Jenna Coleman interview: 'I still have my Tardis key'
Minutes before my scheduled interview with Jenna Coleman, to promote her role as the young Queen Victoria in ITV's new Sunday-night costume drama 'Victoria' – and in the very room in Kensington Palace where the eponymous monarch was born in 1819 - the 30-year-old actress suddenly feels unwell and has to postpone. It's hardly surprising given the closeness of the hot August afternoon and the unexpected airlessness of the high-ceilinged rooms in the royal residence that Princess Diana felt was “more of a prison than a palace”, and that Victoria herself came to hate.

Another interview by Jenna promoting Victoria, and probably the strongest sign yet that the Victoria-Melbourne relationship in the show is going to trigger Whouffaldi feels. By the way don’t panic when you see the complete headline: it seems to be clickbait as she is not quoted anywhere in the article saying she won’t ever appear on Doctor Who again. She does say she doesn’t expect to appear again anytime soon, which is nothing different than she’s said elsewhere. As I keep suggesting, I don’t expect to see her again until Christmas 2017, and that to be honest assumes it’s Capaldi’s last episode. If he stays on then there’s more time for her to be brought in for a final reunion.

Or she could be offered an appearance next week. That’s how Doctor Who rolls. It’s a long time till March 2017.

PS. I wonder if the incident with Jenna feeling unwell is the same “bad day” that resulted (according to her Twitter) in an Uber driver singing her Happy Birthday?

I Still Can’t Get Over the concept that

f(x) bring in crowds like this

But Amber is So chill and does stuff like this

One day Amber could be at some skate park in Korea with random strangers and no one gives a crap. The next day she’s performing in a stadium in Tokyo and she’s apart of one of the highest selling kpop girl groups today. I Will never understand how she can do that. Amber has the perfect balance of fame and normal lifestyle how did she fucking achieve it what are her secrets