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dont you think that jongup would do an amazing dance cover for taemin's move bc i mean those moves....

ohhhhhh anon this needs to happen. Taemin’s fluidity is different to Jongup’s, based as Taemin’s dance style seems to be rooted in jazz and then contemporary ballet training but Jongup, despite being a bboy where extension isn’t the main focus, has amazing body control and musicality and wow I need this in my life. 

The sharpness of Jongup’s style mixed with the muted femininity and body expression of Taemin’s choreo? 

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Heck this is just going to be a pipe dream that’ll torture me forever but every fibre of my bone believes in it

(even better give me a duet I beg of you cruel world)


look_at_hyuno  instagram update with Taemin’s thirsty choreo 171021