• Kit: Why are you wearing a crown?
  • Kieran: To let other knows they are in the presences of royalty.
  • Kit: We’re at McDonald’s. And you’re crown is from the dollarstore.

happy 26th birthday to the first book character i truly loved with all my heart and soul… clarissa adele fairchild❤︎ 

“Heroes aren’t always the ones who win,“ she said. "They’re the ones who lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don’t give up. That’s what makes them heroes.”

I just noticed this. I don’t know how I missed it, but I did. So in the flower cards, Cordelia Carstairs is shown with a flower crown of daisies.

And Grace Blackthorn is said to love making flower crowns. The odd thing is that James calls her Daisy, as in the flower, and Grace likes making flower crowns.

My theory is, maybe James is in love with Grace and Cordelia, and maybe Grace is in love with Cordelia as well. I mean its strange that Cassandra Jean put in two things, that are in a way hobbies of two other characters, (Grace makes crowns, James picks out nicknames for everyone) and then put them on one specific character.

Also I’d like to point out that daisies don’t just mean loyalty or love, they also mean purity and innocence, two things Magnus called Grace in TMH [Magnus does not exactly describe Grace as pure, but he does imply it (he says she looks innocent like a child)].

Strange right?

Anyways, I’m probably the only one who thinks this (if you do think the same then maybe we can talk more about theories and whatnot).

I have watched the first time flashback about 15 times this past week to gif and it still gets to me every single time, the music their giggles their smiling faces Magnus being worried Alec’s gonna judge him and Alec being supportive af I can’t deal w these feels man


isabelle lightwood:hearts are breakable and i think even when you heal you are never what you were before.”

clarissa fairchild:heroes aren’t always the ones who win. they’re the ones who lose, sometimes. but they keep fighting, they keep coming back. they don’t give up. that’s what makes them heroes.”

maia roberts:strength is loyalty and unity, not dividing people with lies.”

tsc books summed up (spoilers duh)
  • -tmi-
  • city of bones: what the fuck??? hot guy with tattoos??? my best friend is a rat??? mOm
  • city of ashes: family problems. umbridge 2.0 turns out to not be so bad. it's almost like the universe has something against simon lewis being human
  • city of glass: if you thought family problems were bad in the last book, oh boy you have another thing coming. actual incest happens compared to the previous incest-that-wasn't-incest. everyone is an asshole at some point except maybe baby max and yknow what happens to him
  • city of fallen angels: guESS WHOS BACK BACK BACK BACK AGAIN
  • city of lost souls: we can't even focus on the fact that clace is now happily incest-free because of what the shit going down. alec is insecure but we love him. poor amatis. alec becomes a hero yay
  • city of heavenly fire: a lot of people die. we get vague tid references and we meet mini emma and jules before the parabaDRAMA goes down. people walk in on other people doing things. we visit hell for a family vacation.
  • -tid-
  • ca: "i would literally rather be reading than doing any of this"
  • clockwork prince: more family problems also im crying and wow these parabatai are both gorgeous
  • clockwork princess: ducks and demon pox. lots of feels. tessa kicks ass.
  • -tda-
  • lady midnight: i swear that these kids were like 12 what happened why did they grow up and why are they so much cooler than me?? cristina is awesome and malcolm is not. we meet the angel that is kit. this is the book where people still thought Diana was irrelevant lmao joke's on them
  • lord of shadows: HI I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THIS??? WHY IS MY HEART BEING RIPPPPED OUT OF MY CHEST IM CRYING LIKE EVERY OTHER PAGE except kitty that's cute. asH (morgenstern)? it's a really big damn book
  • qoaad: not even out yet but we're all probably going to die. but is clary?
  • -bonus-
  • tftsa: hi im Simon Lewis and im cool but i don't remember being cool anyways let's hear about waywood that shit is sad
  • the bane chronicles: glitter 💫 and a long line of people who aren't as cool as alec up till we meet alec. shadowhunters suck
  • tlh: we are all going to die wtf is happening with the family trEE?
  • codex: dictionary that you actually enjoy reading
  • twp: (chant this) KITTY KITTY KITTY (sing this) aaaaand a plus sized drusilla blackthorn with her own!! friend group!! yeS!!!
QoAaD probably:
  • Cristina: So where did Isabelle go?
  • Simon: Oh, I think she said she wanted to make something for the kids to eat- *realisation strucks in* OH NO!
  • Dru: Oh no what?
  • Simon: Get the kids and get out, call Alec or Jace if possible.
  • Diego: Why though? What is happenng?
  • Emma: *remembers what Clary has told her about Izzy* OH NO!
  • Cristina: Oh no what again???!
  • Emma: We need to stop her before Julian gets to her.
  • Simon and Diego: Why?
  • Emma: He loves his kitchen more tha-
  • Julian: *from the distance* BY THE ANGEL!! MAAAAAAARK WAS IT YOU AGAIN???
  • Cristna: OH NO.
  • Emma: We better hide Mark first!
  • All: *hear Mark screaming*
  • Dru: OH NO!
  • Kit: *enters room, looking sick*
  • ALL: OH NO!!!
q&a various

