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Ok, to put everything together.

Girls day werent nominated - Monsta X were nominated.

Girls days online voting was around 1% - Monsta X were nr. 1.

Girls day released they song like 6 days ago so it’s impossible for them to even get nominated or win at all - Monsta X released their song about 2 weeks ago - also with a comeback stage!

And - I guess but I’m not a pro here - Girls Days song isn’t that good on charts - Monsta X may lacks at streaming but I’m pretty sure they were better?

Also there weren’t any stats, numbers whatever to explain this.

I’m asking again - how could this happen?


170308 Show Champion - BTS Interview

Words can’t explain my love for MBC’s Show Champion. You can clearly hear the live vocals of artists but it doesn’t overpower the MR, and artists don’t have to strain their voices either. The mic volume levels are always just right - there isn’t one voice that overpowers another. You can also clearly hear fans cheering, but it doesn’t cover artists’ vocals. Their camerawork is always stable, too. They don’t do unnecessary camera effects that ruin the stage because nothing can be seen properly.


[ENG] 170418 Show Champion Behind Monsta X Cut

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