Kurtbastian fic - “A Dalton Boy in the Hot Seat” (Rated NC17)

Sebastian gets called in to the Dean’s office, on a Friday afternoon, only two hours before he’s supposed to leave for his usual weekend with Kurt, and he can more than guess who’s to blame.

Warning for non-graphic mention of burns and bruises.

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Sebastian strolls down the quiet hallway, feigning relaxed even though no one’s around to see him in an attempt to keep his cool. He looks at the pink slip in his hand with mild disdain, but a slight aftertaste of cold creeping fear.

The Dean.

He’s being sent to see the Dean.

It’s not that Sebastian is particularly frightened of Dean Carmichael. After all, he’s done nothing wrong. But there’s still a healthy amount of dread behind being called to his office anyway.

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