• What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:okay but Jacksepticeye, he is such a great youtuber I can't even. Like I really can't even. He is such a ray of sunshine and he is so energetic! Like how is one person so beautiful like that????????? Like????? Can I have whatever he's taking??????? I just really want to see him happy every day. He's gotta be protected yknow what I'm sayin'? And the way he loves us fans is just too precious for me to handle and he doesn't even call us fans he just talks to us like we're his bros and shit that's some quality YouTube content right there mhmMm yUp! I can't. Just..protect him and bless his lil' Irish soul.
Hiddleswift - That sinking feeling.

It’s one of those phone calls you really don’t ever want to receive. One of those times your heart plummets in your chest and your legs give way underneath you. Those heart-wrenching words no human wants to hear.

“Don’t panic but…” The voice said on the other end of the phone, making Taylor tense up immediately.

It was Luke, Tom’s publicist, calling from Germany where they were shooting parts of “Avengers: Infinity Wars part 2”. It was late morning there, meaning it was early in the morning in Nashville, where Taylor currently was.

“…Tom got himself in a bit of a mess early this morning during one of the stunts… basically he is in hospital.” Luke said, sighing slightly, having never wanted to make these types of calls to Tom’s family or significant other.

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Ada yang datang dan menemani separuh jalan. Ada yang datang hanya sekilas memberi pelajaran. Ada pula yang datang lalu membersamai hingga tujuan akhir. Ada yang datang, dekat, lalu kembali lagi menjadi asing. Tuhan menitipkan itu semua agar kita menjadi orang yang bisa bertoleransi serta lebih mengerti. Datang dan pergi hanyalah bagian kecil dari proses hidup-menghidupi. Terima saja hikmahnya, lalu syukuri.

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