the-book-nerds-world said:Hi! Will any new characters be introduced in The Wicked Powers? Can’t wait! Thanks :)

Yep! Dru has her own group of friends, as well as her family, and there are various other villains and heroes and side characters.

princekierz said:Hei Cassie. Does the Unseelie King or the Seelie Queen have names (not their true names, but names like “Kieran”, “Meliorn” or “Iarlath” for instance) that close people can call them other then just their “royal titles”? And also, can you tell which was/is Kieran’s mother name?

Yes, the King and Queen have both true names, and also names their more intimate friends might call them that are not true names. Since we never see the Queen from the point of view of a faerie, or at least we haven’t yet, the Shadowhunters aren’t going to think of her or call her anything but “The Seelie Queen” because it’s still an honor to call her by her common name, and not one she’d extend lightly.

the-book-nerds-world said:Hiii, Cassie! Oh my God I know that snippet is of Julian (he just seems so dark and Julian-ish) I really wanted to ask this question, is Cordelia’s hair natural or dyed? Thank you, Cassie, *virtual hugs* have a nice day!

Cordelia doesn’t dye her hair, but she does use henna on it, which intensifies the red. Her hair is naturally auburn (dark reddish brown). She’s biracial, with a Persian mother and an English father. Red-headed people have existed in the region of Persia/Iran for centuries, though the trait isn’t common. (When I was a baby in Iran, with dark red hair, Iranian moms who stopped to talk to my mom assumed my dad was Iranian. Sometimes they would comment on my hair being a “sign of Alexander” — as in the Greek blood of Alexander the Great still bouncing around giving people reddish hair, probably a myth but I love a myth.) Cordelia’s brother Alastair does dye his hair blond, for his own reasons, but not for all the books.

reallyluna said:I just wanted to let you know how important of a character Dru is to me. When I was younger (and even now), I was always the chubby kid and developed a bit earlier than the other girls. There’s all these characters about girls who are self conscious about not having boobs or curves or whatever, but I never actually read about a character who was sometimes self conscious because of those things. So thank you for giving me a character I can really relate to.


queenhelenblackthorn said:Will we find out why the Seelie Queen was missing during the events of TftSA?



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“I realized something,” she said. “I want to be like you, Jules. Not this second, not right now, but someday. I want to take care of people, other Shadowhunters, people who need me. I want to run an Institute.”

lily chen is the most underrated tsc character ever. she’s a badass asian vampire who’s the head of the new york vampire clan as well as part of the original downworlder-shadowhunter alliance, why isn’t she talked about more??

q&a the rosales family

lkbs-love said: Hello, Cassie! First i would like to thank you for creating a great world like the Shadowhunter’s and especially for Cristina! She’s my favorite but my question is about the Rosales family: How did they became closer to faeries? Will we find out more about this? Are there another families like them i mean closer to Downloaders? What the faeries are for them? (Sorry it turned out to a lot of questions) Thank you one more time and kiss from Brazil!

Thank you! You’ll find out more about how the Rosales family became close with faeries in Queen of Air and Darkness, and also in the Wicked Powers, since members of the Rosales family will continue to be significant characters going forward.

There are other Shadowhunter families that have had particularly close relationships with Downworlders! A branch of the Rosewain family in Cumbria has a long-running friendship with one of the oldest werewolf packs in Europe. The Keo family from Sihanoukville Province in Cambodia has shared a close bond with local Nagas for over a century. The Lindquist family of northern Sweden has been hunting demons in cooperation with the Umeå vampire clan for generations. 

There are other examples as well, but in the wake of the Cold Peace, many of these Shadowhunters try not to bring attention to their relationships with Downworlders. Their efforts to lay low are more for the protection of the Downworlders they love than out of a sense of shame or wrongdoing.