replied huffily. He may have saved her life but she wasn’t trusting one of her supposed competitors. He might sabotage her.

“Albert. Now hurry up.” She grudgingly followed Albert. He took long strides so she had to half run to keep up. Albert had curly hair and rather nice blue eyes. She didn’t trust him but he was rather dashing.

They arrived at his camp which was by a fast running stream. He had a bigger set up that her - he had used wood to build a large enclosure tied with vines and with leaves covering it. Upon entering he gestured for her to sit. When she folded her arms and remained standing he rolled his eyes and approached her.

“I just want to check if you got bitten” he explained, reaching for her arm.

“I don’t think I did” she half protested, but held out her arm anyway. She wasn’t the best with first aid and he seemed to know some things about the jungle. His touch was soft as he rolled up both her sleeves and inspected.

“They aim for the arms” he explained as he rolled her sleeves back up. “But luckily you are fine.”

“Thanks” she gave him a small smile. “Nice set up.”

“Why thank you took a couple days but worth it. Then I can relax for the rest of this stupid show. I just hope they don’t throw in extra scares like the Hunger Games.” His accent was very thick.

Victoria laughed at that. “Yes I hope so too.” They ended up chatting for the rest of the day. Albert cooked them both lunch. She noticed the sun had gone down when Albert’s face was hidden in shadow.

“Oh no! I must head back to my tent. And find my cameraman…where’s yours by the way?” She asked.

Albert shrugged. “Gotten bored and buggered off I imagine - not much footage to get from someone who sits around all day. But you shouldn’ head back. Stay the night here.” He insisted.

Victoria sighed. He was right - she wouldn’t make it back to her camp in the dark. “Ok then. Thanks Albert.”

“No problem. It’s probably not competition protocol, but who cares about the competition anyway?”

Victoria certainly didn’t as she settled down beside Albert in the tent. He wasn’t half bad that Albert. She hoped it would be like this for many nights to come.