[kpop times] because they’re dancing to that extent, it means that shinee’s live performances are lip synched?
translated by: kehissi via k-pop times.

shinee’s japan tour has started, making japanese fans excited with the excepted stage performances. while they are a group that is established and known for their dancing and singing prowess, some might be curious: “since they’re dancing to that extent, can they actually sing live?

[do groups focused on performances always lipsync?]

awhile ago, there was a slight controversy in korea regarding mrs (ie: music recording / ed). groups with intense choreography, more often than not, use recorded voice along with the music during singing parts. sometimes, a performance with almost no or without any live singing would be approved. as such, it became a controversy, and it became a trend to emphasize the importance of live singing in performances.

what about shinee?

actually, before the mr controversy occured, they had done broadcasts with lipsynching, but what about recently? if we watch the korean comeback stage of their recently released “married to the music”, even though it’s on the official sm channel, there’s considerably noticible mr in the video. does it mean that, just like others, shinee also do their live staged with lipsync? [view the stage here]

[how about the year end festivals which are live broadcasted?]

during the year end song festivals, people gather in one huge venue and various artists spent time preparing to show the people good performances with their utmost effort. shinee had differently arranged performance for every broadcasting network’s year end festivals and showed various kinds of stages to please the audiences. but one of their most noticible stages was from the sbs gayo daejun where they performed “hitchhiking”. since it was a shinee song with a hard dance number, it’s expected for them to use mr but, in the middle of the song, onew’s voice fluctuated with the subtle mr stream in the background, combined with jonghyun’s shouts, had it be seen that it was a perfectly raw live performance. to be able to sing with such quality while performing a dance song …

[challenging live singing during the new years award shows]

on january 14th, during their seoul music awards stage, shinee displayed a surprising performance. during the performances of the other artists, the imbalance between the background music, background vocals and microphone volume was apparent. it’s a mystery if it was a real mistake or the show’s true intention (ie: to “reveal” singers not singing live or completely live). the usual background music and vocals during the choruses should be the same volume as the volume of the microphone’s so it became like a battle on stage involving only the singers’ live voices.

listening to the live singing, the general impression was more like: “ah, the voices sound rougher than usual”. aside from the intro, it came be heard that shinee were completely singing while dancing in full power. [view the stage here] and, as so, shinee performed “married to the music” during the golden disk awards but, still, it’s surprising how their mood did not change at all from when they performed it for the first time in their comeback stages. even though they were dancing while singing, their tune did not waver. their voices never flatered. it made us wonder whether the first comeback stage we saw before was actually not mr, but live singing.

that’s right, it’s actually quite hard to distinguish whether shinee’s singing live or lipsynching to mr. with that, it can be said that they are skillful owners of such singing ability.

in addition, shinee also had moments when the movements of their mouths absolutely do not match mr. it was evident during their performance of “d×d×d” on music japan. it might because it was a one shot performance but, at the beginning of the song, jonghyun forgot to incline his head to the side as part of the choregraphy. onew and jonghyun, who couldn’t stop laughing, forgot to fix their mics to their mouths (during real lives, when they are to sing their part, they fix the mic near their mouths) and, upon realize that they forgot they danced with a grin as they tried not to laugh. there were also a lot of people who went: “it’s so obvious that this is a lipsynched number” (and laughed about it). shinee are really that bad at lipsynching.


shinee is a group that answers the threat of live performances by displaying the singing prowess that they possess, and they are victors. and, during events where lipsynched performances are inevitable, they are extremely bad at it. that we understand. those wonderful members of shinee have just started their tour. let’s go to the concerts without fail and personally witness their live singing and performance. [translator’s note] the translator used “live performance” / “performances” to describe performances that are performed in front of a live audience, regardless of whether or not they’re performed live with with background vocals / mr. “live singing” refers to raw, real singing on stage. (do not edit, repost or screencap. please ask permission directly from the translator first before you post elsewhere and, after doing so, keep full credits (including the op credits) and translation notes intact.)

after being unable to attend shinee’s first stop in kobe yesterday for shinee world 2016, it has been confirmed that jonghyun will not be performing at today’s concert as well. for those who missed it: it was confirmed by tickebo (a japanese ticketing website dealing with shinee’s tour) a few hours before their first concert that he had been diagnosed with infectious gastroenteritis (which is sometimes referred to as a stomach flu but closer to a bacterial infection like food poisoning) earlier on in the day before the concert was set to take place. the good news is: the message sent out by tickebo today confirmed that he is already moving towards recovery / recuperating but not in the best condition to perform yet today which is why it’s been decided that he won’t again. shinee will be performing for a third and final time in kobe tomorrow (february 14th) and details regarding whether or not he’ll be present for this concert will be announced tomorrow at noon jst. #getwellsoonjonghyun (source: keihissi)


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hello, can you please give the link of onew law of the jungle in borneo with eng sub???

Sure. No problem! I put the Brazil ones too in case any one is looking for those too.

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