ROLA Magazine, March 2016 Issue

Q: If you had a men’s gathering, what would you like to do?

DW: Go for a spa at Jeju-do!
MS: I want to go to Okinawa!
SY: Nothing.
MS: None for me too but it seems like fun so I want to go too.
SJ: Universal Studios Japan!
SY: But you’ve been there before
SJ: Oh! and Fuji-Q Highland!
SY: You’ve been there before too!
WH: I want to go to an amusement park
HY: Let’s all go to a friend’s house in Osaka
SG: You have friends living in Osaka?
HY: Nope.
IFNT: (laughs) You don’t have friends staying there but you’re going to meet one?
HY: I’m going to start by making friends in Osaka (laughs)
IFNT: *bursts out laughing
DW: Ah~ I want to go to heaven too! (cue: Dongwoo’s infamous laughter)
MS: Heaven!
SG: Heaven! Heaven!** Anywhere is good for me. I want to go on a holiday with my members. But now I want to go back to Seoul and rest (laughs)

**(t/n: DW & MS said ‘heaven’ in Korean, SG said 'heaven’ in English)

Q: “For You” was released last December, and it’s been two years since your last original Japanese album. Any recommendations?

DW: Please listen to “BAD”! It’s a song about a bad boy’s charms! I love bad boys!
SG: Mr. Kawamura Ryuichi is a famous musician in Japan that made the song, “Love of my Life.” It’s an honour to have been able to work with Mr. Kawamura. I want to express my gratefulness to him for gifting us such a great song. It is my favourite song in the album, and is also a great song to listen to in the winter, so please listen to it alot.

Q: Any enjoyable/memorable moments you had during your world tour, “INFINITE EFFECT” that began last August? (t/n: interview was held in 2015)

SY: We all taught Sunggyu how to swim, he’s improved alot!
SG: I couldn’t even swim at all in the past 27 years (laughs). However, after a 20-min lesson from the members in Singapore, I can now swim a little. Of which, the one taught by Sungyeol from the jungle, was the best.
WH: Sunggyu couldn’t even get the basics right in the beginning! He didn’t even bring his swimming goggles and I had to lend him mine?
DW: (Even with the swimming goggles) He couldn’t even open his eyes underwater! (laughs)
SJ: The world tour was fun. I want to do concerts in Japan too!
HY: Yeah, me too!
DW: We really love Japan. Japanese food is really great too!
MS: Everyone please anticipate!
SG: I always think about wanting to stand on stage in front of Japanese fans. We will work hard to be able to perform live in Japan this year too!

Japanese to Korean translation © MEILIFE
English translation © yeolsprout | please take out with full credits