150603 Seulgi and Irene at SM COEX:

#seulrene came to sm Coex they were looking at stuffs together omg they go shopping together they look like a couple.  irene taps on seulgi shoulder for attention while Seulgi was looking at the cap and they smiled at each other a lot.  irene laughs at the t-shirt that has her face on it lmao so cute and seulgi was looking at the black bags.  #seulrene went to sm studio after shopping but I think they go somewhere else already. #seulrene takes selfies too but not together but they both take it idk if they will upload. irene and Seulgi waves at at the fans including me, Seulgi was taller than I expect irene was playful and Seulgi character looks a bit manly

[by. lxpabo_]